Saturday, September 26, 2015


If you have been following along, I made a major mess in the name of rearranging the furniture in three rooms and redecorating with a deadline that kept getting extended bit by bit until the final deadline last week on the 22 of September for my middle son's birthday dinner celebration.

I had pretty much had the furniture arranged when last I wrote, having had decided not to move the two bookshelves and having set up a cool corner for Ainsley and her kitchen with the addition of some shelves for her games and miscellaneous supplies.

Well, after sitting in the living room to feel how it felt I realized that I needed to move the two bookshelves, at least until after Christmas, since I had built Ainsley's corner in the Christmas Tree corner which would not do.

So I carefully moved all of the breakables once more off the two shelves and slid the two book shelves, one by one across the room and kitty corner to each other and moved the Kitchen and the other shelf where they were.  I am not as happy with it as I would like to be, but I can move it back after Christmas which will also prompt me to put the Christmas decorations away before May this year! (or so I will lead myself to believe.)

So the living room and the dining room were ready to go (furniture wise).  The placement of the Art and dust collectors are another story and will be a few minutes as I collect my thoughts and focus on that area.

I baked Pat a birthday cake even though he didn't want one.  I baked a chocolate cake (even though he doesn't like it), selfishly and for me personally, after all his birthday was a milestone in my life as well.

I timed out the Roast Beast and planned my day accordingly.  For a change an earlier birthday dinner was scheduled - although we ate a bit later than even I intended, but not because we were waiting on Patrick and his Dad this time, but because we were waiting on my gravy - the most important part of the meal in my estimation.

I steamed baby carrots and fresh green beans and made some garlic mashed potatoes.  I can say every thing came out great except for the potatoes - to Tom and I they were like some failed science experiment - my Dad, Bruce and Pat thought they were the best things on the planet which makes me question their judgement seriously.

We all enjoyed the roast and the gravy and there wasn't a carrot or green bean to be found by the time I cleared plates to get ready for the dessert portion of the meal.  Pat had opened his presents when they arrived.  My Dad and I each got him a new piece for his collection which he loved.  Pat is the present giver and I was happy to have something he liked this year for his birthday!

At Cake time Tom and Grampa were eager to break into the double layer  chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  Tom brought out the cake, forks and plates while I got a knife and began serving.  I was hoping it was as light and fluffy as I could make it and it was.  Even Patrick (after giving me a hard time) had some and really enjoyed it as well.

It was so good there was only three pieces left by the end of the night.  I am certain my Dad would have eaten the rest if I hadn't taken it off the table!  I had to tell Thomas not to finish the rest of it during the night in order to have a second piece of it the next day!

I am no longer in the What Was I Thinking part of this project.  It is actually nice to come downstairs in the morning, do my little bit of work and not be freaking out by all of the piles and clutter.  I am not out of the woods yet, but I can just make out the clearing beyond the forest!


I have traveled back 40 years
back to my childhood and my fears
Anxiety and loss filled those days
I can barely see through the haze.

It is like I have walked through a door
One I loathe and thought I had locked secure
The pain and loss which were always around
Turned my smile into a frown.

I wish I could find the door back to me
Open it up and come back home
I have come so far from where I was
And I once again feel all alone.

No one listens, no one cares
I could scream and fuss, but I don't dare
Hoping to find the door once more
Even if I am the only one who does care

The place I find myself now residing,
peeking around corners, I feel like hiding.
It takes all that I have to wake each day
I need to find my way.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Driving down a country lane absorbing all I see
The sky is one sheet of solid cloud with a little touch of grey
I continue up the road loving just to be
among the greens so green and maples which pave  my way

How nice it is to be in this place on such a perfect day
The air is cooling, the leaves are touched with color
A little yellow, a little red I watch the leaves dance above my head

Watching how they float on down, dancing all the way
How I wish I could sit on this country lane all day
I continue up the way, what do I see?
A chipmunk scurries by
a beautiful mountain landscape catches my eye

Still further up the road I roam
Blessed to live in such a home
with so much beauty here and there
The crisp scent of Autumn is in the air

Though I dread the cold and snow
There is no other place I would rather go
Than in these Hills so vast
with such a strong connection to my past.

Monday, September 21, 2015


Jennifer M. Gallant aka GClawdia

It was getting dark as I walked down the wooded road.  I was not afraid.  Being alone in the woods was only scary if you let yourself be scared.  A twig cracked to my right.  Okay, maybe I was  a little scared.

After escaping from the basement of the house I was held up in I had less to fear out here in the woods than what my captures might have done for me if I hadn't of used my head and taken the one opportunity to escape.

What a freaky day it was turning out to be.  I  was minding my own business when I found myself thrown into a car and dragged into a house I had never seen, to be left alone in the creepy basement.

They should have tied me up if they didn't want me to escape.  Thankfully they were not that smart. Now I found myself on this wood road as night fell.  I should be more concerned that they might find me, but I was more concerned about trying to figure out where in the hell I was.

The car ride wasn't that far, so I can't be too far away from where I had been snatched up.  I thought as I walked.  Crossing the stream and heading as far and as fast as I could away from my prison, I was happy to be away from there.

Since I had left in a huff, storming out of my house and swearing I would never come back, I doubt anyone back home had even begun to worry that I wasn't home yet.  They probably wouldn't worry for a couple of days and it had only been a couple of hours!

No service on my cell, what would I say to anyone if I did have service?  Hey, would you come get me?  I am in the woods but I don't know where - I could see how that would play out!  Safer in the woods ~ I thought to myself.

I had a feeling if my captures were looking they would be driving on the road, not searching the woods, thinking I would go to where I could flag someone down and escape more quickly.  No stranger to walking, and knowing it is better to be off the main roads, I chose the woods.  After all I didn't look like I would be an outdoorsy girl, but looks can be deceiving!

I saw a solid stick along the path, that would make a good weapon I thought, in case I was wrong and they did run into me.  Chances are ~ I was okay, but better to be safe than sorry.  I continued deeper down the wooded road.

Night fell.  Now I was beginning to get scared.  I kept walking, listening for voices, noises in the woods.  Any signals which would alert me to be ready for fight or flight.


Where is my heart?
I can feel it beat inside my chest, pumping blood, doing it's best.
I know it survived and can be revived.

Where is the passion that filled my soul?
Has it grown wings and flown?
How do I locate what was once so dear to me?
Will I find it again?
I cannot breathe!

Why do these thoughts choke out my spirit?
Can I figure out the reason and cure it?
Like thick, thorny vines they rip me apart-
could that be the pain I feel in my heart?

Darkness is what is in front of me
Bring me a candle so I can see.
It was once so bright and full of color
where has the light gone I wonder?

Gentle rain that falls from the sky
Cover the tears which fall from my eyes.
Cleanse my spirit, cleanse my soul
Make me once again whole!

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Picture if you can a red balloon - 
floating in the sky, getting rather high
   Soaring above your head, bouncing and carefree. 

Imagine how it feels to rise 
 passing above trees and mountain peaks, 
soaring ever higher in the jet stream 
so far in the sky that you can no longer see,

How do you feel as you watch the balloon sail 
high above your head bright red?
   Do you feel light and free, 
riding on that breeze, 
high above the trees, 

Can you imagine the view?  
Climbing as you do,
 higher than the mountain tops 
See the people?  See the trees?  

