Friday, February 26, 2016


Strip of paint that adorns my big toe
how I wish that you would go
Why do you remain so?
All of the other paint has been gone so long
There you remain, once a source of pride
do you remain to cause me pain or
is there a lesson to be gained?

I refuse to remove your stain
choosing instead to find the lesson
sort these feelings, lessen the depression
find the path again in the thicket, tangled in thorns
wow, it is wicked!!!

What I mistook as a gesture of kindness
was really a goodbye without any words
"Thank you for all you do" was interpreted as just that
Not a kick out the door - we don't need you any more

Instead I heard from another that I was done
(and the MESSENGER was the one)!!!!
Which was fine but just unkind -
Instead I got - can you give more
while in reality I was already out the door!

Strip of paint on my toe
I think it is time for you to go
no longer does your presence cause me pain
The anger I felt does not remain, although the sadness does.
I need to get back to kindness and love.

Be that as it may I don't regret
All of the things that you represent
I found a new piece of me, that was buried in the debris.
A love of life renewed along with knowledge that I can DO
Whatever I set my mind to!

Brand new I may become, once you are finally done
The lesson is not over, I pull to break free
of the final ties binding me.

Eager I am to see you go,
final strip of paint on my big toe.
New adventures await and I am eager to hit the road!