Saturday, June 28, 2014


Today has been one day of rest.  I needed it.  After the whirlwind of activity of the past couple of months and weeks and days I have been worn out.  My adventures took me North this week to the Downtown Arts Festival in North Adams, MA.

In the first 3 minutes I found a new favorite artist in the window of the first gallery which we walked by.  My friends were rough on me and tried to make me wait to come back to the gallery.  I reluctantly gave in and we turned the corner and the first 5 minutes I saw 5 people I knew and we arrived early!

We grabbed maps and I went inside to grab a schedule of the performances, both of which in hindsight were unnecessary the way the evening happened.  While I was obtaining the schedule a door away from the table where I left my friends (and after a quick look at the Art on the walls of the gallery I was in) I went outside only to find myself missing my friends.

I said "Hello" to a friend of mine from the neighborhood I grew up in and he said "Jen, come on, I want to show you this cool Gallery."  Since he lives there now, and I have not been North in a few years, and never really walked around town, I took advantage of losing my friends and said what the hell and went along for the ride.

Not more than a block from our starting point, we ran into another classmate, and musician, Dave Lincoln, getting ready for a gig at the show.  The three of us caught up a little, or rather they did as they hadn't seen each other in quite a while.  I reminded them both of our upcoming 30 year reunion and we departed for the Gallery up the road.

The windows had a pretty blue design on them and the Gallery was abuzz with activity.  I liked a few pieces and made note to make sure my friends checked this one out ~ if I ever found them again!  So I was getting nervous about losing them and I tried each of their phones unsuccessfully.

I left my friend with a hug after he offered his hand for a handshake ~ considering we have been in school together since elementary and lived in the same neighborhood and hung out in the Park together the handshake was a bit too formal.

I backtracked towards where I left my friends.  Of course I could not find them and they were still not answering their phones.  I went back to the first Gallery and decided to peek inside, in case they were in there.

I spotted a couple of artists, including the amazing work I had seen in the window and a few more by Lydia Johnston and another, Jill Pottle in the North Adams Artists' Co-Op Gallery.  Of course my phone rang while I was inside and low and behold New Orleans Dave decided to phone me back and tell me they were outside sitting on a bench.

I walked out the door and spotted them, they knew right where I was, Dave guessed in about two seconds. I laughed when I told him I was only looking out of one eye but that they should come in and check it out for sure!  He said "Later" again, and I headed outside.

No photos could be taken in the gallery but they had a wonderful assortment of jewelry, paintings, pottery and glass.  I did meet Lydia while I was in the gallery just before my phone rang and told her I would be back with my friends, but by the time we got back there she had departed herself.

The word of the night was separation.  It was a night of trying to locate one or two of the three of us, someone was always disappearing with the other two wondering where the hell the rest of the group was.  I didn't realize until the following day just how much that messed us up, instead of looking at the map and checking out the Art, we were looking for each other and it seems we missed about 50 places and all of the street performances and the big new Mural on top of that.

We did find the Rudd Gallery and low and behold, I got to see one of my favourite Michael Rousseau paintings, and the curator said he was going to have three more pieces in and they are also some of my favourites ~ unfortunately my memory will have to stand in for the real deal since I probably will not be making it back up North in time.

We found this cool painting in an alley which from the sidewalk was unclear, but as you walked from right to left the picture unfolded into an amazing Berkshire Scene of woods and water.  I was quite impressed by that little trick.  Oh to be an artist!

After the mural we crossed the street and there was a glass shop open so Lisa and I popped inside.  Glass does impress me, but the jewelry did more so.  I found a cool pair of earrings for under $20. which I felt I could not live without since I still hadn't gotten my retail therapy in from the week before (is it the 1st yet???)

So we made our way back down to Main Street with Lisa saying it was bigger in previous years (again, MAP), and how it was a little disappointing.  We headed back towards whence we came and I snatched a cookie from Grier Horner who was in front of the Berkshire Eagle.

Douglas Paisley was inside the building next to him and had a whole room full of amazingly cool artwork like only Doug can do.  I was unaware it was his work, as a piece caught my eye from across the room.  I love things that change depending on your view and in one glance figures became clear and I had to ask if I could take pictures, which of course was fine, but better to ask indeed!

There was a cool band playing next to the Co Op  Gallery  and we stopped to listen before heading inside to check out the art.  They were a cool rocking Reggae band out of Northampton area.  I had to grab one of their C.D.s ~choosing which one would have been difficult but Garret made it easy by cutting deals and I was able to get all three for $20.

Art and Music ~ what more could a girl, particularly me, want?  Absolutely nothing!  I was quite satisfied with the entire affair, until I looked at the map the next day and now I am wondering what I missed in those other galleries!  Live and learn and the lesson of the day was CHECK THE MAP!!

We stopped and got a bite to eat at Pedrins Dairy Bar.  I will just say that the menu is very misleading and when my steak and peppers was finally ready it was not a Cheese Steak like I pictured, but a simple HAMBURGER with Green Peppers.  Talk about not getting what you want!

My friends refused to let me complain.  They must read my blog.  I almost left the tray on the picnic table in protest, but they would have just figured I was being an ass, so I brought the tray back and let the girl know how misleading "STeak and Peppers" is on the menu when it is indeed a simple hamburger (and not a very good one at that!)  I did not go crazy, I did not yell, I just let them know that it was misleading in a slightly unpleasant manner and I only swore once!  My kids would have been so proud of me!

When I got home, Thomas was waiting for me.  I wasn't sure if he would be there since he had called me looking for his key, telling me not to worry if he wasn't home when I returned. (Why does that make me worry?)  His bike had just been brought back in new good repair, new shifter and tires ready to be ridden.

On the drive home, I had called his brother to see if he was over there, figuring that is the only other place he would go.  To my surprise he wasn't there and hadn't been there.  I was surprised to find him home at his computer when I arrived, but he told me proudly that he rode his bike around Silver Lake twice!

That is good!  I am so glad A.  He got some exercise and B. He left the house alone!  Moving up in the world, even if it is just a street away from our house.  They just put in new sidewalks and made a walkway around the lake after they put a cap over the contaminated soil.

You have to love progress,  this is a clear case of "you can look, but just don't touch" as far as the water goes.  I have spoken to too many people who think that the water is safe and yesterday when I drove by, there were children in swimsuits on the shoreline with an adult.  That is not my worry however.  But I feel bad for the people who are catching fish and will probably eat them, the animals and children and people who do not realize the danger the lake has.