The cars buzz around the roads like bees. 
What a dizzying height!
 they are ants, 
strain as you might.

How wondrous and carefree would it be?
 to be a balloon floating free 
in a sky of blue.
The clouds like fluffy cotton
 all around you!  

Can you imagine? 
 Can you see?
 How wondrous it could be?


"Eyes on Tango" do you read?  The voice was frantic, "Incoming, Incoming!!!" "Positions everyone, get ready!!!"

Troops took position as the giant entered the zone.  Some waited in place, others flew around, trying to distract and intimidate.

The giant placed a bottle in the zone - it smelled good - some of the troops were drawn into the trap, others had a worse fate in store as they hovered on the mirror, only sign of life was their movement -

Taking stock the giant decided to help and took up arms.  Suddenly a big white envelope smashed down and took out a platoon - "Take that!" said the giant,  a majority of enemy combatants would fly no more..  Still, the remaining soldiers swarmed and flew at the giant.

The giant retreated, knowing the "bomb" would do the rest. "Those little buggers sure were pests!"  and went to take a rest.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


If you recall, last week I totally upended my house and went into a massive "fall cleaning" to distract my brain from the million things that are occupying the normally calm and forward moving thoughts and activities that were threatening to shut down the machine which is me.

In between doctors appointments, errands, naps and regular weekly activities ranging from meeting artists and swapping out paintings, art retrieval, writing and organizing outside things I somehow managed to wonder if I hadn't completely lost my mind in the process, tossed the thought aside and each day made a dent, but still wasn't quite sure if I would have everything done by Friday.

By the middle of the week I had the furniture in place and was somewhat pleased with the living room, had buried the dining room completely once again and decided to get some general cleaning done and use my brain in order to enable myself to 'work smart" which means not moving things here and there and back where they started.

I am a firm believer of sleeping on things.  I find I have some great bursts of creativity while I am sleeping.  Waking up and finding the solution right before your eyes all the time.  Sometimes that is all you need, other times not!  Since my second hobby this week has been napping, I am certain it helped.

I am especially happy with that table I picked up.  It makes a great media center and is much more attractive than the three milk crates that my music was stored in.  Bringing the blond hutch into the room was perfect and I should have done that 4 years ago.

The living room is a great room with a high ceiling and the piece was too big for the mini dining room where I had it all of this time.  Putting the smaller hutch that was Franya's Mothers, in the dining room works so much better and taking that piece out of the computer room left space for the old cabinet t,v. to go behind the table we use for our computers and having a work station for the printer and our towers.

The final area I had to work on was Ains's play corner.  I brought the shelf back in and incorporated it into her kitchen space, giving her a bigger work area.  I utilized it for the board games and toys we use as well and the temporary storage of some video game systems and games for Thomas.

I have two computer towers and an unusually heavy t.v. to remove from the room and it is done, except for the pictures on the walls and the arrangement of the nick knacks - everything is set and the room is "winter ready".

I still have a decision to make in the dining room, but it is good for now.  Ready for Patrick's birthday dinner on Tuesday once I figure out where I am going to store the ample supply of picture frames I have been collecting along with a couple of other piles of organized messes.

I had to clear the table of the unicorns and carousels just to have room to sort the piles of papers into the piles I had sorted the week before.  Now I have to drag the final pile upstairs to sort into the three piles I have in my room and figure out a solution to storing them for easy reference.

If I keep this up I may actually be ready to tackle those closets and final boxes from every move since 2008 when my main activity was finding a safe and secure place to live after having my world upended.

Having found said place I may actually succeed in this goal sooner than later.  How nice would that be???  For me, it would be most excellent since I have a great need to have my life in order.  As I count the years that it has taken me (2008 - 2015) it is about time!  That is too long to live with chaos and disorder.

Today I am supposed to be vacuuming the two carpets and move my room around.  The fact of the matter is, my room is always last.  I am close to maybe having a vision.  I hate the thought of moving those rock maple dresser more than once.

I am procrastinating my behind off today.  Sleeping in, drinking tea, playing music and writing away. To be fair to myself, writing is not procrastination since I am updating the semi conclusion of my madness.  In reality, it is crossing an item off the list.

Friday is no longer the deadline, although, I was done and ready for Ainsley to sleep over.  She was waiting to hear from her cousin who trumps me.  I had to decline an invite to take a motorcycle ride to the top of Mt. Greylock which would have been awesome since the weather was perfect yesterday afternoon and Greylock is always a hit as well (with me, anyway!)

By 5:30 she gave me permission to accept a dinner invite and I left her waiting to hear from her cousin, and surprised she just didn't call her herself.  My monkey girl is not shy, but for some reason she was holding back...very unlike her and I will be inquiring why when I see her next.

Monday evening before bed is the new deadline since Tuesday I will be prepping and cooking my son's birthday dinner.  I think I will manage.  Pictures will be forthcoming and you know I will be done with the downstairs anyway!

Off for some lunch and some work perhaps....

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Sometimes I feel like a fly caught in a spiders web, struggling to break free of the strong fine silk which binds me.  I wonder if I should struggle and make things worse, or lie still and endure this curse.
Other times I am tangled in thorns - sharp, and thick, through my skin they do rip.  I wonder how I will loosen their grip.  Every movement I do make, another bit of flesh they do take.  If this is a dream I wish to wake.

Sometimes I am lost, as if in a dream.  I look and all that was familiar is lost to me.  Each step I take reveals to me, another path in front of me.  I never know which path to choose, in each case something I do lose.

Other times I feel just grand.  I know I where I fit in this great land.  No fear or sorrow invades my mind.  My heart is loving, warm and kind.  Each step I take is straight and true, bringing me closer to what I love to do.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I am on the tail end of a 14 hour day most of it non stop and with Tom and then Tom and my Dad.  It was a very interesting and productive day for sure with a little side trip to Lebanon, N.Y. and back to Pittsfield via back roads which I wasn't even sure where we would end up other than back home.

During the morning part of errands- long before a trip to New York State was even a twinkle of a thought, Anne Pasko phoned and needed to pick up two of her paintings which are in our current "Partners in Art" Show at the Whit, and bring me two new pieces so there wouldn't be a space.

We planned to meet at 1:30 and at the same time I was meeting Lisa so she could pick up her paintings from the August show since I would be there.  Lisa arrived ahead of me and I unlocked the door and turned on the lights.

Thomas and my Dad were with me and I was eager for Thomas to see the show since he doesn't really go out too much in public and never to the Shows.  The Town Players had a huge stage built up for their performance.

I found Walt's Paintings in the Colt Gallery when the Pasko's and I walked in to get her work for the International Show they were entered in.  No one was more surprised than I.  At least they were off the walls and not in danger of getting damaged by the stage!

Still, they were off the walls, along with three other pieces.   No big deal unless you are the artist who expects their pieces to be hung and shown for a certain number of days, and how embarrassing to have that artist arrive and find his work on a table and not on the walls.

I don't think I could have apologized any more than I did.  Now, I am going to have to figure out where in the world these lovely pieces of work can go for the remainder of the month so they can be seen, especially with the event going on, otherwise what is the purpose????

This so bothered me, despite driving, and driving in the country with my Dad and my Son.  I tried not to be distracted, but distracted I was.  I hate surprises.  I dropped my Dad off at his house and on the way back to my house Tom and I stopped by to see my grand children.

