Friday, December 8, 2017


As I try to get my head back in the right place prior to surgery, which was flipped into a no go zone thanks to the ongoing drama which my primary physician brings into my life, the drama continues.  But it is not mine. I refuse to own or accept the bullshit coming out of her office towards and I hate to even say it out loud - against me.

Pre surgical exam was awesome! (SARCASM INTENDED Waiting the half hour early they asked me to come in with a full bladder as well, that was not the torture the were hoping for, since I can't tell when my bladder is full so after waiting 30 minutes when the nurse walked out to ask how I was doing and if I needed to use the bathroom, I was like, no, I am good right now, which I had no idea either way!

After the ekg and the doctor checking my lungs and nodes under my arms, and a weight and bp/pulse and being told I was having C 5 removed.  By the time I got into the bathroom it was 3:00 and I filled the cup to the brim practically.  Before I left I asked if I needed blood work for the surgery and was told "Baystate didn't say that you did."  I left and went on my way.  I did however phone the surgeons office when I arrived home to confirm which disc was being removed as the information from my primary was not what my surgeon had told me.

I just got off the phone with Baystate, and thank goodness I had called to question the surgery.  Of course my surgeon was correct.  C3 is being removed.  I also do need blood work and I asked about the urine sample they needed.  They didn't need a urine sample and Baystate told me I should have questioned that.

I thanked Jenelle and called my primary doctors office to find out if I have to get blood work done at their office or at a lab.  That required two calls since Chris was away from the phone and leaving messages there does no good.  I hung up and called the receptionist and Karen told me I could go anywhere to get the blood work done. 

I then asked about the urine sample request and was told it was to rule out INFECTION, without hesitation.  I asked if she was making that up or if it was true and she said, no I just asked (telepathically), I said, so do I have an infection?  She said NO, they would have phoned you if you did. 

At this point I just thanked dear Karen and hung up.  Now I have to go get blood work done.  Imagine if I didn't call and went for my surgery only to be turned away because of no labs???

So, my head must be in a good place.  I am not losing my shit over this.  I am just calmly changing my plans of resting and heating pad and non drug pain management ways and taking a walk to get this done.  I must say, I am feeling pretty proud of myself (although I am documenting this here, there and everywhere!)