So, Thomas and I went for a walk to the store and got an ice cream along the way.  It was nice to have some quality time out of the house with the boy, and some company for the walk.  I passed on the ice cream myself, having had indulged myself way too much that day.

I was bone tired by the time I got home and settled down for the evening.  In reality it has been two days of limited activity, since I slept in yesterday and did absolutely nothing except take a ride to Dalton when I ran into a friend of mine who offered me a ride home two blocks away.

It is always nice to get out of the city and the temperature is always cooler out of town as well.  Since I am never in cars, I feel like I have been on vacation the past two days, going to North Adams and Dalton within 24 hours of each other. (my attempt at humour).

I am only half joking however, and getting out and about only goes to remind me of how limited my life has become over the past several years.  Although, on the other hand, over the past couple of years, despite the fact that I haven't had transportation, I have been doing more, being more active and involved despite my lack of transportation, thanks in part to the wonderful work Pittsfield is doing to incorporate art, culture and community.

I am babbling now, so I am just going to run up, grab the camera and download the pictures from the fun time in North Adams.

Pics by Jennifer M. Gallant




BY Nava Atlas

Nava's Hubby and Michael
work by Mr. Atlas




Be sure to check out DownStreet Art Openings ~ June 26, July 31, August 28 and Sept 25!  Who knows ~ maybe I will see you there!  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


On Friday I could not resist the urge to walk past my favourite consignment shop.  I went in and immediately found a few pieces I was dying to try on.  This was a problem on Friday, since I had recently applied my "Top Coat" I was not keen on trying on clothes in the event that I did not purchase them, so I did the next best thing and had the wonderful owner hold a few pieces for the following day.

I had tentative plans to drive my friends to the airport so I told her I would come back in the afternoon before she closed, eager to see if what caught my eye would suit my frame and my style.  Style, now that is one of my goals.

I had gotten too comfortable in the country going around in concert t shirts, blue jeans, shorts, sneakers or barefoot.  No style there.  Just one of the boys, so to speak.  I was tired of my concert tees and blue jeans.  Besides losing my sense of style I had also lost the weight that the cortisone injections had not so pleasantly dropped on me.

Saturday came and I was ready early for the airport ~ only to find out that plans had changed and I was no longer needed.  Sadly, I adjusted my focus on the shopping therapy I had planned to dull my sense of loss from the short time I got to spend with my friends.

I walked up street thinking various thoughts, happy thoughts indeed, many memories flooded my brain as I thought fondly of my friends, and sadly of their departure.  Hungry to try on the clothes, and earlier than I had planned I approached the store.

I was deep in thought when I got to the door and reached for the handle, which did not give to my pull.  I looked at the sign ~ Open ~ 10:00, I thought it was after 10, I peered in over a paper on the door and saw the owner ~ okay, then I notice the sign ~ Closed due to Flood.

OMFG!!!  Now this day was seriously not working out my way!  One blow after another!  Good thing Ainsley had phoned yesterday asking if she could sleep over ~ that would take my mind off of life and things.

I made my way further North and got some sugar and half and half so I could at least console myself with some tea when I returned home.  Tea, always comforting, regardless of the situation!

I decided I would head to the Library.  The last thing I had seen the night before, or maybe it was early the morning before was "The Thin Man" by Dashiell Hammett.  I am a huge fan of the Thin Man Series in the movies.  Now I wanted to check out the author himself.  Lose myself in another world, as it were.

My back began to protest as I headed South towards the Library.   I found myself having to sit down a couple of times as I made my journey.  I crossed the street in the crosswalk, only to have a car stop and another one change lanes to go around and yes ~ through the mandatory cross walk ~ with a cruiser and a cop in full view.

I was barely out of the way of the cruiser as it did a U~turn after the offending lawbreaker.  The cop on the street said ~ "We will get him."  I smiled inside ~ one for the pedestrians, and said to the officer "It happens all of the time ~ they don't stop and frequently go around".  "I know, he said back, it happened to me earlier."

A light bulb went off in my head.  One way (the only way) to have the police respond to a problem is to make it be a problem for them ~ otherwise - no problem.  I was thankful for the cop having the problem.  It seemed like a small amount of justice.  I was slightly satisfied.

I continued on my way.  Slow going, but determined not to make it worse.  I used the elevator up to the second floor knowing I had no capacity for the stairs at the present time.  I found the "H" aisle and was grateful that the books ~ all four of them were on the bottom shelf so I could sit down and take a gander.

I settled on two. One of them was a book of stories which to my delight has the first Thin Man story.  Something I did not realize until a day later ~ yeah!  It holds only one other story which I am aware of but have not seen in it's entirety ~ The Maltese Falcon and three others.

I went down to check out the books.  Looking for my library card and not finding it I pulled out my license as an alternate form of identification.  I am always misplacing my library card, so it wasn't too odd that it wasn't there.

When it was my turn I told the lady I owed a few dollars and she told me that my library card was there ~ nice ~ she also told me I owed less than I thought, which was doubly nice!!  We made an exchange ~ I got rid of my library fines and she got rid of my card in their box.  Win/Win.  I guess I was more excited by both than I should have because she mentioned that it didn't take much to make me happy.

To this I replied " You have to enjoy the little things, because if you wait for the big things they may never come!"  She agreed that was a good outlook and one I have much faith in!  She should see how I react to the "big things!"

I am really enjoying reading this wonderful book of short stories.  Mr. Hammett is as entertaining on paper as his stories are on screen.  It has been nice entering his world indeed a wonderful distraction!  I can say this since after I hobbled home I made a tea and devoured about 100 pages before calling my granddaughter.

My body was still screaming in extreme pain from my back down to my knee-which I could not bend again and no amount of anything would relieve that pressure!  I cursed the gods and prepared my granddaughter before she came that I was broken.  She laughed at me and said that I wasn't.

I got ready for their arrival.  Tom was at his brothers so I was on my own.  I had picked up some brownie mix so we would have something fun to do in the kitchen.  I was not up for mixing cookie dough and everyone loves brownies.

They arrived and Ainsley ran to the living room ~ stopping short of the wall in the computer room to look at the Art Wall.  She is to date the only person who has stopped dead and looked at it without me saying anything.  Perhaps it is because she has art on the wall ~ I don't know but I was happy that she noticed it!

Hugs and goodbyes and we were on our own.  After a while she persuaded me to go to the Park.  She loves that playground!  I agreed reluctantly ~ how could I say no to her?  We made our way slowly there.  I had warned her that I would not be able to run around after her like I normally do.

I tried to sit on the bench like other parents and grandparents, but soon she was calling me and I was up on the second level with her talking and watching her.  There were quite a few kids there, more than we are used to so I was okay with hanging close by.