It seems funny that I have grand children, I love those little lambs, even though I don't know Declan as well.  Dec was asleep, Ains wasn't home and Jeff was on the computer when we arrived.  Tom and he began talking video games and I waited impatiently for Ains.

I looked at the baby sleeping, had to go out to the car and get the camera and took a couple of photo's , watching him twitch a little at the quite noise of the camera disturbing his little nap.  I didn't want to get in trouble for waking him up so I put the camera away and went in with the boys.

Some things never change and Jeff is the Master of All.  He is the reason why Pat and Tom are Video Game and Computer Addicts.  Jeff has been at it longer than both of them and they all awaited their turn at following The Master.  They were talking a language I didn't understand - video games of one sort or another.

I interrupted and asked when Ains was arriving.  3:30 seemed a long way off.  I was allowed to pick up the baby and wake him up, Jeff of course didn't tell me he needed a bottle when he got up or I would have been prepared.

Declan was happy and smiling at first as I talked to him.  He was fine when I walked him around and he clung to a bunch of my hair like Thomas used to when he was my little monkey boy.  He was awesome when I changed his diaper.

I gave him to Uncle Thomas and he was okay for a second and then Tom laid him down and he didn't like that.  Tom has zero experience with babies so I went and got the boy and walked around, grabbed the rattle I knew he liked, thanks to Ainsley.

We walked outside to see if the bus had arrived yet and Ains ran around the corner "Gramma" she yelled as she almost knocked us over with a hug.  You don't know Love until you have that experience let me tell you!

We went inside and she ran in to see Thomas.  She loves Thomas and was happy to see him at her house.  The baby was crying a bit and Jeff had to get ready for work.  Ainsley helped get a bottle and somehow after quick hugs and goodbyes, they got in their car and we got in ours and they headed to work and us home.

I made a much needed tea and was just beginning to relax when I heard my Dads phone ringing in the living room.  He was home. I moaned out loud knowing that I would have to leave the comfort of my home and go back out.

At that point I was not down for it.  I even complained about it.  I drank my tea, put another one in the microwave and drove across town again to my Dads with his phone and his Mentos.  I buzzed and he let me in without asking who it was.

I walked down the hall and he opened the door with a wet sponge and if I am not mistaken a golf club.  I handed him his phone and his candy and he thanked me and I headed home, eager to relax and drink my tea.

It is odd having Thomas awake all day.  I like it.  We eat lunch and dinner at normal hours.  Heck, he may even go to sleep at a normal hour tonight and have two normal days in a row.  That would be something else.  I would write that one down on the calendar.

He cooked dinner and I did the pre dinner dishes ad had to cut the pork chops.  I shop once a month and had packaged and froze all of the meat last night except for the center cut pork.  Before he could cook I had to cut.18 pork chops and a nice pork roast later he was marinating the pork and I was preparing the meat for the freezer.

I had found Pat's birthday roast the day before and the freezer was officially full once again with a bit of variety and the beginning of the transition to winter foods - soups, stews and roasts are my absolute favorites to cook, but not in the summer heat that is for sure,  It is one of the few things I like about winter - cooking the meals (and eating them!)

Master Chef finale was on this evening and since we were caught up we planned dinner around it.  It was a two hour finale and I was pleased with the winner.  I do not want to give it away in case you watch the show and haven';t seen it.  It was pretty intense and a close call for sure.

Since I am still bothered and haven't had time, I stopped in the dining room on my way to the computer and relieved the table of some of it's dust collectors.  I managed to put my tea pot collection and cups along with a few other pieces in the cabinet.

I may actually have some time to implement some ideas I have and finish off the downstairs by the end of the day, nick knacks and all.  I am hopeful.  Actually, I just remembered Third Thursday is tomorrow, so I may not get everything done by 5;00.  It depends on what hidden surprises I am in store for throughout the day.

Ains didn't sleep over her cousins yet, I take a back seat so I may have another week to get my house in order.  I know I have to pack up some things and bring other things upstairs.  I know I am getting closer to actually calling this place a home after 4 years - I have some stuff on the walls in my room - which is always the last to get set up.

In any case, it is getting late and I can barely see.  Time to call it a day and see what Thursday brings my way.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


 I knew something was not right, I was cold, I  reached for my blanket to pull it closer around me and try to fall back into the dream I had been having, without opening my eyes, wondering where the wind was coming from.

For some reason, my comforter wasn't within reach and I cursed inside. I opened my eyes.  The first thing I noticed was that I was not at home in my bed.  The second thing that I noticed was that I was not even inside.

I jumped internally as, looking around I realized  I was atop the Brooklyn Bridge!  What a great view, I thought.  The sun was just beginning to rise and it looked amazing! My second thought was - what am I doing UP HERE!!!

I wasn't just on the Brooklyn Bridge -  you know, the safe part where the cars drive - I was up much higher than that. The cars looked like Matchbox Cars below me.  My third thought was of panic.  I am afraid of heights - not being up high, but getting down and I was, at the moment paralyzed with fear.

I tried not to panic.  Panic would not help anything at this moment except maybe a quick ride down - but that wasn't the landing I was looking for!  I had an internal freak out for a minute, then focused on lowering my heart rate and getting a grip.

How could I be on the Brooklyn Bridge?  The last thing I remembered I was 200 miles away from NYC, yet, here I was, sitting with a birds eye view of the City with absolutely no idea how I got there, why I was there, or how I was going to get down.

I noticed I had a slight headache and a funny, tinny taste in my mouth.  Then I noticed a pin prick on my arm - so I had been drugged, oh great!  I sat and adjusted to my surroundings. 

At least I wasn't tied up or handcuffed.  Still, I was on top of the Brooklyn Bridge, that was more than enough of a problem.  I tried to stand up, but each time I did I felt dizzy, from the height or the drugs still in my system I wasn't sure.  I quickly sat down and tried to abate my fear.

I thought climbing down from a roof was tricky, how in the world was I going to manage something higher than a house?  I rationalized that someone would see me and send help.  I sat where I was and held on to that thought for about an hour as I watched the city wake up.  

Traffic below me got denser and denser as people headed off to their jobs and school.  I saw a boat approaching in the water far away, it too looked like a toy.  Maybe a helicopter would come by and notice me up there, I thought.

Doesn't anyone look up in this city?  I wondered.  


It is late Monday evening and I have made the executive decision to have a tea and write a bit before retiring.  I should just skip all of it altogether since I have to bring my Dad to P.T. tomorrow.  It has been forever it seems, since he has gone.

This afternoon seemed to be quite busy all at once.  I woke up on the later side of the morning which for me is anything after 8 - today it was more like 9:45.  I do hate sleeping late since it makes the daylight hours shorter.

Today I had my normal Monday afternoon appointment, and it seems like all of the sudden it was time to rush out the door. Since it was threatening rain and I had a million things to do after my appointment I had to drive instead of walk.

I thought I was going to be late for my appointment when in reality if I hadn't missed the driveway and had to go all of the way around the block I would have been early enough to check out the magazines, which I don't like to do anywhere else and sometimes even arrive early to have time to check them out.

The hour went semi quickly - since I am working through a major flaw in my character and trying to learn how to modify my behavior. We all know you can't change what you are not aware of, this one is one I am hugely aware of and it is a flaw that benefits others but hinders me and it has been with me a long time.

