Monday, February 9, 2015

Whitney Center for the Arts ~ February First Friday Artwalk ~ Moss, Granada, Britell -- ABSTRACTION

Mother Nature with her snow and cold tried her best to put a damper on February's ArtWalk and more importantly our Art Show at the Whitney Center for the Arts this month on more than one occasion!  Threatening a huge storm (which prevented Geoffrey Moss's work from arriving until the night before February's ArtWalk) after having been detained twice due to snow, ice and the threat of more snow.

When the much anticipated paintings did arrive via Ghazi on Thursday evening Richard and I went back over to the Whit after having set up the new display in the hallway supplied by Julio Granda and hanging three of his pieces in the large room along with three of Richard Britell's works in the large room leaving the rest space open for the arrival of Geoffrey Moss's work before going any further.

We checked out Geoffrey's amazing new abstracts and set about laying them out to get the proper "flow", moving and rearranging many times until we finally moved the series to the other side of the room to utilize the back drop of the curtains.  Once we were satisfied with the layout in the large room we went in to lay the rest of the pieces out in the Colt Gallery.

Richard and I left around 10:30 so Ghazi and Prashad could finish hanging the show.  On the way home I convinced Richard that he should get the large blue Airplane Wallpaper painting from his house to go before the first of Geoffrey Moss's works on the left wall after Julio's pieces, I felt that it would go very well there, especially with the two smaller pieces he had in mind for the space directly before it, and besides, it was one of his works that Geoffrey really liked!

So we found ourselves at Richard's house picking up the last of the work for the show instead of at home and back at the Whitney where Ghazi had just hung one of Julio's in the place we had made an executive decision on minutes before without his knowledge.

We made the change and hung up the smaller pieces as well and left pretty satisfied with the work done and yet to be done with plans to meet Julio in the morning for his approval.  We still had to label the pieces as well.

We arrived in the morning and all but two pieces were up.  It looked good and I couldn't wait for evening!  I volunteered to type up some info for Ghazi to save him time since he had a lot to do to get the place ready for ArtWalk.  We made plans to arrive around 5:00 to do the labels before people arrived and I began to worry about ArtWalk being canceled due to cold weather.

With no cancellation we arrived to label the show.  Ghazi was setting up the refreshments and all that was left was to wait for people to arrive.  Richard and I decided to go out to some of the other venues to see how and if people had braved the weather.

Ghazi working hard!

Richard Britell and Julio Granda
Debbie Carter 

Richard, Hugh and Michael at the Litch

Jackie Kearns at Unusual Wedding Rings and More

Jackie Kearns

Whitney Center for the Arts

Julio Granda, Sarah, Richard and attendee discussing Art

George and Susan Hartley Himmel

Richard and I arrived back to the Whitney Center for the Arts and Julio Granda had arrived and so had a couple of people.  There were not many people out and about but we managed to get a pretty good crowd throughout the night and then still more for the After ArtWalk Party following.

I am really blessed to be acquainted with the Whitney Center for the Arts for so many reasons. Between the First Friday ArtWalks, Music Programs and reviews which I write for them my life has been really expanded!  Thanks to Ghazi Khami and Lisa Whitney for enabling myself and the entire community to Engage our Minds!!!