Friday, January 31, 2014


This has indeed been an interesting week in our household.  Yesterday I woke up and opened the shade in the dining room so my plants could have some of that full on direct sunlight and the thing broke and came crashing down!

I wasn't even awake so it gave me quite a startle!  I phoned my property manager and we soon had a new one ready to be replaced in the a.m., which was this morning and as I was looking out my window to see what kind of day it was I noticed his truck.

Looking out on the porch I found the replacement, but it was a few inches too short, so we played phone tag and measuring ~ they forgot to take into account the three inch piece which broke off ~ easy mistake and within 20 minutes the maintenance guy was knocking at my door.

I was in the middle of a game ~ had been for a couple of minutes before when my good friend Nancy dropped in between showing houses.  I delegated her to get the door, apologizing for not losing sooner!

The shade breaking gave me incentive to wash my curtains which my girlfriend Laurie had specially crocheted and beaded for me, which I love, they are hand wash and lay flat to dry.  Not something I intended to do, but it was necessary.  I was just thinking the other day it was about time for the curtains to be washed.  I washed, soaked and rinsed in cold waters until my fingers froze and left them soaking overnight.

While she was here, my son phoned before noon, I had to ask what was wrong since he never phones that early!  Everything was okay ~ thankfully.  He wanted to update me on Tom's birthday present arriving, late but there.

My grand daughter is spending the night Saturday night, so I am trying to get rid of all evidence of Christmas and do the general tiding up so that we may enjoy our time together.  I am not planning too much, besides the spaghetti we discussed for dinner.

I am excited, it has been a while!  I have a busy morning tomorrow doing all of the little things I need to do before she arrives so we can just wing it.  I am getting there!  I have a few hundred projects to get to and am happy that January is done!

February is kind of busy with two birthdays within 5 days of each other.  My youngest and my oldest.  My youngest will be 21!  I am blown away by that fact.  My oldest boy will be 29!  That blows me away as well.

Did I tell you that all of my children are older than me?  I do not know how it happened but somehow it did. They love to play parent to me.  I don't mind, however, it makes me feel special indeed!  I haven't been informed yet as to what I am allowed to do for their birthdays.

We are still a year behind on birthday dinners, which is I think their subtle way of telling me that it is not necessary.  I shall find out soon enough.  I will be interrogating the eldest son when he brings my little monkey over for our sleepover.

I loved it yesterday when the phone rang and Thomas handed me the phone and said "It's for you Grandma".  To be a grandma is an honour to me!  I love it!  I cannot wait for my other two sons to fall in love, get married and have babies.

They are like me, they probably will never fall in love and each of them say they will never have babies.  In this day and age I must be one of the few parents who have children this old who don't have babies.  Around here ~ kids have kids for crying out loud.

I am patience if nothing else.  I would rather have them be sure that they have found the right woman to spend their lives with and have children with.  We all respect and value the sanctity of matrimony.  They are destined to be bachelors I fear.  At least I have Ains!

So I say goodbye to January 2014 thankfully.  I barely made it through this one.  Next month shall be easier I do hope and pray!  We are also closer to spring, but around here, February has been known to kick us in our cans, so I hope it goes easy on us!

I am off to get some sleep so that I can finish up in the morning.  The curtains are finally all washed and half of them are dry.  One more task for the morning!  Happy February Everyone!!!

Thursday, January 30, 2014


It is late Wednesday night ~ I was engrossed in a time management game when my son decided to make some brownies.  "Mom ~ is this a teaspoon ?" he asked, holding up a spoon out of the drawer.  I said, "No ~ a teaspoon is a measuring spoon ~ the small one."  I continue on with my game.

"This is really hard to stir." he says from the kitchen.  I said, "It will be a little dry."  He comes over to my computer where I am trying to feed mad people dessert in the dessert and it is indeed VERY dry.  I told him to add some water.

Done with the game, I am in the living room rolling a cigarette.  He comes out ~ "Mom, you will have to help me with this next part, my arm is really sore."  I go into the kitchen and wonder how so much chaos can be created by water, oil, mix and one egg!

I look at the directions, survey my surroundings.  I notice the teaspoon on the table.  I read the directions.  I ask him ~ "What did you use the teaspoon for?"  "I used half of one for the water, and two of them for the oil."

I began to laugh ~ "No wonder the mix was so hard ~ TBS is tablespoon." and start cracking up!  "Well, how many tablespoons are in a teaspoon?" he asked.  Between my laughter, I told him three.  We added the remaining four teaspoons of oil necessary.

I put the mix, (after adding some chips) into the oven and ask him how long it needs to go in for despite having just read it five times.  "Umm, 15 minutes or until done."  I smiled as I put it in the oven and set the timer.

I go back to my game and my failure is my defeat for the evening.  The timer beeps.  I send him out to remove the brownies from the oven to cool.  He sits back down.  "Did you shut the oven off?" I ask.  "I think so." he says.  "The timer or the oven," I ask.

"They are not the same?" says he, "I am not sure ~ I will check in a minute."

I begin to write this blog and as I am typing I start laughing out loud once again.  "What is so funny?  he asks.  "You are" I say, I hug him and continue laughing.

That is priceless to me, and brownies to boot before bed!  

Sunday, January 26, 2014


I have a basket which is filled with yarn and crocheting projects.  In this basket is a pile of tangled skeins of yarn.  I was just liberating a gold skein from the mess ~ which turned into two.  I found a cool skein which I had thought was lost, and liberated that as well.

Soon I was engrossed in untangling the yarn and thinking about life.  The state of the world.  The United States.  The Recession ~ which all but 89 (?) guessing on that number are in still.  Thinking about how messed up it is, like the pile of colors I was dealing with.