I think once I get this flaw under control I will have more control in my life and much less anxiety in the long run.  Modifying one's behavior on any level is difficult, but it is not impossible.  Facing fears, being mindful, being aware - sometimes easy, sometime hard, but always a huge investment if you give a fig about yourself.

I have been working on unlearning behavior for a while, removing negativity and living a positive and loving life.  Figuring out the whys is the tricky part and sometimes I wonder why we have to answer why in order to recognize a pattern to break it.

Sometimes I wish the whys were just not in the equation.  If I knew why certain things trigger certain responses and behaviour then life would be good right?  Well, if I look at the "whys" then that could open more cans of beans than I am willing to eat - if you know what I mean.  Somethings are better left in the dark recesses of one's mind, in my humble opinion.

Regardless, I made it in and out and traveled far and will be pondering a few things and working on the next step in one of my levels of progression in my healthy living.  This is the one that is going to kill me for sure, not really, but I do not look forward to the next step at all.

One of the reasons I have undertaken this huge project in my house is to avoid facing a situation I must address.  For me it is easier to create complete chaos than it is to move forward.  that I do recognize and all by myself as well.

I have been waiting for the Earth to open up and swallow me instead of facing this challenge.  I don't understand it and I do understand it both at the same time, but that doesn't prevent me from growing a set so to speak and doing it, I am paralyzed where I stand!  It has, I have noticed blocked my creativity and I am beginning to be concerned.

So after my appointment I got back into the car and drove myself home after a pit stop on North Street where I spotted Tom's Dad.  I parked the car and walked over to where he was sitting with Old Man Chuck in front of the Church.

I got his newest phone number.  I was apparently calling two wrong numbers the other day so it isn't any wonder I didn't reach him.  It was too cold to talk for too long since I was in shorts and it was freezing out this afternoon.

I headed home to find my checkbook to pay the rent before the month got any further away from me. I got my food money as well so I had to grab the grocery bags and change into long pants.  Well, my biggest fear happened, I misplaced my checkbook, possibly in one of the many piles which have now surfaced in the recent creation of chaos.

It wasn't in the drawer where I had last put it.  I check the second place and looked at the clock - it was almost 4 and the bank and the property managers could   be closing at 4:00 so I had to hurry to the bank instead of wasting my time.

The bank was opened until 5:00 which was sweet.  The property manager was around the corner and they were open still as well.  I headed onward to one market and did a quick run through and headed to the second store and picked up some more supplies.

The cupboards were pretty bare to say the least and the past week has been a challenge to get through.  I did manage to end up with ample sauce and the beef hot dogs I bought. Although we don't really eat hot dogs normally they were a good investment and again I worried for nothing, not trusting in myself.  Thomas now has a good midnight snack for the rest of the week as well.

I made a really awesome side dish with some steamed potatoes, onion and green beans which was out of this world!  Nothing like fresh veggies   I also splurged on a nice sirloin steak which was cooked to perfection as well and a two meal investment so we will be enjoying the second half of that treat tomorrow.

So I made no real progress in clearing up the chaos.  When I came down this morning I noted that I like the dining room table covered in Unicorns and Carousels.  It is very pretty and made me smile. as I passed through.  If only I didn't need to use the dining room table occasionally!

I am thinking a thought that I will implement when I get some time tomorrow afternoon which may leave me down to only figuring out where to put the Art and the dust collectors.    I do have a deadline so that the job will be done, I also am at the control of other people so I may have a couple of late nights before Ains comes.

I did trip over my checkbook unexpectedly before dinner - somehow it was behind the table of the drawer where it should have been.  At least I had the general area!  Next month I will know exactly where it is.

In the process of looking for it I did manage to find both Tom and my birth certificates which we need for an "official" document, also with a deadline.  You gotta love deadlines!  Now I have four, no five deadlines which are imperative to my survival within the same time period!  When it rains it pours!

Just what I need however, since I have been feeling like I have had too much free time over the past week.  Tom is pulling on my sleeve and I have to get up and be on time in the morning for my Dad.  I don't need to find him on the side of the road walking to his appointment.

I am sure he has a couple of hours worth of errands.  As much as I am going to miss having a car, I cannot wait until I do not have to drive him around.  October, in some ways, cannot get here soon enough.

What is life if not one change after another to deal with?  I lift my glass to change and all that it brings, expected and unexpected!

Sunday, September 13, 2015


I would love to say that I was finished - two days should be enough time for a project such as this, one would think, not in my house.  It is amazing the stuff that is stacked up hidden until you start moving things around!

I do like the new table.  It is one of my best finds to date.  It has solved a long time problem of stereo system, discs and tapes which were mainly stored in three milk crates which are now empty save some miscellaneous stuff to be sorted later.

I decided not to move the two white bookshelves or the landscape paintings over them.  I do have to switch the couch and the chair and then look at the art on the rest of the walls.  I haven't made up my  mind yet, but then, I am still placing furniture.

I decided to store 6 of the plastic craft containers under the hutch where they were - neat and orderly, somewhat organized and easy to access when I get crafty.  I tried to put a shelf in the dining room but it just doesn't belong there - computer room maybe?

I have almost decided to put my Unicorns in the computer room and a shelf would be necessary then - decisions, decisions. Tomorrow is another day on that one.  Like I said, progress is slow, but once I take that step I keep marching forward.

Forward momentum is the key to everything.  Although too much focus on one thing will shut you down so when the rain cloud shifted out of my view later in the afternoon I decided to take a walk.  I forgot all about the Festival at St. Joe's Church on North.

The street was pretty deserted.  I walked all of the way down to the Market Place Cafe - which was closing - and ran into the guy who helps me hang my show having coffee.  We chatted for a few and the cloud began to get darker.

We said our goodbyes and I was almost headed home when I remembered that I needed half & half since it is a luxury I indulge in for my tea - actually it is a most necessary item and I would have to resort to the Jasmine tea without it.

The store was all the way at the other end of the streets and a drop fell here and there as I made my way there.  They were still  packing up at the Church when I walked through, crossed myself, said a little prayer and hurried through towards home. Rain, thankfully random.

My phone rang and Thomas was up and wondering where I was  I told him I wished he could drive and that the keys were there as I was worried about the rain - instead I opted for the favour of a tea when I got home which would be a blessing if I was caught in the rain or not.

I wasn't in the door five minutes and it began to downpour.  I made my tea and we went and watched an episode of our latest addiction.  (okay it was 2 episodes.)  I had plans to feast on the leftovers with some added broccoli to freshen the meal up a bit from last evening.

Sunday night - always Ray Donovan during the season, Thomas challenged me to get dinner ready within 25 minutes.  No problem - the dishes (except for every piece of silverware save 4 forks) were clean.  Challenge accepted.

I set him to task on preparing the other provisions we would need for our hour long foray into Ray's world.  (which means cigarettes - if I had a deadline it was only fair that he had one as well.)  We both completed our tasks within the allotted time, ate dinner and had 15 minutes to spare, give or take a few.

And here we are, Sunday night update.  And an update within the update - the computer froze and needed to be rebooted.  During that time I did move the couch and the chair.  Much better!  I also managed to wheel the ancient cabinet t.v. into the dining room, needing to keep it on the first floor - that and Ainsley's area need to be thought about - but hey it is much better than it was when I began this post.