It was difficult convincing her to leave but I could no longer sit or stand and I knew I needed to make that journey back home.  Thankful it was downhill we made it home and I found an ibuprofen and some bio freeze and we played some hangman while I let the medicine and the heating pad do it's magic while some chicken cooked in the oven.

I wish I could say that any of those things helped.  They really did not help one little bit.  I did what I always do and tried to ignore it and carry on.  I was glad I had a live distraction.  I am not sure what I could have done at that point anyhow.

We ate some dinner and shortly after that got into our jammies and settled in to watch some television.  My monkey girl was tired from the park and excited as she told me about school finishing and her summer camp adventure which she was about to begin.

She fell asleep around 10, which is early for her.  I went downstairs and watched some t.v. and did some computer stuff before turning in myself around midnight ~ early for me when she is here also ~ I remember my head hitting the pillow and not much else until 7 when I was awake before her as well ~ odd, but okay.

I went downstairs and had a cigarette before she got up, lying on the big couch under  a little blanket to ward off the chill from the A/C when I heard her patter of feet coming downstairs and into the living room to take the love seat across the room.

I gave her my blanket and turned on cartoons and we both woke up slowly and quietly.  I made a cup of tea and rolled a cigarette when it was ready I went out on the deck so I wouldn't pollute her air.  A few minutes later she joined me with the Tinkerbell who can fly.

She couldn't get Tink to fly as high as I could so she got her shoes and went on the grass while I made Tink fly from the deck and she would catch it and bring it back ~ I was on the grass before you knew it and soon she made a game out of it ~ she was in the shade, so if it landed in the sun and she had to get it she would turn good (shade=evil), I was in the sun and I was good and if I had to get it in the shade I would turn evil ~ it took three times of touching sun or shade for the transformation to occur.

We played that way for a while and then I remembered the croquet set.  Knowing she was familiar with the Cottage she would probably have been exposed to Croquet.  I was correct and in five minutes we had our mallets, balls, posts and wickets set up for a test run.

We played a couple of games, made some adjustments and played a couple more.  Then things got silly and we started playing cutthroat ~ sending each other's balls sailing, or as far as we could on the uneven lawn.  I was thankful my knee and back were feeling better on this glorious Sunday.

Soon she was checking out the garden and wanted to plant some seeds so we planted some sunflower seeds along the wall and some daisy seeds in the bed by the driveway, watered everything down and went inside to get some refreshment.

We were both hungry after all of that so we decided to make some pancakes and enjoyed a nice breakfast.  I jumped in the shower while she was watching some of her Sunday morning shows.  When I got out we were discussing when her parents were going to show up ~ we thought we had until noon, and she was hoping for 2 when the phone rang.

Sometimes I wonder if they planted a surprise ~ it was the PARENTS!!!  They were heading over soon and it wasn't even close to noon!!!  I went and got dressed and was working on Ainsley when they pulled in the driveway.

One of these days these kids and I will be on the same page time wise and I wont look like a disorganized person and will have the kid ready ~ Sunday was not that day.  We got everything together and she was less reluctant to go knowing there was a surprise for her, and as quick as they arrived they were gone!

I went out to the yard and picked up the evidence of our day ~ croquet was picked up and packed up and put back for next time.  I called Thomas to see if/when he was coming home.  He was playing a game and he didn't know.

I decided I was needed nowhere and went up to my room to read.  I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Soon I was napping.  Before I knew it it was after 5!  I felt better than I had in a couple of days.  Sleep is the ultimate medicine, this had been some of the most restful sleep I had gotten in a long time and it was just a nap!

Tom decided he was coming home on Monday.  Our new comforters had arrived on Saturday afternoon and I couldn't wait for him to get home. I had a feeling that he was going to want the one I ordered and I was happy if he did.

I was correct, when he finally got home we made a mutual decision to trade.  His made it up to his room and mine I left downstairs.  I need to do some much needed work in my room and need to decide where I am going to move the bed and stuff once and for all so I am holding my comforter hostage until I do so.  Self motivation for me.

So it is finally Tuesday.  I waited since Saturday, knowing that the Consignment shop was closed Monday.  I got up early, got ready and went out to do my chores and hopefully try on clothes...get to the door and ...CLOSED!!!

I really do hope that there isn't too much damage (and none to the clothes I had set aside!)  I am praying that everything gets in order for her soon so that she can get on with her life and I can get on with mine!  (Did that sound as selfish to you as it did to me?)

I really was discouraged.  I wandered down the street wondering what to do next.  I went into a couple of stores and wished I had a favourite place to get a cup of tea or something, but I really don't.  I never have money for things like that.

I went into a store which replaced the local 5 and dime and was amused by what it had to offer.  It had a little of this and a little of that.  Some really overpriced, but pretty measuring spoons that if they were 50% off I might have bought them ~ $20 is too rich for my poor blood but they were a set you wouldn't misplace for sure!

I settled on a coconut ice cream cone.  It was tasty and I enjoyed all the way back to the Common, where I finished it as I looked at Phase III (I think) of the park renovations.  I was trying to figure out from the rough diagram what the huge hole they dug next to the playground was going to be ~ been wondering for days, actually.

From the picture it looks like it might actually be a watering hole ~ or a wading pool or something of that nature, although for the life of me it doesn't seem like this city would go through all of that, especially not there.  It is a mystery and one which will become clear soon without a doubt.

I have forgotten my tea for the past 20 minutes while I have been rambling on here ~ so on that note I am going to reheat and enjoy ~ have a great day and thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


 It seems I was worried for nothing regarding the "Top Coat" treatment from the dermatologist.  The thought of having to cover myself with Vaseline and worrying about the absorption rate was all for not.  Day one it was a little weird to be sure ~ stepping out of the shower and turning into a shiny, smooth and yes, slippery human being.

When I stepped in the shower, I had no plans outside of timing how long it would take to be able to A. put clothes on, and, B. not feel weird.  The phone rang while I was in the shower and my friend was heading over from shopping.

I told him I needed at least 10 minutes before I could possibly consider leaving my house, knowing that that was a little on the low side, all I could hope as that he would get stuck in traffic and not mind waiting for me if I wasn't ready.

I wasn't ready and of course he did not mind waiting.  Five minutes later I was apologizing for making him wait as I climbed in the car.  It was fun going out and about in a car instead of walking.  Yes, another reminder to myself that we really need a car.