I could have stopped, yet I continued working on the problem.  Searching for an end, which is indeed a beginning.  Thinking about my life before it changed and ended and the personal losses that my sons and I endured so these particular men could get richer and I began to wonder.

Was it a bet, a game, a dare for these powerful men who pulled the rug out from so many peoples lives.  So many people lost so much.  I lost my home and my A++ credit I worked my entire life to establish.  Taking the next step ~ proper step for where I was at that time ~ consolidating my debt into my mortgage for my home with my family.

I did not NEED to do it.  It was just the thing that you did, along with paying more than the minimum every month, calling and seeing if they had a better interest rate ~ they never called you ~ I worked very hard at my credit.  As a mother of three kids and no college degree I worked VERY hard for all of that.

I never imagined that that would turn into the biggest mistake of my life.  When my fixed mortgage suddenly adjusted for no reason ~ except there was a reason ~ good old bait and switch.  What the fuck!!! Right ~ I know there are many Americans in which this happened to.  Too many Americans.

Despite all my efforts I could not get refinancing after that to straighten out my mess.  I tried to find a roommate, did everything I could do but there was no solution available to me other than to give my house back to the bank ~ lose my equity and my credit was ruined.

Having to find another place to call home turned into a  Circus Side Show and I could write a book alone on those horrid experiences.  My youngest son developed  a disorder and could not leave the house and had to get tutored and then had a couple of nervous breakdowns.

Just when I thought as what always happens when life is good.  Very, very good, all hell broke loose.  I was not prepared for all that I have gone through and continue to struggle with, but do so with a somewhat positive attitude trying not to give up and always hoping and praying that the way will become clear.

Finally about two years ago I found a halfway decent place.  The downside was I could not bring my dog of 8 years so I had to let him go.  That kills me.  Even now.  The house, the dog, my son's health, poverty.  We are both disabled.  Me physically and he mentally.

I should be starting my life as I had always counted on when I did the math adding 18 to my youngest son's age thinking that was when life would be about me.  I wonder, How?  and why?  I will probably never be able to correct the mess I made trying to save my home.  In hindsight I would have paid the credit cards.

It is funny.  About two weeks after I left my home the government came in and helped out people with their mortgages.  My timing really sucks!  I do miss my home very much.  It was our first real home and I for one have so many wonderful memories.  It almost feels like a dream now.  So long ago and far away ~ even though it is only 6 years.

Are these power players who run the country (and I am not speaking of the government), just testing our limits?  Are they trying to see how many of us are strong enough to endure?  I do not understand how we could have bailed them out ~ these rich men who did not need it.

For the stability of the country?  I think the country is made up of more than powerful men who run the companies and make the money and make the rules.  I for one thought it would be fun to see how the wealthy handled the loss of everything when the recession finally came to light ~ instead it turns out the wealthy people are the ones who started the recession and they knew about it and were more than prepared.

I was watching Bill Mahar last night and I think it is appalling that these greedy people who are the most wealthy people are oblivious to the plight of the others less fortunate and connected than they are.  Then I woke up and read this blog.

That and the tangle of yarn I guess just got me thinking.  I for one do not want to quit, give in, what have you. I want a solution, not just for me, but for everyone.  I understand and agree with different social classes, that is necessary, but not like this.

I for one have worked and worked hard my whole life.  Until I got hurt in 1999/2000 I worked my ass off providing for my family.  I was a smart shopper, thrifty and we were happy despite not having everything everyone else had.

I don't think I am alone in feeling frustrated and unsure of how to proceed to make my individual life better.  I do the best I can with what resources I have.  I have never compromised my morals or my values in any way and am not about to begin now.  A solution is necessary not just for me, but for the whole country ~ except those 89(?) individuals!

I managed to liberate 6 bunches of yarn from my tangled mess.  It would be nice if some of the U.S.'s knots can get untangled so we can stop suffocating here!

Saturday, January 25, 2014


The word of the week is LATE ~ late to bed, late to rise!  I was doing so well until Wednesday night when I stayed up too late leading Thursday to be a sleep in kind of day ~ very abnormal for me, yet seemingly the new normal.

I am a go with the flow kinda girl, so I just adjusted my day, starting the soup right off the bat to finish up the stock on Thursday before heading out into the cold day to pick up some sugar and grabbing the crackers for my pate despite the 10 below with the wind temperatures.

I shopped as locally as I could ~ North Street and Family Dollar and made my way back home.  Of course I ran into Cindy outside of our favourite Consignment store and she was going on and on about a hat she wants to get me that was moved/sold so we went inside to locate it.

We found it.  I tried it on and she negotiated a price.  I guess my fashion lady thinks I need a new hat.  It is not normally something that I wear except for my signature black velvet winter hat to match my gloves and a couple of favourite jackets.  This is a green felt hat with a feather ~ cute indeed, just need to figure out if it works for my wardrobe.

She came over and had tea with me and we hung out for a while ~ Thomas was on my couch again ~ a short lived victory the day before when he slept in his actual bedroom!  I strained the bones from my stock and began putting my soup together.

Thomas finally woke up and we were busy on the computers before long.  I called Patrick and invited him and his Dad over for soup.  He said they would let me know.  The veggies were still cooking when I phoned so there was no hurry.

He called back and said they had to go a couple of places, including the store to pick up his new WII U.  When they arrived he headed straight for my living room and the t.v. and began unpacking the box and setting up the new system.

By the time he got it going it was going on 10:30!  Good thing the game had to do an update so we could actually eat dinner.  The controller for the system is cool.  It has it's own screen so you can do other things with the t.v. and monitor the status of the download from another room.  Not too shabby!