My tea is almost gone and the hour is getting late - tomorrow is another day - the mountain is now a mere hill and I have almost reached the peak!  I can';t wait to see the view when I reach the top!


Waking up this morning and walking downstairs the first thing I noticed was that the elves did not come and finish my work - not that I expected them to, but one can hope, I was a huge fan of fairy tales when I was growing up, so you just never know.

I live in reality, however, and the reality was just as bad as it was the evening before!  The dining room seems to be my easiest room to pull together, once I figure out where to put all of the craft supplies, easels, canvas's and miscellaneous piles of stuff that make up the clutter in my dining room.

I walked through to the living room to see if the elves had made it in there, and no luck there either.  I went back to the kitchen and made a cup of tea, turned on the computer and tried to get my head back on track - no major ideas having entered my brain while I was sleeping.

What I had to face looked more large scale than I was prepared for in the early morning light.  I did however, get my rainy and overcast day in order to keep me in the house and I guess I got my wish from last night for a pajama day since I am not getting dressed until this mess is in better order!

So bit by bit I am making my way through.  I am contemplating taking down every picture on every wall to make it less distracting, like at the Gallery when I am hanging a show.  It is difficult to see where to place things if the Art on the wall isn't in the right place and we all know the pictures go up last not first!

Don't forget I have the new piece of furniture to fit in and I think I have begun to place it in my head and what will go around it, on it and in it as well.  Hopefully it will work as it does in my head, unlike the shelf I just moved into the dining room which doesn't work in there at all.

I still have to decided on the other two book shelves and if I move them it will be a pain in the behind since books, although I love them, are a pain when you need to move them, so before I do I have to make sure I am only moving them once.

I am thankful that my brain hasn't decided to re work the kitchen, although you never know - I think the three rooms at a time is enough.  I also think I am a glutton for punishment - what was I thinking indeed!

At the moment I am bouncing back in forth writing, looking at Art and interacting on the Internet with new friends, as well as thinking about my next move, playing games and debating taking a reading break since I stupidly began another Tolstoy book of stories. (Only stupid because given all of my options the book in bed with tea and cigs are most appealing to me!)

I am also trying to piece together an art show for November.  I have been throwing a couple of show ideas around in my head.  October off has certainly left a hole in my brain and I feel like I am wading through quicksand with all of the options before me.

Me thinks it is better when I have too much to do, having too much time on my hands shifts my priorities around a bit.  I should be zigging when I am zagging if you know what I mean?  I also have only two weeks to get my housing paperwork together so I had to begin that yesterday as it is the highest priority at the moment.

I do have a deadline if I do not finish the task at hand today - it needs to be finished by the time Ainsley comes for our sleepover this weekend.  Shouldn't be too difficult if I could just stop procrastinating!

So I am off to see if the new table idea fits or if I need to sit in the room and feel it out.  That book is calling me though - maybe I will sit in the room with the book....(sometimes I wish I could just twitch my nose and have everything fall into place like Samantha on Bewitched - but then what fun would that be?)

Saturday, September 12, 2015


I am waiting for my tea to finish in the microwave.  We just finished eating dinner and it is before nine o'clock.  It has been a long and productive day despite the slow start this morning.  I managed to wake up at 9:30 which meant that taking my Dad to the Farmer's Market at 10 a.m. was an impossibility as I predicted the evening before.

I called him around 10:30 after I had my first tea and I could form sentences and comprehend as it takes a special kind of understanding to decipher some conversations with my Dad.  I also didn't want to have him sitting on the side of the road waiting for me.

Twice I called and no answer.  The second time voice mail didn't even come on.  Third time was a charm and he answered, music blaring in the background.  He was surprised to hear I had called three times as he was "staring at the phone" waiting for it to light up - he must have blinked twice, I thought.

I explained my position and told him I would be there in an hour or so since I needed more caffeine and a shower.  How I miss those pajama days - I remember. vaguely now, when I could go for two or three days in a row - now I am lucky if I get a half a pajama day!

It was a sunny day with a few dark clouds when I pulled out of my driveway around noon.  I figured he would be freaking out and wondered if he would remember his library books which we spoke about returning.

I called him when I was almost there. He must have been waiting outside since he was walking up the driveway to cross Crane Ave - which I completely hate for him to do since I am always afraid of getting rear ended while he is getting in the car.  He is stubborn and insists, however.

He had his books, I made a U turn in his driveway and headed toward the mall to the Farmers Market.  This one has more veggie choices and more reasonable prices than the Downtown Pittsfield Farmers Market which is more high end meats, cheeses and wines, along with food and vendors.

My Dad had the Farmers Market vouchers we had waited two hours to get and when we arrived he handed me half of them which was a nice surprise since I had been wondering how to turn that one potato into a side dish for two people for a couple of days now.

I got some onions, broccoli and green beans to further solve the side dish crisis I was in.  I decided then and there that instead of turning the center cut roast into 4 pork chops I would make the roast and gravy and potatoes still getting two meals and gravy - which is an added bonus.

I also grabbed a pumpkin to reach the limit on the voucher and we both walked out of there with a bunch of delicious fresh produce and $2.50 to boot which means another trip to the market.  We still had to go to get some bread and a few other things it turns out, which was fine, not too many people in the supermarket so we were in and out.

Dad had me make a pit stop at McDonald's for coffee on the way to the market.  The drive thru was packed so I parked and we went in, which my Dad thought would be slower but other than a slight mix up we were out of there in much less time than we would have been in the drive thru.

After the market we went to my house to get my Dad out of the house.  I had plans to do some serious work at home in the rearranging department, which I am thankful I didn't start last night.  While we were having our tea which was still scorching hot, from McDonald's, Chad called and asked if he could drop by.

I figured it would be a good opportunity for him to meet my Dad so he came down and hung out for a while.  About an hour into the visit, Tom now half awake on the couch, part of the reason why the living room is NOT his bedroom, since we were talking pretty loudly between the three of us, Chad brings up the conversation from the night before - "I'm surprised you haven't moved the shelves" says he.

Tom said "No, don't get her started." Dad just sat there, I said, "I am working on it, I almost began last night but wrote a blog instead",   "In my head I the tables are clear and I am clearing the shelves", as I got up and began clearing the tables and clearing the shelves.

Tom took his cue and left the room, knowing what the future held.  In minutes all five shelves were clear and dusted and the tables were full of dust collectors of all shapes and sizes.  I decided to move the Stephen King books I have been collecting forever first and was doing well until I dropped 5 of them throwing them out of order.

That is the problem with books.  Book covers do not list all of the books any more I found out the hard way, so it is easiest to go by date of publication instead of trying to figure it out from the books any more.

Anne Rice went next and those were horribly out of order.  A piece of paper became necessary to catalogue the ones which are somehow missing from my collection.  I began Anne McCaffrey and could have cried remembering the mishap with the books I donated and a good chunk of my Dragon Riders Collection gone like that!  I got discouraged and didn't even bother checking the Terri Pratchett.

That would just depress me since I had to stop collecting books and except for Patrick spoiling me with some new ones now and then I haven't been too luck collecting them from the bookstores in Northampton.  It is on the list and always on my brain when I do have money these days to slide towards books.