I had gotten up early since the garbage men changed their schedule and I do not like to put garbage out the night before, I had set an alarm and stayed up.  I was actually doing the experiment so that I could time it out as opposed to going back to bed since I was exhausted and bored to death, having done my chores and taken care of the garden and flowers and played my games and did not really have an interest to play.

I hung out and chilled while my friend did his gardening.  Just being out of my house made a difference in my attitude.  I had a volunteer gig later that night at Barrington Stage Company for the showing of Kiss Me Kate which I had been looking forward to as well.

Truth be told, we had some unexpected company from down South (why are my friends all down South and I am up North?) and I had only gotten a few hours of sleep.  My butt was beginning to drag and all I had done was watch someone else garden!  Go figure!

I went home and laid down for a little while before I had to prepare myself for the show.  This is my normal volunteer gig in the "Greylock Room" which is where all the large money donors may come in during intermission for coffee, tea, soda or wine.

I had to hand out two cups for coffee and tea and pour out the remainder of coffee.  Done and done.  Not a bad gig and the play was amazing.  I do not know how these actors put out such high energy, especially considering that they had performed the show earlier that day with a break for dinner and then another show. That is dedication!  Three hours long as well!  Could you imagine?  I certainly could not!  They are total professionals and did a marvelous job.  No doubt everyone slept in on Thursday!

Thursday was a banner day for me personally.  I got two floors mopped and a load of laundry done when I decided to grab the A/C from the basement and install it in the living room. We like to have one cool place at least in the house for those extra hot days.

Since they have been few and far between, but the weather report and the humidity reflected it would be a good time to put it in and get it going before the real heat kicks in.  I closed off between the kitchen and the computer room to include the computer room in the "ChillZone"  So far it seems to be working nicely.

I was trying to keep it low key so I could make it to ThirdThursday this evening.  They close off North Street and have bands, vendors and activities.  I hadn't gone last month due to my health so I really wanted to be able to attend this one.  T-Bone Daddy played in front of Spice Dragon and it has been a while since I heard the kick ass blues band from the Berkshires.

I ran into my friend Lisa and she introduced me to a couple of people.  The theme was health and there were many activities geared towards that  with basketball, ping pong and wrestling, and there was a road race as well.

I arrived during the road race and was trapped on one side of the street as they were looping down one side and around the median and back down again.  One of my guilty pleasures is walking in the street during any event such as this.  It is the only time I can be sure I am not going to get run over since drivers here have a thing against pedestrians, especially on North Street!  I did have to look out for the cool train they had giving kiddie rides, I wish I had my granddaughter with me I love trains!

So my friends called and were headed up so I kept an eye open for them.  It was fun to see my friends son's reaction to all of the people in attendance.  He didn't think there were that many people in Massachusetts, let alone little old Pittsfield, MAss.

Before I knew it it was 8:00 and the police were closing the show and making everyone get out of the street.  Thomas had phoned me about five times and I said my goodbyes and headed home to join him for the pizza I promised when I returned.

I was a block from my street when he phoned again.  I begged him to make me a tea and promised I would be there before the microwave shut off.  I wasn't really planning on staying for the whole thing, but it was nice, for a change to have a group of friends to hang out with and share the experience with.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Today I finally got in to see a dermatologist, after almost a year long wait!  I wonder how difficult it is to be a dermatologist and why there is such a shortage of them ( in our area at least).  I learned a lot and have to do a few things to help myself, instead of helping this problem continue.

Part of the problem is ~ wait for it ~ Ivory Soap!  Can you believe it?  I have been using it for a majority of the past 20 years. I guess it is the harshest soap one can use.  Go figure!  I always thought it was gentle and safe but it is my learn something new today!

So now I have to switch to Dove and stand in lukewarm water twice a day and slather 1.5 tablespoons over my entire body.  They assured me that 1.5 tablespoons is enough to do the job, while still wet and then ~ well then I guess we shall see.

I am not familiar with the old top coat of lubricant to help restore my skin but I am game to try.  I wonder how long it takes to absorb?  This could get tricky.  Part of me is laughing my butt of as I am thinking about doing this and another part of me has some serious questions.  I guess they will be answered soon enough.  I am planning on giving it a test run later on tonight and timing out the process.

It was a scorcher today on top of it all.  After my appointment I made my way down to the pharmacy to pick up the soap and supplies that I need for this magic cure.  While I was in the store I ran into a friend of mine who invited me for coffee.

We went over to Dotties Coffeehouse.  I have never been there before, although I have had their hot chocolate a couple of years ago at a Holiday Bazaar  The window table was open so I decided we would sit there and people watch.

I enjoyed a nice conversation and a wonderful cup of Earl Gray Tea before having to head back home.  I wanted to relax and put my feet up.  The walk to the Doctor's had taken a lot out of me despite taking it really slow.

Sitting having coffee didn't really ease the strain or pain on my back so I kind of cut our visit a little short, with a promise that if I was well in the morning I would meet he and his girl for coffee.  I am so glad he got a girlfriend!

One of the sweetest guys I know to be sure and she is so sweet as well.  Two people who are destined to be together!  I am so happy for the two of them and look forward to seeing this relationship develop!  I love LOVE (when it is other people) (joking).

Love is a blog in itself and nothing I am even close to being ready for by a mile and a half at least!  I am quite happy making my way as a single woman for the time being!

So, I made it home and made a cup of tea and Tom and I went and watched a show in my room so I could lie down and rest my aching back.  It was really too hot to do anything at the moment and I couldn't have gotten out of my own way if I needed to.

After about an hour I decided that was enough and came back downstairs.  I looked out on the porch to see if either of our packages had arrived.  Yes I finally decided what to order from Fingerhut to begin my credit repair.

Since Patrick and the boys got me a Printer I no longer had to consider that as an option.  I had a conversation with Thomas about what he thought we should get and the first thing he said was "A new comforter."

I don't know how I didn't even think about that!  It has been years since we got new bedding and we were due for updates.  Our sheets were getting threadbare and our comforters raggedy.  Much more practical than another set of dishes anyway (although they are still on the wishlist!)

I haven't done any updates in the bedrooms and truth be told ~ both rooms could use a bit of T.L.C.  This will surely do the trick!  I picked out two ~ one I thought Tom would like and one I liked unless he didn't like his in which case that would be my first choice.

He did like the one I picked so after his approval I hit send and took one of the first steps in re-establishing my credit!  It isn't bankruptcy and all of my other crap is still staring me in the face but I think it will help in the long run.

I also ordered some WII controllers so that we wouldn't have to keep passing one around which is annoying and I think has a negative impact on ones score.  I invested in some rechargeable batteries and if anyone ever comes down to play we will be ready since Pat is not giving up my Wii controller he needed to operate his WiiU.

