Tuesday, November 14, 2017


I have had to greatly change the way that I do things over the past six weeks.  One big change I have made is not leaving my house even more than I would like.  Until I get a diagnosis on what is going on with this walking thing ( deja vu from a couple of years ago which led to surgery 100%) and trying not to aggravate the situation any more than I have to.  I have basically cut out everything except the shrink and the chiropractor.

I have been hating it and exploring things which can make my life, and my inability to walk the seven blocks to the supermarket and back 3x a week to pick up groceries.  I have been mail order shopping.  It started with just the 'heavy" items and kind of morphed as you have to fill the box - who wants to ship a partially full box? 

This has led to me getting back into the groove of being right where I like to be - stocked up.  What a delight it is to have more than one extra roll of toilet paper, soap and paper towels?  What started out as saving my back and body, has turned into a bit more than that? 

My UPS driver hates me I am sure, especially when Tom's favorite iced tea is by far less than what I could pay anywhere locally. which leads me to order three or four 30 quart dry mix (not realizing that I already had two on the shelf!)  Better his back than mine!!!

I just today, taking the shopping thing on a whole new level for me, by ordering a meat delivery. I  received my order short.  A call to the company corrected that and I get to wait for another package - the fun of it all!  A downfall, to say the least.

Shopping is fun for necessities and what is more of a necessity than shoes and boots?  I must have gotten lucky last year with the boots and shoes.  This last time, not so lucky.  The boots were too small, cute, but small and the sneakers are not at all what I can wear comfortably either.  Two choices to remedy this situation - return to store; or return in the mail.  Of course they get you for shipping charges through the mail and none at the store - opting for store myself.

I did score on the three cute tops that I got to go along with the shoes.  They were bargains and I am pleased!  No returns there!  It is fun to buy consignment, but there is nothing nicer than a brand new shirt with the tags on and more in style!

I know shopping local is important.  I normally do, which is tricky where I live.  Our downtown has some good stores to window shop or to buy a nice gift for someone, but the options are not what they once were, that is for sure!  I do what I can for the local merchants but there really isn't too much for the bulk of the community without costing $$$.

I do have to beg a ride to get a Turkey at one of the supermarkets.  There is no messing with Turkey day.  I am not about spending a ton of money for turkey - the cheaper the better - the larger the bird or birds.  We love a nice oven roasted turkey and all the trimmings and then the turkey soup which is a meal all in it's own.  'Tis the season after all!

Before all that I am looking forward to the 'dreaded' MRI which is not dreaded at all.  Two more days and probably a day or two to read and I will have something to go on, and at the very least peace of mind that this is how it is and that will be just one more adjustment.

I am on a mission, as I have been since those cursed accidents to adjust, adapt and go forward.  I really have been isolating for selfish reasons over the past two years but doing the basics of living, it figures that when I decide that I have had enough of it that my body would decide to protest and break down. 

Not that it was sudden.  I had been noticing and ignoring, as I have done before and will do for always I am sure.  Waiting until I can't take one more step or one more day of repeated pain accelerating  and worming its way into my waking moments and disrupting all pretense of sleep until it radiated into my spirit and made it impossible to ignore.  By then it was too late for me to pretend that everything was fine.

In April, walking in D.C. and pretending it was nothing when I had to sit down more frequently and for longer periods of time - kidding myself that it was normal.  Faking it through to September when I went to NYC pushing myself each step to get where I needed to go praying for a place to sit for just one second  and finding a cute little park - just one second...20 minutes later able to make my way on my way.  That is not the life for me, and it is NOT my life!  I do refuse to accept THAT reality!

Sometimes life is about making adjustments that suit you in the moment.  Take the steps to make life easier, these days, we do have options, and don't ignore the important things for too long -  if you don't get what you need locally, sometimes you have to step outside your ZONE to get the help you need.

Speaking of zones...still waiting for my primary to call me regarding a referral for the MRI I am getting on Thursday.  I am very thankful that a doctor outside my ZONE picked up where my primary can't seem to do the job!  I wonder if she will ever bother to call me back???  Two weeks and counting!!! Lord have mercy that inept and unprofessional will fall out of fashion soon!

SIDE NOTE:  I am kicking myself for listening to reviews regarding THE DARK TOWER movie by Stephen King.  I happened to watch it on demand the other night and it was excellent!!!  I just wish that I had seen it in the theatre as I had wanted to instead of being talked out of it by my son who shall be nameless.  I WILL be seeing the next part in the movie theatre!!