A few of my favorite books on the end and the built in shelves were full - except for the top shelf which was too small to hold any of my books.  I surveyed the table and quickly decided on my items.  I am over all very pleased with that set up.

Chad headed out, I set Dad on the computer looking at some photo's from one of our Road Trips he was asking about and I finished clearing the non book items off the shelf my great grandfather had made sometime before I was born.  It holds some serious memories in my life.  I had no idea where it was going, but it was empty.

After a while I decided to bring Dad home and Thomas came along for the ride.  It had begun raining by then.  We took the scenic route to my Dad's house which meant past the Lake and up through Lanesboro and over Partridge Road over to Crane Ave.

We said our goodbyes and I took the regular routes home, thinking about what my next step was.  I had created a huge mess in the living room, the dining room table was clear to clear off all the unicorns and carousel horses so I could move the big hutch out of the dining room.

I decided I would start dinner after I cleared the shelf off.  It was a two piece shelf which I have moved a hundred times over the past 20 years, but it was bulky and awkward and there was a boatload of stuff underneath it.  I took the top off the table base and put it in the kitchen and began prepping dinner.

Thomas led me to believe we were out of fresh garlic, but I found two heads of it in the fridge so I was happy as I stuffed the pork full of garlic, seared the fat on top and seasoned it before adding chopped  onion and tossing it into the preheated oven.

As I was doing this I was trying to plan my next step.  Working without a end game visually can be a challenge.  I decided that I needed to remove things from the wall and took down the Forest Landscape painting which really belongs in my bedroom.

Now of course, you realize that this project that I decided to take the first step and do is a MAJOR one.  Moving the living room around in itself is a piece of cake but now I am in the mode of what am I moving where and how are these three rooms going to look at the end of the day (or two).

Tom forced me to watch an episode of "Revolution" which we both thought we were at the end of the first season, but turns out we have 7 more episodes to go.  Colour us surprised!  We watched one and then I had to go make the gravy for dinner since the meat was resting and the potatoes were steamed and ready to go.

I set the table and thought some more about the mess I began.  Finished eating, washed all of the dishes minus the sink full of silverware which I dread as much if not more as doing these rooms once and for all.

As I type this blog I have put the hutch in the living room, but is it going to stay on the wall that it is on or am I going to move it across the room and go for a completely different idea?  That is the question.

I think my best idea tonight will be to clear off one of the tables, move the shelf out of the way so Sir Thomas can watch t.v. before he goes to sleep and tackle it after tea in the morning.  I am hoping for another rainy day - or at least a semi cloudy morning to motivate me to not procrastinate more than tonight.

I hate doing a job more than once, and all I can say as I survey the wreckage is "What have I gotten myself into??!!??"


I think I am going to name this week Nap Week.  I do not know what is going on to necessitate all of these naps which have been overtaking my days - yesterday I napped three times in one day and still slept pretty good during the evening.

Today, I had every intention of just lying down - I went so far as to put on Oliver Twist - good story - very old - silent in fact, except for the music which lulled me into nap time!  Prior to that I had every intention of throwing our last chunk of pork roast in the oven since it was so early.

Waking up at 7:00 p.m. and it was far too late for that.  I set Tom to work on the last two burgers instead and turned on the oil to cook some fried dough to accompany the burgers.  The knock on the door startled both Tom and I.

Since there are few people who come to the house without a call, I knew it was someone who I would enjoy seeing.  Before I even reached the door Cynthia was saying hello and announcing her presence, along with her son Chad - two of my favorite people!

We have all been busy doing our various activities.  Chad and Cindy both working hard and trying to survive with less of a struggle.  It was good to see them and Tom and I managed to eat and visit without being too impolite about it - they are almost family so it wasn't too difficult!

So now I am typing away, drinking a tea while Tom is cranking out the tunes and playing some video game.  We have been immersed in a new find on Netflix - Tom is proud of himself since he found it in five minutes instead of his usual 20 minute look around which drives me insane!

The show is "Revolution" and the basic plot is the world with no electricity for 15 years and how it affects society.  It is very well written and fast paced.  The characters are strong and the plot is not predictable like some are.

Life is pretty mellow these days.  I hardly know what to do with myself at this slow pace.  I have been on overdrive for so long it isn't funny.  I have plenty to do, but the naps are so much more enjoyable, especially if they are not keeping me up all night.

I have to bring my Dad out in the morning to get some veggies at the Market.  In my head I have a day filled with rearranging and getting super organized.  I am sure that it will turn into a fantasy, but you never know.

In reality, I have a better shot of starting my plan of action right this minute and being done with it before I go to sleep tonight, but that just isn't going to happen either I have a feeling.  I have a slow week ahead of me and maybe it will rain which will give me no choice.

I had a trip to Northampton to see a new doctor and had no idea what to expect.  I arrived an hour early, scoped it out and drove to the Cafe where I used to have tea and had tea.  I think I need to find a different place to have tea in Northampton next time.

I only had 20 minutes so I drove back to where the doctors was.  There was some really good digital art in the lobby and up the hallways as well.  I couldn't resist giving my card to the receptionist to pass along, since all of the artists were local to Northampton and unmarked I can only keep my fingers crossed that I will discover who the artists are.

The new doctor took my history, did some pin pricking and sensitivity tests, checked me over thoroughly for tender spots and had no idea, but recommended a cortisone injection to see if that alleviates the numbness in my arm.

On the ride home I discovered that my arm was indeed not numb as it had been for the previous year, but my neck all of the sudden was screaming holy hell at me.  Life is a trade off I guess, cover up one pain and another pain rises to the surface.

I did stop on my way home in this cool cemetery which had a bunch of statues and took some pictures.  As I got in my car I mentally noted that not one of them were angels.  As I was driving to find the exit I found one!!

I love religious sculptures and this cemetery had a very nice selection.  There is so much emotion, pain, sorrow and anguish and love.

The sky was so blue and the clouds were an amazing array of white puffiness with the hint of a possible shower, which was alright by me!

I enjoyed the time relaxing taking photos and needed to get home as well.  I remembered the construction I had encountered along a ten mile stretch so made my way to the car and up the road.

I was thinking as I drove past a couple of stores, that I should stop and get a drink in case I get stuck waiting at the construction sites, but kept driving.

I noticed the pavement was wet and began to hope that I could make it home pretty quick - knowing that blacktop and rain do not mix.  I passed the first construction area and the only workers were the ones picking up the signs!

It was smooth sailing all the way home!  I was feeling pretty good when I got home, but in need of a tea.  It was too early to start dinner, especially in my house since Tom doesn't wake up until dinner time and not too hungry when he does wake up.

I decided that I felt like cooking, so I made a sauce of the marinara kind.  I had purchased some sausage and hamburger and a green pepper so I sauteed my garlic and onions with the pepper and then the meat with some extra spices thrown in for good measure.

Sauce is always better the second day, as long as there is some left!  Of course I was cooking it for the next day, but Thomas stays up later than I do and I noticed he had done a fair amount of sampling by the next evening when I heated it up for dinner.

I haven't made sauce in a while.  As Thomas pointed out so politely the other day, I have not cooked too much in a while.  I know when I stopped cooking, but it wasn't really a conscious choice, it just sort of happened.

