Friday, March 17, 2017


Whatever do you do with one who has no clue?
     I lack the tact not to react when something stupid is done
           Taking all the fun out of the laughter coming from you - the one without a clue.

You laugh and smile, knowing all the while
                   I will believe your lie - but not this time
                             The more I questioned you, the more I knew
                                       The true reason behind the smile was to beguile

Sympathy is not what you got
            Stopped you not, to be accused,
                        your lie continued to spill out of your mouth still

Your words fell on deaf ears
          No longer could I bear to hear the lie
                    The behavior, repeated many times over the years
                                   More times than I care to recall, the number does appall

Different, though they are each time, and really, no business of mine
                             Except that thing you do, to evoke sympathy for you
                                         Something I abhor from someone I would rather believe all words true

Soon you could take no more, my words did score,
                   Heading quickly for the door was all you could do
                              You still defended the lie as you said your goodbyes
                                        I couldn't look you in the face, the truth to me brought much disgrace

You left, quietly closing the door
             The one who has no clue
                      as to what constant lying will do