Sunday, June 3, 2018


I never realized how wonderful the title 'Gramma" was until just about five minutes ago.  My son and his family randomly stopped by, something that doesn't happen enough even if it occurred 7 days a week.  If that is selfish, so be it.

My grandson got his first taste of freedom at my house on Mother's Day, when they came over to bring me a plant.  Normal protocol is usually a meet and greet in the driveway through the window of the car.  On this day, he was sprung and the first thing he wanted to do was go into the house.  All those times dropping off his sister for sleepovers and pick ups - the first thing he wanted to do was go in Gramma's house.

Of course, I have a bunch of breakables and stuff on the walls and tables and shelves which are eye catching to just about everyone who enters my domain, but to a two year old child he spotted a car that I had bought for him and a stem project with gears, balls and track to go up, down and around, which I bought for the kids but worried about the little balls, so I saved it for my house.

Today, they arrived unexpectedly and we gathered in the driveway (out of the car).  The youngest member of our family bee lined it for the door - "inside Gramma...come play".  My heart expanded greatly as did my smile.  Alas, I had to put him off for a minute to explore the goodies my daughter in law had brought over.

I laughingly told him that clothes have priority even over grandchildren (wink, wink).  By and by he got curious and as we looked on he lifted the kitty entrance and glanced at his Mom who told him of course to think again.

Finally I finished and gave him the nod and we walked into the Great room where most of the fun is.  He went over to where the game was, but instead of that what interested him was my musical carousel horses.  They are almost all musical so I picked up one of the individual ones and pressed the button for the music and put it up to his ear.

His goal was bigger though and he wanted to check out one of the carousels, which I happily started.  As the music began he was like, "Me, Gramma".  I had to decline on that one, but assured him, in time when he got bigger he would be able to do it himself.

The minutes passed and they had lunch plans so we had to go, but not before he spotted his sisters play kitchen and attempted to engage, but the sound of the horn outside reminded us that there were others in the world besides the two of us.

Reluctantly, we walked to the car and I scooped him up and put him in his car seat so his Mom could buckle him in.  I gave Monkey Girl a hug and got the dirt on GRADUATION!  My girl is growing up so fast that I will have to think up a new nickname for her!

Meanwhile after hugs and kisses my grandson just stole my heart with his silliness reminding me again of the joy of life, the simpleness of children and my love of being Gramma.