I forgot how much I liked to chop and simmer and saute and smell and taste.  It didn't even throw me off too much when I overloaded the red pepper - so much that even Thomas noted it, and at dinner when we finally ate it we laughed about how many times we opened the wrong side of the spice containers and had too much spice and had to figure out how to "fix" a dish.

My middle son's birthday is coming up and I am getting prepared to have a little family meal to celebrate.  I asked him what he would like and he didn't say no to a birthday dinner - in fact, and I could have guessed it - he requested Roast Beef, which is an all time favourite in our house, but a very rare treat.

Ainsley, my sweet grand-daughter phoned me the other day excited to share the news that she is going to be learning the Violin!  I loved the excitement in her voice!  She also made plans for next weekend to sleep over, since she is tied up with her first sleepover at her cousins new apartment now that they have settled in!  I for one can use a girl sleep over with my Monkey Girl.  It has been a while since it was just she and I.

On that note I am off.  My head needs to find a pillow and rest these weary bones.  I know tomorrow will be here before I am ready for it!

Thursday, September 10, 2015


During the madness that was my past week I had friends in town. If you have ever gone home you know there are usually a million people you want to see and if you are lucky, time will be on your side and you may get to see half of them.

I was anxious to meet my friend Laura's husband (they have only been married 23 years)!  Laura and I were friends many moons ago, in high school when we were much younger than we are now, somehow we slipped out of each others lives, but every so many years we talk and we still relate on so many levels.

You can't really catch up on 30 years in even a couple of hours of chatting.  Somehow we don't need to catch up on all of the details.  We were and continue to be friends, a friend I wish was closer than almost the length of the country, but we make do with the time that we do find to visit with each other.

I had been anxiously cleaning my house in the chance that they were going to drop in on me at home. Laura would understand my piles of clutter EVERYWHERE neatly stacked, but I didn't know if her husband would.  I am always eager to make a good first impression on those who are important to those who are most important to me.

My house was not perfect but it was passable and the piles were reduced greatly, the floors were cleaned  and mopped and the dishes were done.  There were no boogie men hiding in the closet, and I am proud to say that I hid nothing in any closets.  Mainly because there is little room and I am not eager to re visit the work I still haven't found time for in a year or five!

We had plans for Sunday evening as it stood Friday since they did not make it to my house in the morning and a phone call locked them firmly on my calendar for Sunday.  Saturday afternoon we (Dad and I) began discussing the Jazz Festival in Kingston.

Thomas was asleep on the couch, Dad was interested, the guy I had gone on some dates with wanted me to go for a motorcycle ride, I am not eager to be the girl you don't want to go out with since I smoke and at the same time the girl you want to hang out with, so I was up for the Jazz option with a side trip to Hudson.

I googled some directions.  Dad started persuading the sleeping Thomas to come for a ride.  Thomas was not keen on hearing either of our voices and asked us as nicely as possible to be quiet.  I phoned Orleans Dave to see if he wanted to partake in a road trip.

Thomas was suddenly up and vocal about being "replaced".  He sat up, his messy and tangled hair draped across his face, eyes not even open.  Inquiring about said road trip.  We gave him the details.  Of course he had been to Hudson to bring Dan Rupe home that evening after the Art Talk, but had no idea what Hudson was all about.

He had heard me discuss Hudson and Carrie Haddad Gallery and Nolita and countless other people and places which I simply love and adore from the architecture of the Churches and the buildings, the Gallery's and the Shops.

That was almost okay - then my Dad mentioned the Jazz Festival and at that he began to protest.  Tom doesn't step out the door let alone his comfort zone unless it is into another comfort zone since 2009.  It is really aggravating at times considering how active a life he had before the Great Recession and the end of life as we knew and loved it.

"It's just a small one Tom - like Third Thursday", I tried (knowing I was probably lying).  "We won't be there long and there will be food."  I tried, hoping he would just come along, knowing once he got in the car it would be fine.  Even if it wasn't I wasn't above a wee bit of manipulation and bribery in the name of overcoming a fear.

Orleans Dave arrived.  I was still preparing for the road trip, rolling cigs for two now instead of just myself.  We were soon ready and on the road, directions in hand and away we went after a brief stop at Dad's for his jacket, just in case.

We arrived in good time to Warren Street in Hudson.  It was lateish on Saturday to be arriving and most of the businesses were closing or closed.  There were a couple of Art Openings going on and we walked through one - but I was not in my proper persona for an Art Opening, so I checked out the Art and headed outside.

 I did a little photographic window shopping along the way.

The horse caught my eye because it reminds me of the Blue Horse I have on my shelf.  Everyone but me hates the blue horse, but I love it!

This green candy dish caught Tom's attention and the blown glass was really cool as well.

This piece always catches my eye as well, as one of the welcoming things I love about Hudson and Warren Street.

I am going to hate to visit one day and find it gone!

Likewise the window of Art pictured below. I never go in the Gallery which is more of a furniture shop, the Art is not labeled clearly, but it is one window I must stop at each and every time!

We made it up the street to Carrie Haddad's Gallery and as always it was nice to talk to Linden, who helped me out so marvelously with the July show when I used artists from Carrie's Gallery.

Carrie wasn't in and that was disappointing.  I always love to see and talk to her and I wanted to pick her brain, part of the reason I even participated in the journey.

Ah well, off to Kingston and Jazz.  I had gotten the directions and my first mistake was not following them.

Instead of 9GS I took 9 something or other.  I was headed in the right direction, just not the right road for my directions.  After a while we tripped into the second part of the directions which was great.  I was all ready to begin following them when my Dad chimed in that he knew where to go and to take 32.

Now 32 wasn't even on my directions and he had no clue "where" our destination was.  I was foolish enough to listen to the man who always ended up getting lost in the worst parts of town without fail.  We drove through one seedy neighborhood after another, looped, rewind, fast forward and no closer to our Jazz Festival.

A 36 minute ride had extended into 1 hour and 45 minutes and much of that was in Kingston!  So he saw an Irish Festival Sign and said - "maybe it is down there" it wasn't.  There was a nice Marina and we had gone over the coolest bridge as well, so we parked the car and stretched our legs and took some photos in the dying light.

By the time we left the Marina it was quarter to 8 and the festival ended at 8.  No chance of food there so we began the "food" conversation.  Dave mentioned a place a ways back with the "Best" wings.

I slightly recalled what he was talking about and proceeded to backtrack (which was not an easy feat)!  Somehow we managed to find "Planet of Wings" and when we were seated at the table with a large order of boneless hot wings and some fries and some bone in garlic butter wings we all agreed that the wings were the best.  All the way home, despite being full, someone would wish we had ordered some to bring with us they were that good!

Of course while we were waiting for our food my girl Laura phoned wondering what I was doing.  I of course was not available for the one thing that I had been waiting for months to do! (Story of my life!!)

We made our way home, dropped off Dad - late for his meds but happy to have gotten out on a couple of towns.  Dave, Tom and I headed over to my house, Dave took off to his house and Tom and I laughed about our crazy adventure.

Our adventures may not be what we thought they would be when we left on them, but they are one thing, fun, interesting and you never know what you will see!  It is definitely not the destination but the journey!


I found a typewriter- it seems so long ago.  It was on a site called Glipho.  It was the beginning of my fun, writing challenge number 1.  150 Words is all you could use,. a short phrase to lead you - challenge you to write.