I try not to be compulsive, but after the week I had I think it is a small price to pay.  At least everything is practical and useful and I did hit a site where the controllers are mad cheap so fingers crossed they will work!

When I looked on the porch my packages hadn't arrived yet, but there was a bag on the porch that wasn't there before. I went out to investigate and found five 8.5X11 pictures frames!  I was so excited!  I am finding that framed art looks so much better than pieces of paper hanging on the wall!

My ex Dave does listen to me it turns out and he remembered me mentioning frames the other day when he dropped in for a visit.  He called me and said he banged on the door but no one answered.  One of the problems with having the bedrooms upstairs.  That is why I normally require a phone call if someone is coming over.  Contrary to popular belief I do not live at my computer (which is downstairs.)

So that was cool and a pleasant surprise to boot.  It is always good to see Dave and I was disappointed when I missed him.  I love that I am friends with 99.9% of my exes.  Just because it didn't work out doesn't mean you have to be a dick to someone!

Anyhow, I watered my peppers and noticed the tomatoes needed to be planted ASAP.  They were getting a little wilty in the sun.  No more messing around.  I weeded the bed in front of the wall and got my trusty rake out and cleared enough room for my five little tomato plants.

I weeded another six feet for future use, which turned out to be early evening when I decided to plant six bean plants from seed in the same area.  I weeded another bit for the cukes, but they are not in the ground yet.

I call that a good days work.  I just hope I don't regret not doing the plastic trick with my tomatoes for weed prevention.  I know I can't do it with bean seeds but I did manage to make it work with the peppers!  Since there are so many of them I am thankful not to have to weed!

Now I have to cook some food.  It is getting late and not cooling off too much in the house.  I think my days of no AC have just about run their course.  If the summer heat lamp is on then so is my AC!  It appears to be on so tomorrow it will be for sure!

Monday, June 16, 2014


After looking forward to a nice time with my boys and their Dad Sunday I was not disappointed.  The meal came out good ~ simple as it was a nice baked ham with steamed red potatoes and some peas.  Not too shabby for a nice Sunday dinner ~ almost effortless!

Everyone came with an appetite and could hardly wait for dinner to be served.  I never know until the moment arrives whether it will be a "hang on a sec, I want to check this first", or a "come on Mom, I thought dinner was ready".

Unless we are waiting on gravy it is just about always ready to be served up on a moments notice, which is all I got yesterday!  I was glad I had pre-sharpened the knife and cut some ham, waiting to serve the potatoes and peas when we sat so they would be hot.

Thomas instructed everyone to grab a dish and headed for the table.  It wasn't until I was sitting at the table (trapped by people on either end) when I realized I had forgotten to call Jeffrey back when I got back from the store.

My little shower fiasco and resulting bad mood knocked that completely out of my head.  Patrick was quick to remind me.  "Yeah, Jeff called," he said, "He asked if we were having dinner." Was there anyone I was not going to anger this week?

Jeez, just what I needed.  I assumed that his family and he would have plans and I hope that I am correct, although he does know my number and could have easily phoned me.  I was stressed out enough as it was, this did not help the stress levels one bit!

My goal was to relax and enjoy the time with the family and put the stress of the previous few days behind me and begin fresh.  New outlook, new attitude.  I tried and semi succeeded.  Everyone was a bit grouchy except for the Dad of the day.

Bruce enjoyed the card and he did laugh, despite the boys saying it was stupid when they signed it.  If there is one thing I am good at it is selecting the right cards for people.  I was glad he laughed when he read it.  He liked the Seashell Candle.  It, I realized was the same colour as the blue collection on my shelf so I may just have to get myself one before they are all gone.

Game of Thrones Season Finale was on so Pat and Bruce headed home just before it began.  They recapped just about the whole season in the previews so we made it in time for the opening.  Everything I was hoping to be happened.

I read the books so I have been anticipating much.  There is so much story that I am sure they will skip over some parts and enhance others.  Last night they set it up great for next season.  Leaving Aria as a cliffhanger.  I cannot wait to see her story.  I am certain she has a major part to play in the story beyond what I have read.

So, Monday arrives and I have much to fix.  It seems that I have been negligent for a couple of months.  Since April to be exact.  It is quite disturbing to me when I forget things and over the past week it has come to my attention that I have neglected quite a bit.

Like all things there are consequences to forgetting important things and for me today, it was a time of phone calls and reapplying on the internet, which is a great option, unless you hit the wrong thing and after three attempts of trying to access original application they make you begin over, so I had to do one job twice and do it correctly the second time.

Of course this just made me beat up on myself a little bit.  Like I need to turn on myself!  I just could not go there so I tended my plants and got ready for a much needed "Talk Therapy" Session.  It was just what the doctor ordered.

I just did not realize how much stress I had.  When I actually laid it all out on the table I have been dealing with a lot of crap not just over the past week, but over the past couple of months with increased  pain, which, as my doc pointed out, longtime doc that he is, that pain does inhibit many things and touches every aspect of my life.

I am exhausted just from looking over this list.  It is no wonder that I have been forgetful, distracted and just not responding, dare I say, normally.  I overlook my pain.  It has been 14 years and if there is one thing I have learned is that if you talk about it, people think you are complaining and no one wants to hear about how bad you feel.

Trust me, I have been down that road.  It was an especially difficult lesson to learn.  Limitations suck and pain does to.  It is better to put on a fake smile, do your hair and put on something that makes you feel look good and feel better.  Fake it till you make it with a twist.

I am not going to begin complaining here.  Life is what it is.  I remain confident and positive about my pending Neurosurgeon appointment.   Positive thinking is the way I am going.  I am just so thankful on a sidenote that the sun was warm and bright today.  I really needed the time I spent just absorbing the sunshine on my back porch this morning.

Thomas beckons so I am out ~ have a good night everyone!

Sunday, June 15, 2014


I have been listening to the sound of water running constantly for the past 4 or 5 days now.  I am beginning to realize why they use water as torture!  Just the sound of it is enough to drive one mad with no contact whatsoever!

It hasn't affected my life in any other way besides the noise before today and I am one pissed off woman.  The attempt to get two minutes without the water in the shower changing pressure and temperature was so fucking annoying!  Not a good way to start the day!  I rinsed my hair and gave up ~ pissed off and got on with my own laundry and dishes with a little bit of door slamming in between!  (No, I am not proud of slipping back into negative behaviour one little bit!)