After dinner the download was done.  Full of delicious soup we headed back to the living room and he was ready to pack it up citing his Dad wanting to leave, his Dad was content in reality, so I begged him to play a game and see how the graphics looked and how the controller actually felt during game play.

He is a Mario nut ~ always has been.  Any video game he touches he powers through and after a couple of plays he did pack it up.  Making me happy with the demonstration and his Dad happy to go home.  Thomas went with them and I settled into my gaming.

Of course it was around 2 a.m. when I decided I could not click another button and I headed upstairs to my room.  I was not tired at all despite the day of walking in the cold and running around doing things in the house so I decided to watch t.v. and pluck my eyebrows.

I was surprised when it was 4 a.m. and I still wasn't tired.  When it was heading to 6:00 a.m. I was getting really concerned and basically forced myself to go to sleep.  Friday was already here and I was losing the sleep battle!

I woke at 11 and stayed up, made a tea and put on some music.  I found some Valentine window stickers so I separated them and put that on my list for the Dining room windows since they face the street.  I started some laundry and grabbed the empty containers for the Christmas decorations to go back in storage for another year.

While my tea was cooking I swept the dirt off the kitchen floor ~ a wonderful combination of popcorn kernels and dust bunnies ~ the key I guess is to just do chores automatically without thinking of it ~ and within 5 minutes that task was done.

I am re watching "Once Upon A Time" on Netflicks and found that I did miss a couple of episodes in the first season, and crocheted some more of my blanket at the same time.  It is harder to smoke while my hands are busy since I am trying to quit so the crocheting is a perfect craft to pass the time.

After a while I was bored with that and jumped back on the computer, thought about writing and decided I was too tired and went to bed very early to try to break this Insomnia(?) ~ although for me when I can't sleep it used to be for a couple of weeks at a time with no sleep just extreme tiredness.  Knock on wood that doesn't happen!

Sleep was difficult coming and after 45 minutes of trying, I phoned the boys to see how the new system was.  I hadn't spoken to anyone all day so I figured I would make contact.  I chatted with both of them and said good night.

Today it is Saturday and it is snowing lightly out.  I am not sure how cold it is and do not care at the moment.  I have no where to be so it looks like a day of work ahead of me.  My tummy is feeling a bit off, so I am not sure how much work I will actually be doing.

It looks like it might be a day of more Netflicks and crocheting along with tea and toast to soothe my tummy.  I hope it works.  I hate being sick and cannot imagine what is going on.  Maybe I am catching something and the sleep disorder is a symptom ~ I am not sure.

With any luck it is just a 24 hour thing and I will be right as rain to begin my week normally.  Monday is coming ~ another week out of the way and a busy month ahead with two birthdays within 5 days of each other.

My kids seem not to care too much about Birthday dinners lately as we still haven't made up for last years when Tom was in the hospital.  I am hoping to make this years birthday special since he will be turning 21 on the 4th!  I think the kid has had one decent birthday his whole life!

Jeff is approaching the big 29 ~ I cannot believe it has been that long already!  Time does fly!  It seems unreal to me that he is that old ~  I still remember the first time I held him in my arms!  What a long, strange trip it has been indeed!

I am headed off to do what I do and hope that you all are staying warm during this Arctic Blast.  Keep safe and smiling!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


On Monday I was full of goal setting for the week and beyond.  I am a goal oriented girl, even if my goal only consists of setting higher scores in the games I play.

Here it is Wednesday, and I have succeeded in stocking up some food for the cold front we are enduring with some plans for cooking up a storm as I always enjoy doing when the weather is too cold to go outside.

The eight degrees on Tuesday was not too bad considering it was 8 degrees.  I walked up North Street and did my errands before walking down to West Street to hit the supermarket.

I had ran into my girl Cindy who gave me a heads up on the buy one get one free chicken, which led me to decide to make a chicken soup to weather the storm.  I could not after all stand another pork chop or chicken thigh which were in rotation.

I picked up some chicken and burger to make a sauce as well.  Chicken Soup takes more than 24 hour for stock in my world, so sauce is a good filler.  I decided roasted chicken would suffice for the evening meal Tuesday evening.

My friend Ned was leaving the line as I was packing my bag so I took a chance and asked him for a ride home since we live a couple of blocks away from each other.  Thankfully he said yes and we caught up on the news of the day since the last time we ran into each other.

Had I known I was going to score a ride I would have picked up a couple of more items which I couldn't fathom carrying since I was already beyond my weight limit.  No changing that then, however!  I thanked him for the ride and put my groceries away and made a tea.

I contemplated what else I needed in the world in case it was too cold to depart from my home over the next couple of days and after drinking my tea I walked back up to North Street to get some half and half and some girl supplies.

Thomas had been sleeping in my living room again ~ the rebel.  I don't know why I cleaned his bedding if he wasn't going to sleep there.  I had been enjoying music in the morning and he put a damper on that!  Today I got up and he was in his room (minor victory but a victory!)

I put on some Masters of the Blues and slowly woke up.  I had done it again and stayed up until the impossible hour of 3 a.m.  When I woke at 8 a.m. I said nope ~ not this morning.  Despite it being garbage day I went back to bed.  Needless to say I slept through the garbage pick up!

I got on the computer and started falling into my normal new pattern.  Stopped and said nope ~ time to back off that game I have been all consumed with and write some words and get some of my plans going.  The words are easy.

Next stop kitchen and chicken stock and chop chop for some sauce.  I love having too  much on my plate and two major preparations are just the challenge I need!  If that doesn't wake me up I don't know what will!

I have plans at 6:00 so between the food and the shower I have just enough time to get it all together with a minor stop in between to reward myself with a couple of games.  

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Sunday ~ actually not a bad day for having slept so poorly the night before.  I forgot to turn the heat down so it was roasting up in my room but I did not associate the two until I came downstairs and saw the thermostat in the morning!