This icon in my present, reminded me of my past.  Typing on this relic was how I got along.  Short stories and fantasy filled a huge need.  I loved my old typewriter.  Clacking away night and day.  Sitting in my room typing by the light of the moon.

Tonight, this icon was resurrected once again.  Glipho may be gone, but this much loved typewriter is here today, a short phrase guides my way.  "I found a typewriter" seems right on time to remind me of the person whom I used to be, waiting to be set free, encouraging, guiding and awaking the writer in me.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I, as usual have had a pretty interesting week. I am not even sure where I last left off  and have to admit I just had to look back.  So much has happened.  The Art Opening at the Whit where I am pleased to say all of the Artists were happy with my latest layout and display of their works.

I once again surprised myself by working withing the "theme" aspect of the Shows at the Whitney Center for the Arts.  This latest one was a couples themed art show since there is to be some sort of wedding party booked and I decided that a couples art show would be just the ticket for some diversity of work.

I got diversity.  Everything from Abstract Oils, Colored Pencil, Mixed Media College, Oil Land capes, Watercolor Landscapes, and oil Seascapes. Each artist's work as diverse from each other as the couples were.

As usual I questioned what was going through my mind and wondered whether I would be able to pull it off.  I didn't group each couples work next to each other and someone suggested I have a contest to see who could guess who was with whom, but that was an idea not thought up in enough time to pull off.

I worry for nothing each and every time so far, knock on wood!  The show was well attended and Paul Hergenrother brought me flowers and a card thanking me, the card from one of the pieces in the show, which I will frame and treasure as a reminder of the fun I have doing these art shows.

GALLERY W -Right inside door and around the gallery.

COLT GALLERY Left of door and around room

Friday was a great evening!  It was so much fun sharing some great art with some great art appreciators!  I know all of the artists had a great time and I appreciate Morris Bennett, Anne Roland, Anne Pasko, Walt Pasko, Paul Hergenrother and Rob Martin for participating in my September "Partners In Art" Art Show at the Whitney Center for the Arts -

Can you tell who's with who?  Bet you can't - cheating allowed and one of the reasons I did not mark the pictures with the Artists names and titles (one of my pet peeves is unmarked art !)   I will update in a week and you can see if you guessed correctly - post your responses in the comments if you dare!  

Friday, September 4, 2015


Another day, another adventure.  Today I found myself waking before I was adequately rested despite going to bed early enough last night, awake early enough to have plenty of time to make my 10:30 appointment at the Gallery to pick up the final piece of Art Work from Anne Roland which was at the framer.

It was her newest piece and I had the dimensions, but that doesn't mean anything, seeing the piece of work you need to incorporate into your show is important, for my brain anyway, in order to finalize the show.

After chatting with Anne, I found myself with a scant hour and a half to get ready to leave for my doctors appointment in Springfield.  I completly forgot to return the overdue library books while I was actually on the street as the library so I had to back track after going home, changing into my travel/doctor outfit and get my trip supplies and directions.

I ran into Orleans Dave at the library and if he didn't have plans would have gladly kidnapped him, despite having decided to make it a solo trip without my Dad or anyone but the radio and myself.  I wasn't sure what kind of news I was going to get and sometimes I need to be alone with my self and my thoughts in order to process information.

I had to get an x-ray while I was there prior to my appointment.  I love how they have everything all in one place, neat, orderly, organized and professional.  I made it over to my appointment and sat and waited, stood and waited and just waited.

I was a fit in so between me being late from the x-ray and the timing I was there for a while.  I had made arrangements to drop off a piece of work to one of the women artists from the College Club show from August since I was going to be in the area so to speak.

I had 30 minutes to get to Northampton to be on time.  I was only minutes late when I hit a red light which took forever and then another one after that within sight of the Forbes Library where we were to meet.

As I parked the car and fed the meter I didn't see anyone waiting impatiently, and I had phoned and said I would be there a minute late as well.  I have never seen the artist but I knew it wouldn't be a problem for her to recognize me, since I was the only person outside with a painting wrapped up.

I was eager to get home and after a few minutes she arrived.  Normally I would have been all over Northampton, but it was later in the day and I still had to set up the show in the Colt Gallery and tweak my main room.

I came off of Route 9 in Dalton and had the brilliant idea to cross over to Route 8 and be able to cut over to Route 7 and be close to home avoiding the main route.  The only problem with that was that I had forgotten where the road I wanted was.

I drove up a street, took a right, drove around some posh neighborhood and looped back to the street I began on.  I did it again, knowing the first turn was correct and then I went straight, looped back, but not so far.

Finally, I quit.  I decided to go a way I thought I knew, only to end up across the street from Gulf Road, my destination.  2 and a half miles of the sweetest wooded closed road you want to trip over after a long day of driving.

The graded dirt road, cut through the mountain, no doubt, has it's rocks older than any man living on the planet these days, moved perhaps during the last ice age for all I know!  A little swamp complete with dead trees popped out on my right.

Endless green pnes paved my path and I enjoyed the road and it's various stages of life and death, as the rotted tree split in half with the top of the tree in an inverted V next to the base of the decay of it's bottom half.

The things you see when you don't have a camera!  So many wonderful sights indeed.  Only  my brain has these shots stored for my later years when I forget to remember where all of these marvelous landscapes of my life are in the world!

Soon I was eased back into the real world with a house and some blacktop.  The trees thinned out and when I could almost hear Route 8 in front of me, to my left a forgotten pond, covered with dead leaves and pond scum, and probably some really good fish too.

I hit the end of the road, right or left?  Either way would work.  The clearing in the traffic allowed for a right turn before a left so I went right and to further matters of

Ghazi was hopefully back from his trip and with any luck my labels for the show would be waiting for me.  Orleans Dave texted me when I was just hitting town.  I tried to text but really stink at it with the antiquated phone I have.

I ended up phoning him since I didn't understand his final message.  He offered to meet me at my house and go over to the Gallery and finalize the show with me.  Just having company and an extra set of eyes really helps.

The new piece was just the ticket and went nicely with it's counterpart, but led me to change my mind about the piece hanging over the mantle, since the one I had there was part of a pair, which I decided would go better in the main gallery.

I had to wait for Rob Martin's final piece Thursday which as it turns out was different than his other pieces in the show, so I didn't have to jiggle the wall of his work which I feel is one of the strong parts of my show this month.

I needed some more of Anne Pasko's work in the main Gallery and decided to move her work to follow Morris Bennett's Abstracts since the mixed media flowed better with the abstracts.  It worked out that I grouped three of her pieces nicely on one wall, using the remaining three in the Colt Gallery.

I finished up with the hanging and Ghazi texted me that he just got into town, no labels for me until Friday!!!!  Bummer.  Not the end of the world.  I still needed to get home and eat the delicious roast chicken I had my son put in the oven while I was driving back from Northampton.

I decided on the way home after taking photos of the show and locking up, that I would go easy and make white rice to go with the chicken and call that dinner.  Tom out did himself with the seasoning and the skin was delicious and crispy, the white meat a little dry but the dark meat perfect.

Of course, after a long week of cleaning and a long day of driving, I am beat!  I do not have time to be beat.  I still have miles to go before I reach my goal of having my show finished, having my house ready for my friends before noon and still have other company to see before the sun shines tomorrow.

Colt Gallery