Considering I am working very hard on keeping positive let me tell you, this torture is torture enough. I don't know how much of the new neighbor's laundry service I can take!!!  Sure, she is quiet and seemed nice when she asked about the partial pulley on the side of the house ~ wondering if I minded if she hung laundry out there ~ which makes more sense now than it did three weeks ago when she inquired!  Fortunately I am not in charge and no line has gone up yet.

Other than asking about the driveway use (twice now)  for her ex husband who is moving in I have not had any real encounters besides telling her my friend saw someone crawling through her ex husbands car window.

She obviously thought I was the ex's ex knocking on the door ~ afraid to answer the door?  Very strange indeed ~ just what I need ~ more drama!  Good thing this drama doesn't belong to me and from now on my contact will be limited to the Property Manager whom I think I will be calling in short order to let him know what is up.

I seriously am considering living in the middle of the woods in a tent far away from people!  I am so sick of dealing with people!  I miss my private little house in the country more than ever (just when I thought I was over THAT!)

I am glad it is a holiday today and I am cooking a meal for the guys.  At least I have that to look forward to! Shit!  I hate feeling like this!  It is a really difficult weekend indeed!  I am so glad I have my doctor to talk to tomorrow.  I need some serious advice and input.

Our cigarette rolling machine broke this morning so I had to run out and grab a new one ~ I think I learned that when your machine starts acting funny it is time for a new one!  It has been not rolling good cigarettes for a couple of weeks and this morning the metal bar finally broke mid roll.  It was almost easier filling the tubes by hand!

I think it is also my Mother's Birthday today ~ Happy Birthday Patricia!  Not that she will see this or read this or would she acknowledged it anyway!  Happy Father's Day Dad ~ ha ha, you probably are going around saying you have no children by this stage in your life, but happy Father's Day anyway!

I picked out a card and a gift for the boys to give the "Dad" in their life.  Can't disclose what it is, but the card is funny and he will like it while I was out ~ forgot the cranberry sauce again (they told me last night they would bring it anyway.)

The sun finally came out and it is warm in the city despite the strong winds blowing around and I only lost one of my jalapeno plants in the transition.  Not too bad ~ out of  40 plants to lose one of each is not too shabby so far!

Way to many plants as far as I am concerned but I was certain I would lose more than I have.  I have a feeling I am going to be buried in Bell and Hot Peppers before too long.  I am way to distracted to even think about planting the tomatoes right now.  Maybe that is the therapy I need.  That will take all of 5 minutes to do anyway and then what???

Nope, I am staying out of the garden today, not sure if there would be water to clean the dirt from under my nails in any case!  Staying positive seems to be a challenge even though it should be just about out of my system any second...

I have 5 hours before I have no choice but to be in a better mood.  The kids hate when I am a Biatch and so do I!  I hate feeling like I want to run away and today is just one of those days!

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Another day, another day. I decided to stay up today when I woke early.  Despite the clouds I was hopeful that we would finally achieve sunshine status today.  I headed out early when it cracked through the clouds, uncertain as to whether the weather would go my way today.

Much of my activities today needed sun and so did I!  After I did my errands I stopped by the DownTown Farmers Market and took a gander at the goodies they had available.  It was a cross between a Farmer's Market and a Tag Sale so I had a really good time checking out the wares.

I found a great shelve which needs a little TLC for a fairly reasonable price.  There were a couple more to choose from and had I known before I arrived I would have hit an ATM machine.  I had to pass over some nice Rock Maple shelves (I collect Rock Maple) as they were pricier than the fundages in my pocket!

It was good to see some people and catch up a little bit before I made my way back home to change into some shorts and plant my jalapeno plants.  After checking out the plants at the market I am even more concerned about my little babies.

I got them in the ground and check on the Bell Peppers I planted last week.  It seems I only have one casualty so far, which is fine as I did not expect to have all of them survive and I have two more to go in the ground which had no place when I planted.

After planting I had a big mess of dirt off of my sneakers to clean up as I didn't think about the dirt aspect as I marched through my home after prepping outside.  I was smart and removed my sneakers before going in the house after I had finished planting.

I can now take a couple of things off the list, although I have to plant the five tomato plants and decide about the beans, carrots and cukes.  The Peppers took up so much room with over 50 plants combined.  I am glad I put a layer of plastic between the ground and my plants to help with weed control!

I think I have planted veggies once in my life and that was tomatoes and for the life of me I cannot even remember how that turned out.  I am not the biggest fan of tomatoes, but I always like a fresh one if I can get one!  Since the Tomato Plants were a gift I will give it a go!

I wish I had remembered that mechanic trick of putting soap under my fingernails to keep the dirt from caking in there.  I was one mess and ready for a shower once I was done with the gardening.  I cannot wait to see this science project in action through the fruits of my labour (or veggies in this case.)

My life has taken a dramatic quiet turn.  With the return of A in my friend M's life he is  not over my house five times a day enticing me into WII bowling tournaments.  I do miss the company, but realize now that I was not in control of my own life once again as I was just filler for someone else's free time.  Bummer indeed to face the reality of being used.  Such is life and an unexpected turn of events, but one that doesn't surprise me one bit.

When his life takes yet another turn and he rings once again I will try my best to remember the hurt and betrayal and not let it happen again.  Boundaries, boundaries, how come I don't realize until afterwards when my boundaries have been violated???

It is funny.  Considering all of the progress that I feel I make having my shortcomings glaring at me really sucks.  See what I mean about putting stuff out in the air?  If you are not ready for the changes that come from acknowledging good, bad or indifferent make sure you don't put them out there!  I would cry if it were not so funny and predictable!

I got this cool test done at the Farmer's Market today.  One of our local Chiropractors had this really cool muscle contraction test.  Non invasive, it took only a few minutes to perform.  All I can say is that I am glad that I got the MRI and made that phone call to my Neurosurgeon.

The test showed quite a few "problem" area's and they are not where I would have expected them in regards to my spinal damage I am already living with.  Can you say FUK!!!  Cuz I can.  I am only thankful that I am going soon to get some answers from someone I TRUST!!!

So, once again I am in a transitional phase of my life.  LOL, I can clearly see why I do not get involved with me other than as friends.  I can only imagine how much worse I would feel if the parting of the ways was with a man I had romantic feelings for although the love I have for my friends is greater I feel than the love for any man (any man I have met in my lifetime so far that is!)

I have been waiting beyond the 30 minutes for the return of my WII controller parts with no phone call.  Typical, no respect or consideration considering which is making me question once again WTF!!  I am no man's bitch so I am heading out to continue my day with a lack of consideration for someone who has no consideration for me ~ tit for tat (I hate that!)