I felt like I had gotten hit by a bus and I was extremely tired and my brain was taking a long time to wake up. My games were even hard to play so I spent some time watching a series on Netflix as I crocheted some more rows on a blanket I am making.

Better to be creatively wasting time rather than totally wasting time with no purpose other than to waste it.  It was cold outside so I was looking forward to an indoor day.  That is working out well.  I have everything I need right here so I am set.

At my afternoon check in with the boys ~ and I mean late afternoon ~ I got the word that Tom was coming home today.  He has been hanging with the boys since Wednesday.  I had been wondering if he was coming today or not.

Thankfully I had taken enough food out of the freezer, and have in fact just put a tasty meal in the oven consisting of chicken thighs with onions, potatoes, garlic and baby carrots and some various seasoning ~ covered with foil and in a while ~ before Sunday evening television ~ we will be enjoying a very tasty meal.

That is why I am writing now.  Sunday is usually a day that I write and for once it is not 1:00 in the morning. I have finally gotten my sleep back to normal and do not intend to screw that up anytime soon!

Over the past few days I have been doing various tasks and things around the house and I finally found a happy place for my sad avocado tree.  His leaves all fell off due to a door/cold issue and he did not like the dining room at all.

Since my room has the sun it craves I moved him upstairs to my room two days ago.  Today new leaves are popping out of his bare stalk.  I would say that is very positive!.  It shall have some leaves soon enough.  My spider plant is doing well and some of those flowers have produced some new plants and new flowers as well.

The basil did not make it.  It put up a good fight but somehow I did not notice that it needed attention and when I did it was too late for recovery!

I took the Christmas decorations down from the porch, the kitchen and part of the dining room today as well.  I began to take pictures of the tree but got sidetracked by some company and then the computer.  I may get to that later today depending on when the boys arrive.

Another Sunday, another new week to look forward to.  I am also trying to decide what my all time favorite book is for a writing project.  I have so many favorite books like foods it is going to be very tricky.  The first one that comes to mind is Little Bear but I let my nephew take my copy and it is gone forever now I am sure.

Monday brings a new writing challenge as well and I cannot wait to see what that might entail.  They are fun for me even though some are easier to write than others.  Great idea producing tool I am finding.

I have been encouraged to look into a writing class.  I am seriously considering it.  Time will tell for sure!  Until then I will keep doing what I am doing and finding more ways to challenge myself as well.  Oh, and keeping warm in this arctic freeze!

Have a good week!

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Saturday ~ it is Saturday correct?  For some reason I thought yesterday was Saturday.  One day short of two weeks of not being able to sleep until the wee hours of the morning has finally caught up with me!

Fortunately my son got kidnapped by his brother a couple of days ago.  I utilized that time to take advantage of a living room not occupied by a sleeping body and vacuumed during the commercials on American Horror Story (encore showing) which led me to continue onto the computer room and the bedding and blankets.  Needless to say I was being productively awake that night!

I picked up where I left off on Thursday by sorting and folding and putting away the ten tons of bedding and laundry I have been stacking in a basket and finally felt satisfied with a job well done and tired!  That did not allow me to sleep at a decent hour however but it did make the day go by much faster.

My son had remembered his camera for me to borrow so I promptly plugged in the battery so that I could get my tree shots and put Christmas away for the year.  It took forever to charge so Christmas is still where it was at the beginning of the week ~ yet closer to being put away ~ maybe today!

My Friday that felt like a Saturday was a beautiful day when I finally got outside during the afternoon hours. I went into my favourite consignment shop and inquired about the fur coat I wished I could buy (it was the wrong size yet reasonable) heard about the really quality ones in the back (dreaming there) would not even look at them!  Settled on two pairs of jeans for a whopping $11. ~  a steal and a necessity since I had to lay two pairs of pants to rest this week.

On my way home I ran into Cynthia and then we ran into her husband Angel.  We headed down the street to my house.  Angel had never been over so we sat him in the living room with the History Channel and Cindy made tea and I grabbed the Math book for Angels class and then we visited for a bit.

Cindy had to go to work so we went and did her errands and walked her to work.  We made plans to get together and go get fish after her shift.  I went home and waited for the call.  Of course I fell asleep on the couch waiting.

I grabbed my phone and went up to my room ~ it was about 8:00 p.m.  I decided that I could either go back to sleep and shake this messed up schedule or go on the computer and it would be late again and the cycle would continue.

Cindy called around 8:30 ~ I did not feel like going out so we made plans to do our fish dinner next Friday before she goes to work since her boss has been keeping her later and later on Friday nights.  One way to skin a cat!

I opted for sleep ~ blessed sleep!  It feels really good to wake up (stiff and sore as I am from all of the activity of the week - lugging of supplies and walking!) at a decent hour after going to bed (a bit early) but I hope it has done the trick!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sharing my latest Glipho Weekly Writing Challenge

These writing challenges are so easy and I am finding them a very interesting tool thus far.  Since they give me different subjects to write about I hope that I can use them as a tool to unlock that good old imagination which I have been stifling.  Time will tell!

I am keeping it short tonight as it is late.  Hope you enjoy my little challenge!

Monday, January 13, 2014


Jennifer Gallant 2013

I finally got my thoughts down on last weeks writing challenge.  Since I have been lazy about writing, I thought I would share it with you as I usually do ~

I also am participating in another Glipho writing Challenge and the second topic was due today as well, so I thought I would share it if you would like to read it.  It is on skin care ~ which is very important no matter what your age!

I have to put a bit of thought into the next weekly writing challenge topic ~ I just had a gander at it and it could go so many ways!

I cannot wait to sleep on it and see what I come up with.  What I have read from the other writers have been interesting!

So I did accomplish what I set out to do today with my writing and I have had a pretty stimulating day mentally as well.  I have much food for thought to process from the day indeed between the challenge and the challenges!

I am goal oriented and am also working on setting my week up to ensure that I get finished  ~ mainly putting Christmas away.  Saying goodbye for yet another year.  I will get back to you on that one.

I really hate that my camera died ~ I think this is one of my best trees ever!.  For the first one in many years ~ almost 10!  Time does fly.

My son is locating his camera so I hope I can motivate him before the week is finished.  It will take some gentle poking but I may be able to achieve it ~ first things first!

I am off for this evening.  I hope you had a glorious Monday!  I know the weather and the day was mighty fine here!

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Wow! When I wrote about unexpected events almost a week ago I really wasn't asking the universe to send me so many challenges and surprises all week!

I ended up staying up very late Sunday night to watch Downton Abbey ~ since it was the season premier it was two hours instead of one which brought the hour to 3 a.m, somehow I managed to stay awake through the whole thing despite the hour.

Monday morning came too early with a restricted phone number on my cell at 6:15 or some ungodly hour.  I recognized the voice although they asked for Shannon and not me.  I went back to sleep until 11:00 after that.

Monday is my busy day with my afternoon appointment and I had errands after that.  I remembered to phone in Tom's refill when I got up only to learn that he needed a new insurance card or something.

I had no idea what they were talking about ~ not having been caffeinated and bleary eyed I began searching through every pile of paper after the desk resulted in zilch!  Time was ticking and I still needed to take a shower and make it to my appointment.

I made it out the door 15 minutes behind schedule armed with everything that I could find with insurance numbers from the past two months.  I decided to multi-task on the way to my appointment ~ double checking with the meat guy that his boss hadn't cashed the check and making arrangements to get together and trade him some cash for that check.

I don't know how I made it to my appointment on time, but I walked in the door and into the office ~ no waiting.  I took off my three layers of winter warmth and sat myself down.  I was thankful the rain from the night and morning had stopped and it had begun to snow before I had left the house.  The temperatures were seasonable and comfortable along the way.

When I departed after my hour ~ and what an hour it was after a two week break!  So much crap to discuss in my safe place.  Funny how I totally forgot to even think about my guy while I was losing it over Christmas while he was on vacation.  Something which never occurred to me.

I didn't even think of it until he asked me why I did not call him ~ he is right but as with all crisis big or small they pass in time and then they are forgotten.  Nothing is ever as big as it seems when you are in the midst of it and then afterwards you laugh and wonder what all the fuss is about!

On to the pharmacy I went.  I was glad I had those layers on as it was getting cooler.  After an hour in the pharmacy ~ with the right numbers they could do nothing but send me home and tell me to call.  I had my son call and he gave them permission to detail what was going on.

She called the pharmacy and put us on a three way call and gave them all the numbers I had given them to the T.  Then she told them to authorize it for 2014 and it went through in about 30 seconds.  I should have just started at my house and saved myself that useless hour!

We still had to go back so we did our monthly splurge and went up to the Chinese Restaurant to dine in and save 15%.  I actually got Tom to go out of the house!  We ate dinner and Cindy was working.  It was dead in there as usual despite the Sushi bar.

We got her out of work at 6:00 it was so slow and we all walked down to the Pharmacy.  She had been in there earlier and was going to town on the after Christmas Sale.  I spent a total of $15 on Christmas this year which was a lot ~ I made everything else I gifted with supplies I had on hand at the house.

Being crafty comes in handy!  So does being thrifty!  I cannot afford to spend extra money until I get my life back in order anyway and that may be when hell freezes over so I am not holding my breath!

Since I was up so late the night before you would think that I would have gone to bed at a decent hour but nope, I spent the next four nights falling into that late night crap!  Two days I slept in and two days I got up at a respectable hour.

It did not help that I have gotten distracted from my usual routine so greatly that I am not even playing my usual games other than to do basic maintenance and some of them not even that!  I found another game I am exercising my brain with and my reflexes.

Thursday I had made plans to get together with a cousin of my great grandmothers.  We have recently become friends on Facebook and met at my Aunt Rosemary's wake/funeral.  I teased her with talk of my applesauce and since I made plenty I shared.

Thursday was another warm temperature day.  I made sure of that before I made any plans.  Being a walker it is important to know these things.  I live by the temperature ~ if it is colder than normal I am not going out! I rarely need an excuse to have a pajama day anyway!

I did get out more than usual this week as well.  Almost like the good old days hanging with my best friend after dinner at the ranch.  It was nice to hang out and chill with cool people and stimulating conversation.  I left Thomas at home to get a taste of the solitary life I live while he is sleeping these mad hours!

I digress...

So I went to my cousins house.  She is somewhat older than I by more than 20 years and it was fun to visit and we had a cup of tea and she told me about my tying my great grandmother to a chair and living to tell about it!

I saw pictures of my great great grandfather and mother and a ton of people I do not even know about from stories.  No one ever talked about their relatives and it was not normal for them to socialize for some unknown reason.

The afternoon was so much fun!  I also got to go into a beautiful old house which has been transformed into equally as beautiful apartments.  One of my favourite things is old houses ~ especially stately ones!  It was up the street from the cocktail party I had poured wine at for the Theater a few months back and all of the houses are wonderful on that street!

I reluctantly accepted a ride despite the warmth of the day.  It was much quicker in a car I must admit and I was thankful.  Before I knew it my cousin had messaged me and thanked me for the applesauce which she had that night with a mouthwatering meal!