I think it is time to learn how to put myself at least above last in my own life for crying out loud ~ I think that will be the next priority ~ learning how to put myself ahead of just about everyone else (besides my children and grandchild!)

I am out ~ have a great one!

Friday, June 13, 2014


Despite the cloudy, rainy skies I continue to remain optimistic that the sun will come back out and I will eventually be able to plant my tomatoes and jalapenos outside before the snow falls!  I tell you, if I were a paranoid kind of girl I would say the weather is acting weird just because I need to plant my veggies!

Fortunately, I am not a superstitious girl, or I would not have left my house today, Friday the 13th and a full Moon rolled into one lovely crazy experience.  My day so far has not had a hiccup in it yet, other than the rain and I can't blame anyone for that.  The rain actually helped today because I was able to procure a ride to my son's doctor's appointment this afternoon, and despite it being an afternoon appointment we did not have long to wait at all for a change!

There was a bump in the road at our lunch after the appointment with some major malfunction at a local fast food place long after the noon rush.  It seems that two burgers and some chicken strips and fries take longer there than at home for goodness sake.

After 12 minutes and the fries sitting on a tray getting cold with no signs of burgers or chicken strips I mentioned that I would be returning the fries if they were cold and how very long it was taking on top of that, trying to keep my anxiety level down.

My son hates when I get freaked out about slow fast food and then cold to boot.  One of the reasons he hates going anywhere with me.  I speak up if things are not right.  Why?  Because I was a waitress first and trained under some very high guidlines.

I made a point after the girl took the cold fries and put them back under the heat lamp and then scooped them back up to give us the same fries, which were cold when they arrived to the counter ~ still no chicken mind you and the burgers were sitting while five people stood around, to speak to the Store Manager who quickly came back with hot fries and two coupon for free sandwiches of our choice on our next visit, thank you very much.

The rain held off as we walked home and laughed about our lunchtime experience.  We were eager to return home before the rain began to fall again and were thankful to do so.

I had a phone call from a long time friend who was distressed about life in general so I had to work on helping her realize that she has so many positive and wonderful things to be thankful for.  Life is such a struggle though, no matter how hard one works and she and her husband work very hard.

Reminding friends of their strong points when they need a boost is something that I have some skill and finesse with.  The timing could not have been better, since I have been wallowing in self pity for a couple of days now over the unexpected harsh verbal lashing the other day from a different friend in pain.

Full Moons ~ bring out the crap for some people, the crazy in others.  Since focusing on other people and what I can do to help in the world, it makes it easier not to let my worries run away with my (calm) level head.

If you know me personally, you probably have an eyebrow raised at that last remark.  since I am a work in progress, keeping a calm and level head during my own crisis is somewhat humorous from the outside, and I have been laughed at before during rants.

My son used to turn on his Microphone on Vent when I was ranting and I would not realize it until I heard the laughter coming through his headphones by about 10 or 12 of his game playing pals worldwide.  You could say I am know internationally for my ranting.

Since I have been working on keeping the worrying and the DRAMA to a minimum in my life I have been much happier indeed.  I still have worries but the focus is not on them.  I hope the advice I gave my friend to think happy thoughts, live in the moment, enjoy the good times when they are there, keep those worry thoughts away and do not let them interfere, make quality time with the husband and children a priority and have faith that this too shall change.

I have faith everyday that the state of the world will get better.  Living in the United States will be more balance once again and the world will right itself.  I have to believe that the strain on each and every person living under adverse conditions despite working at two jobs just to put food on the table and have heat and basic necessities will lessen.

Before I began writing I took some pictures of my  two projects "In Progress" ~ my makeshift entertainment center and my new Art Wall.  It wasn't until I was downloading the pictures that I actually saw just how busy life has been.

Between Tori's visit, my grand daughter's birthday, WII Bowling Marathons, ArtWalk and life in general!  I had so many pictures which I simply forgot about since I was so busy!

Tori and her "Build A Bear"

WII Bowling

Captive Audience

Blake Ferrara June Artwalk
Susan Aldam ~ June Artwalk

June ArtWalk

June Artwalk

ArtWalk ~ Steven Valenti's Clothing for Men

My new wall with a spot for Ainsley's next piece!

Consolidating the Entertainment

I am so scatterbrained about the Art and the Artwalk that I can only share the photo's and the Artist's names in some cases, not even that ~ sorry.  I wish I had gotten some shots of Michael Vincent Bushey's Etchings. They were so cool and tiny!  They can be seen at Madeleine's Bakery on North Street throughout the month ~ along with all of the Art shown in June during normal business hours ~ support local art and take a gander.

Father's Day is approaching Sunday and I have been enlisted to cook dinner (at my suggestion) for the Dad's in our lives.  Ham is on the menu which will make this quite a week ~ two feasts in one week always works for me!

I am getting ready to do a sun dance ~ with peppers to plant, a tentative canoe trip on Saturday and Father's Day on Sunday I need some sun!!!!  Maybe if we all concentrate long and hard at the same time it will happen ~ ready? Set?  GO!  Think Sun and have a wonderful and safe weekend!

Thursday, June 12, 2014


I made it to the store to get the potatoes, not getting wet in the process which is always a plus!  My son phoned me while I was finishing up in the market.  Considering I only went in for potatoes and still felt the compulsion to search out some deals (lightweight ones) I opted for some fresh grated Parmesan and found a double pack loaf of store bread just in case I was eating Turkey alone, in which case the potatoes would become useless and the bread a priority.

My middle son was not feeling well, but that did not prevent him from wanting to eat Turkey.  I passed on the offer of the ride, knowing that I would be home before his Dad came to give me a lift home.  The sky was clearing but cloudy and the Turkey was resting waiting for us to consume it.

My son phoned again to say that Tom was sick too.  Damn them, I thought I was doomed for sure to eat alone.  Still the answer was, we are still coming, we are slow but we will be there.  I got to work on the potatoes and began my gravy.

I am blessed to make awesome gravy 99.9% of the time.  Yesterday was no different.  Nothing beats a good homemade gravy (except Turkey to put it on, unless it is roast beef that is!)  I had another negative encounter on my way home with one of my nearest and dearest (Tom's Dad) who once again thinks it is my place to drop everything and come running if he calls.

My answer to that is "NO" which is a word I am realizing my "friends" don't like to hear from me.  They are so used to getting a "yes" no matter what, and truth be told, with some people it is easier to give in with a "Yes" instead of dealing with the bullshit that accompanies a "NO".