I should have been exhausted and sleeping early again but it was after 4 a.m. when I finally fell asleep this morning!  I tell you ~ I understand my son takes meds and they knock him out for twelve hours and he has the strangest hours in the world ~ now I do see how your schedule can get whacked and the difficulty in realigning it and I am not on medication!

So I have about three writing projects I am working on.  Two need to be done soon but I doubt if that will be today.  I am writing this at 12:30 at night ~ big surprise as I should again be tired but I am not!  I am determined to be in bed by 1:00 and get back on track tomorrow.

I did get half of my house done today since I am not spending so much time devoted to certain games I got hooked on!  I have to put Christmas back in it's boxes and pack it up for another year!  Do you know they already have Valentine's and some Easter Candy out in the stores already???

Heck ~ I was thinking of  just leaving the tree up and decorated except I need the room back.  I did see a cool thing where you can wrap your fake tree all decorated up in cellophane wrap then you are good to go for next year but I think decorating the  tree is half the fun!

There is a great Show at the Whitney Gallery tomorrow which I am hoping to get to.  I know the weather is going to be great (maybe some rain) but the artist is going to be in the house with a Question and Answer with all kinds of his work and he is in his 90's ~ some has never been seen before from what I hear.

I have successfully covered my week except for the strangest randomest and most unexpected event of the entire week ~ as if it hasn't been odd enough.  There was a strange yet familiar number on the caller I.D. on Wednesday.

I decided to dial it up on Thursday and low and behold my father called my house.  I should say he denies calling my house although it was on my caller I.D.  I was caught off guard and we were on the phone for 20 minutes which was short for him.

He was at his friends house.  We said goodbye and he said he would call me later when he got home.  Not to be mean but as usual he did not follow through which is the story of "our" life. Choices are made and this is one I choose not to be the only person in the relationship working for it ~ father or not.

You can't choose your family as the old saying goes.  I just hate those weeks of random unexpectedness!  It makes me sad and disappointed, but I am no longer a child and I am not going to cry about it.  I made my choice to stop pursuing~ no wonder I need therapy!

On that note ~ I am off ~ 10 minutes til bedtime!  Have a good night!

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Another Sunday.  Finally, holidays are behind us and a normal week begins.  This vacation and the weather drama which led to disappointment has turned now to rain as I type with a warm day coming ~ probably more rain and then some serious cold!

I wonder why they are wrong about snow but get that frigid air right?  Weather ~ it is just so unpredictable!
Such is life!  Today was one of those unpredictable days where I got a ride from my landlord to the bank ~ very nice since my legs seized up since Saturday's adventure.

The ride was very welcome indeed!  The leg pain  not so much!  I don't know if it is from overdoing it or under doing it or none of the above!  As long as I can maneuver my way through tomorrow's Monday adventure and what that might bring besides my walk across town ( dry I hope!).

My friend Cindy has been working her butt off and I feel like it has been a year since I have seen her.  She called me after working this evening and came over after her errands.

While I was waiting I finally melted the chocolate and whipped the peanut butter filling together and utilized the cups from the  1 lb. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups I received as a gift for my birthday.  I wanted to find out if I could reuse them as candy molds.

I dumped a bunch of melted chocolate in the mold and swirled it around to coat the sides well and tapped out the air and placed them in the fridge to set.  I have been putting off this simple project which I wanted to do for Christmas.

In no time the molds were set and Cindy arrived.  After a visit with her catching up and chatting I remembered that the molds were ready and we went into the kitchen and I filled them with the peanut butter filling making sure to leave room for a chocolate cover.

I reheated the chocolate as I was doing that to both of them and I stirred it up and covered the top.  Tom and Cindy both looked on in anticipation and I think they were both amazed at how easy it was.  I covered both tops and into the fridge they went once more.

We went back out into the living room and watched some more of Downton Abbey Season 4 (it is impossible really to watch t.v. with Cindy in the room so we just admired the clothing!),  by the time she was ready to go 20 minutes later I was popping the candy out of the cups easy as pie!  I was worried that they wouldn't come out!!!

Of course I gifted her one ~ I meant to give her and my grand~daughter and my son one for Christmas ~ I am just a wee bit behind schedule on that one.  Oh well ~ better late than never!  I also have enough filling for at least one more and possibly two.

I have not cut into the one that I have here to see how I need to improve ~ or if it is just right in thickness with the chocolate all the way around.  I have made these before once but not big ones and they were a big hit back then.

I will get back to you on the results on the outcome and the feedback from Cindy tomorrow.  I do wish I had a camera for the visuals because they look as good as the Reese's!  Cindy tested the filling and said it was better ~ that was without chocolate (it is yummy)!!

It is even simple enough that my grand daughter would get a kick out of making them ~ so I think it may be a project for our next visit.  Gramma's gotta keep it fun and creative.  She is no stranger to the kitchen ~ she and her Mom made massive amounts of cookies for Christmas.

I got my recipe from a Creative Cooks Kitchen  Desserts & Candies Group 4 Card 10 from a recipe card thing I subscribed to in the 80's sometime if I do recall ~ could have been the  90's.  I used to get a lot of crap in the mail and recipes ~ like books are kind of one of my things.

Creamy Peanut Butter Cups

1 package (12 ounces) semisweet chocolate chips
1 cup Peanut Butter                                             
1 cup confectioners' sugar                                   
1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter or margarine softened   

Special Aids
40 miniature foil or paper candy cups 
miniature muffin pans
small glass or shot glass

Preparing the Peanut Butter Cups
Place foil liners in the miniature muffin cups.

In a large microwave~safe bowl, microwave chocolate
on HIGH for 1 1/2 minutes.  
Stir until chocolate is melted.
and smooth.

Drop 1/2 teaspoon melted chocolate into each cup.
Tap the pan lightly on a hard surface to distribute the 
chocolate evenly in the cups.

Place the filled muffin pans in the refrigerator or freeze;
chill until the chocolate is firm, 5-10 minutes.

In a large bowl, combine peanut butter,
confectioners' sugar and butter;
mix until blended and smooth.

Drop 1 tablespoon of the peanut butter
mixture onto top of chilled chocolate layer.
Wrap a small glass or shot glass in plastic wrap
and use to press the peanut butter mixture evenly
in the candy cups.

Top the peanut butter mixture in each cup with 
1 Tablespoon of the melted chocolate.
Tap the pan on a hard surface to evenly settle the layers.

Refrigerate or freeze until chocolate is firm, 10 -15 minutes.

Kitchen tips
To freeze peanut butter cups, layer them between sheets
of waxed paper in an airtight container.  For best flavor, 
freeze for no longer than 1 month.  Thaw candies in the 
refrigerator before serving.


White Bites
For a sweeter flavor and a sophisticated look, 
substitute melted white chocolate for the 
semisweet chocolate layer.

Peanut Squares
For a quick batch, layer mixtures in a 
foil lined 8-inch square pan.
Chill until firm and cut into bite-size 
square pieces.

There were a couple of more things on the card as well, but I shared the good parts.  Theirs just does it in layers and I think that is the best you will get in paper candy wraps. 

I like how these molds work but they are disposable.  I think if I am careful I will be able to use them a few times until I find mini pie pans or something in place of my mini cupcake tins.  

I will have to ponder this some more.  I like the larger ones ~ easier and quicker.  The squares do look interesting as well, along with the white chocolate.  I can feel my creative juices flowing in the variations department!

I hope you do give it a go as well!  A very simple and easy treat which, unless you have a peanut allergy is simpler than you would imagine ~ like most things in life!  Hope you enjoy I know I will!

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Today I submitted my first step in committing myself to writing about two random subjects a month.  I got a late start because I missed the first e-mail due to technical difficulties, but soon had the topic of the first entry ~ again 150 word minimum on a New Years Inspiration.

I found a graphic which inspired me and which fit me on my journey which I have been on for a bunch of years now.  I was stuck between two inspirational quotes ~ one by Helen Keller and the one I used by Nelson Mandela two out of many people who have shaped my thoughts, beliefs and behaviour and overall my self as a whole.

I would like to share the link with you here if you are interested in reading my submission through Glipho.

I also received my second topic since the e-mail issue was corrected and I am on track with the other 400+ participants I have the privilege of writing beside.  A deadline is also a nice thing I am liking it and the time to put proper thought into.

That is exactly what I need.  I must say I am killing two birds with one stone on the next one ~ all I am going to say is that it is on skin care and I am also finally product testing something which was sent through Klout as a perk.

So I call this triple motivation! A topic, a deadline and a product test!  What more could a girl ask for???


The storm did not bring the anticipated snow to our area ~ in fact I only had a couple of powdery inches on the railing of my deck this morning when I woke.  The driveway was plowed and my sidewalks shoveled. One of the perks of renting property with a property manager.  I like to shovel snow but in the below zero temperatures outside I was thankful not to even step foot out to see what that felt like!

Curbing my disappointment ~ my thoughts went to the project of the morning ~ setting back to work on the ham concoction I was making yesterday.  I popped a tea in the microwave and put the pan on the stove from the fridge to loosen things up in order to strain the stock.

I began my morning ritual as usual ~ computer, tea, games, mail, reading ~ endless reading.  I really was sluggish all morning ~ unable to wake up at all.  Finally I turned on the Weather Channel to see how cold it actually was outside.

Not really surprised by the lack of snow ~ it is normal for the forecasters to over predict for our area.  What I wasn't prepared for were the cold temperatures.  18 below with the windchill.  Brrrrrr!!!!!  Was I ever thankful that I had gotten all my supplies the day before!

I strained the stock and chopped a fresh onion and some garlic and added that into the stock.  I chopped up the ham and threw that in the pot and checked out my bean choices.  I went with a dark kidney bean and a red kidney bean and left that all to simmer for a while.

I fiddled around with a couple of things and made another cup of tea.  I was really not interested in my games and the day seemed to drag on a bit.  After a while I decided to throw another can of beans into the mix.

The stock was a golden colour on top and a nice brown underneath ~ the aroma was making my stomach growl although I usually do not eat too much in the day time.  After a fashion I gave in and served myself up a bowl.

It was delish.  I ate three bowl over the course of the afternoon which is saying a lot.  I am usually a one meal a day girl aside from the massive quantity of tea I try not to drink throughout the day!

I read a couple of good blogs on Glipho.  That is my library now it seems.  It is cool.  I am sure you are sick of hearing about it but it is no joke for real.  I think I have more of a social thing going there right now than just about anywhere.

Thomas slept rather late today which was a bit of a disappointment.  When he woke up I fell asleep!  Did I mention that he has hijacked my living room for some undefined reason as his sleeping area.  Breaking rules! One of my biggest peeves!  He knows this too.

When he vacated the 6 foot couch and went to his computer I left the cushy comfort of the love seat and not even Joan Crawford and Clark Gable could keep me awake even though it was a movie I have never seen! Try as I did ~ I was lost for about 30 minutes in dreamland.

After the movie we had some quality time also watching a movie.  We made it through Identity Theft completely.  I say this because we have actually had it on a few times and for one reason or another were unable to watch it through and through.

It was not only funny but it had a pretty good story line with action and a twist of the tale at the end that I was not prepared for.  A very good movie ~ clean, family movie night stuff ~ it has something for everyone.

I am getting tired again despite the nap so I am going to retire.  I have to face whatever temperatures are out there tomorrow for some banking which I dread since the bank is a distance either of the two choices that I have to walk to.

Fingers crossed it will be above zero or at the very least not windy.  I would settle for no wind out of all of my choices!  I hope you all made it through no problems as well.  I am hoping this Arctic blast is like the cold temperatures of a couple of days ago and just sounds worse than they actually are (?) I think that would be a fine example of wishful thinking!

On that note I am saying goodnight and hitting my pillow.  Have an excellent outlook and don't forget to share the love with a smile and a kind word.  

Thursday, January 2, 2014


I realized this morning that I had forgotten to purchase some essential household items this morning in preparation for the storm.  I bundled up and headed out layered and prepared for the worst kind of cold.  I was surprised it was not so bad out for a feels like 1 day!

I made it home and decided to do one of my favourite things ~ cook.  Cooking for a storm is fun.  I began by stripping most of the meat off the ham bone and tossing it in a pan of water to simmer in preparation for ham and beans.  I got it boiling and left it to simmer.

In the meantime I waited for a hunk of center cut pork roast to thaw from the freezer and got busy reading and writing and gaming.  Sweeping and mopping put aside yet again ~ dishes and laundry done and done.

The smells from my kitchen tantalized my taste buds as the concoction began to simmer ~ I threw in a couple of cloves of garlic and some onion and gave it a stir ~ semi resisting the urge to eat the ham from the pan.

I chopped some more garlic and stuffed my pork roast top, bottom and each end ~ we love garlic infused meat (as if you could not tell!).  I preheated the oven and tossed that in to cook after searing the fat and seasoning the top heavily with some lemon and pepper seasoning.

I wish I had a way to share the smells that were filling my house.  They woke up my son!  While the pork was cooking, I decided to make baked instead of garlic mashed potatoes and grabbed six very small potatoes ~ (one of the reasons I reconsidered the mash ~ I did not feel like peeling 20 potatoes to feed two people they were that small!)

I knew I had a large supply of apples in the fridge needing to be used.  I got my paring knife and peeled enough apples to fit into a two quart heavy sauce pan and covered them with water and turned up the heat until they began to boil.

At that point I lowered the temperature to simmer and let that cook down as well.  It was getting more difficult to avoid the hunger pangs as the aroma in my house blended into one yummy smell!  I wish there was a way to share the smells but take my word for it ~ amazing!

Soon the roast was finished.  I pulled it out of the oven.  The top was a perfect crispy delight which I knew would also be awesome.  The trick is to cut the fat so that it can brown ~ thanks for that tip Gordon Ramsey!

I got another sauce pan from the cabinet and tossed some butter in to melt and added enough flour to the melted butter to thicken it.  The thicker the paste the thicker the gravy.  I added the juices reserved from the bottom of the roasting pan after stirring and scraping all of the flavours from the sides and bottom of the pan, stirring it together for that boil and thickening.

At the same time as the gravy I added a bit more than a quarter cup of sugar to my applesauce and a bunch of cinnamon.  Yummy!  I left that to simmer some more and thicken as well, stirring the gravy so it did not burn and slicing the roast after it set for an adequate amount of time.

The ham bone (shank) separated into two pieces at the joint ~ that is when you know you are halfway there. I stirred that up some more, added some onion and left it to do it's job.  Cooking down the fat and getting that marrow.

I was starving by the time we sat down to eat and it was well worth the wait!  I am sitting here writing more than content with a full and happy tummy.  I cannot wait til tomorrow to finish making the ham and bean concoction.  It is still simmering as I write.

Before I retire I will remove the bone and the large sections of fat I added for flavour and toss it in the fridge until tomorrow.  Then I will add some kidney beans and an onion and a bunch of ham and have a feast fit for a king.  I am sure I will be delicious!  Some people add corn and I would but my canned veggies are limited at the moment and I am not planning on leaving my house for a couple of days, especially if we acquire the 10 to 12 inches of snow they are expecting to hit us.

I did save the floors for tomorrow and I have other fun activities to do if I choose not to do them again.  The dirt is not going anywhere until I take care of it unless those magical elves come in and do my sweeping and mopping the same way they made the cobblers shoes ~ wishful thinking to be sure!

I had the pleasure today of becoming acquainted with the creator of the Glipho site today who read today's post and began following me!  I love Glipho!!  Have I said that yet today to you guys?

If you are serious about writing and want to get noticed then by all means check out Glipho!  Even if you just like to write and want a safe and encouraging platform this is the place to be!  I have met many nice people and meet more everyday.

I cannot say enough good stuff about Glipho.  The writers are amazing, the topics are varied ~ a category for everyone.  The writing challenges really make you think ~ especially the weekly ones with exactly 150 words and your post has to begin with the topic which is so open that the responses are varied!

The encouragement and support from staff and fellow writers is so amazing.  Blogger does not do that.  No one does that I am aware of!  When I am in a rut and feel discouraged I am always encouraged by the support.

Don't believe me?  Go and check it out for yourself!  Even if you are not a writer but a reader I recommend it highly ~ something for everyone.  I have even inspired at least one person to write after reading my blog (an honour to be sure for someone who questions themselves on sometimes a daily basis in regards to their writing (meaning me!)).

I finally am beginning to feel like a part of something for one of the first times of my life (outside of being a Mom ~ and a good one according to my long lost brother the other day)!  I think it is safe to think and type but not yet ready to say it aloud so as not to jinx my sense of community!

I have had a great day and it is turning into a wonderful New Year!!  Have I ever felt that in my life??  Not in many, many moons!  I am off to watch some television with my son before I finish up the work on the ham. Have an excellent evening and stay warm and safe if you are in the path of the storm.

Until next time :) Keep smiling!