He yelled to me from a block away and stood there expecting me to turn around and go see what he wanted.  With my load of groceries and being a half a block from  my home, it was not happening.  I did stop and wait for him to walk down to me only to regret it within moments!

Needless to say, I walked away cursing him and negative people in general and was thankful to have a nice evening of food and family to remove the memory from my brain.  Funny thing is, as I was nearing home, one of my neighbors came out and was cursing her son for being ignorant.

I empathized with her, not with the son part, cuz my son's were proving to be a godsend, but sharing my two negative experiences that day, we both decided that the men in our lives must have P.M.S. and parted both of us laughing about it and with an outlook different that what we each had prior to the conversation.

The turkey hit the spot and Thomas was planning on staying home, but got invited up to Williamstown to hang out with his friends and spend the night.  He got his computer packed up and after dinner was waiting for his friends Mom to pick him up and make the journey.

Bruce and Pat hung out with us and helped me rescue the cords which I had forgotten to grab before I put the t.v. up so high.  I was iffy about doing it myself so it was nice to have spotters.  I would hate to dump the t.v. Pat and the boys got me for Mother's Day last year ~ I would never hear the end of it!

It is so much nicer, and quicker to have an extra pair of hands or two.  Of course after it was set, I realized I forgot to take down the pictures which you can't see due to the new "Media Center".  Bruce, who has been in my life for many years, laughed and said "So, you have plans to move things around I suppose", knowing that I am a freak about moving rooms here and there ~ kind of like therapy in a way.  I laughed as well and said "You know it!"

Of course I am bummed out and nothing takes my mind off of it more than having distractions, as we all know.  Today I was thankful for the distraction of two sinks full of dishes and I did manage to retrieve the artwork off the wall without dumping anything electronic or otherwise.

I do have some ideas, but not the "BIG" idea yet.  I know where certain pictures are going to go and I am contemplating moving the books out of the living room and hanging the Unicorn Rug on the wall to go with the Unicorn art and knickknacks, but I am still in the thinking phase of the operation, needing a clear plan before I implement the job.

I don't know if the sun is ever going to come out so I can plant my peppers.  I do so hope it does soon!  Although a quiet down day is looking better and better as the day progresses with more than a half a turkey, the return of my son and I am sure some mindless t.v. series to check out ~ "Orange is the New Black" comes to mind, just to see what all the fuss is about.

I cannot think of a better way to spend a day when none of my friends are out to play!  It has been ages since I have had a pajama day so I may just take advantage of the day and stay the way I am, grab a blanket and pick a couch!

I did take a "Happiness Quiz" today and found I was in the 80%+ bracket as far as happiness goes!  Yeah!  Overall I am thankful to be happy!  I am sharing the link (although I don't think it linked but you can copy and cut and paste and see just how happy you are ~ the results may surprise you!

Have  a great day and thanks once again for reading! Share a smile and spread some love!  

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Why did I ever say outloud that life was good and I was happy?  I knew I was just asking for it, putting it out in the air like that, acknowledging a good feeling.  Curses on me, roll the dice, overnight things just have a way of changing it seems!

I felt it coming, deep down inside, the dice, about to be shaken, rolled and thrown.  What will the final outcome be?  I shall have to wait and see.  It makes me sad, I must say when life tries to take my happiness away!

As the day progresses I realize some more, the negative forces permeating my air.  I must have know it was on its way since I chose today to roast a turkey, the ultimate in comfort foods.  Although the rain is making it impossible for me to attain my goal of reaching the market for veggies, turkey and a nice gravy will do nicely to achieve a higher state for me.

Listening to some Low Down Delta Blues to get me through, I would rather listen to than have the blues.  Trying not to let a friends pain and hurtfulness bring me down.  Looking forward and not behind.  I can only control my actions and be true to myself.

I know I have not done anything to cause this conflict. I can only pray that the person feeling the pain, when they should be happy and await the day that the conflict goes away. I cannot accept responsibility for something that I have no part in.

Life is funny.  Ha, Ha, I am laughing.  I really am, despite my nose being a little bent out of whack.  Nice people being mean are not my scene.  Supportive I will always be, but not at the expense of me.  If there is one thing I have learned is to not willingly or knowingly be the doormat!

On the bright side, as I write, the sky is clearing and my tea is ready, so I am good.  One thing about Delta Blues is they are upbeat, and I am dancing in my chair as I type away.

I  have been making progress, I really cannot afford to let others downfalls bring me down.

After I left my doctors on Monday, I looked up my old Neurosurgeon and got info so that I could go see him.  After speaking during the appointment with my Primary I prepared her for the fact I was calling him and to let her know that he usually requires a current MRI, which was very accurate still.

My Primary's new Nurse was quick to order an MRI for Monday, although it was very early (7:15 a.m.) I took it knowing they needed the MRI before they would send the referral if the doctor required an MRI.  All very confusing and technical.

Since I knew that Dr. Kaye was booking for the beginning of July I suffered through the early morning MRI.  I learned one thing that was very important during that MRI which is I cannot lie on my back for 18 minutes in a row without moving without causing a lot of pain in my back and my fingers on my right hand to go numb.

Since I am being aggravated without overdoing it lately I think it is pretty important to see the guy that I know seriously knows his spine/neuro and I trust him.  He was my miracle worker once.  I cannot afford to not be able to walk 10 steps and seize up or be broken for days for no reason, so I am out to find the reason.

I know the reason, I have lived with it for 13 years now.  I just want to prolong being less functional.  I hate having limits and strive to live within my limits and still have a life.  Since I walk more than the normal person I can't afford to have that as a limited capability.

I have managed to plant 19 green peppers.  Today was the day I was hoping to plant the jalapenos but it is not a planting day at all. Maybe not a store day either, as I look out the window and the rain still isn't letting up!

My  four sunflower plants are doing nicely now that they are in the ground and the two are not overshadowing the other two.  The avocado is so close to cracking through the top of the pit with it's green stalk it will be in dirt in no time and the pineapple plant not only has some serious roots growing, it is growing new leaves out of the top of it!!!

I did scorch the spider plant on the porch and that is kind of in shock.  I have moved it back to it's place in the dining room hoping it will recover.  Fingers crossed, although I have a few of the babies I saved rooting and with luck they will survive if the mom doesn't.

I did manage to create a pretty cool new media which I am almost finished with.  My only regret is that I did not think to set up the walls behind before I got it together, so now I have to take the t.v. down and move the set up to get behind it.

I also need to add one more storage area for all of the cassettes.  I had a blast yesterday listening to some music I haven't seen since the c.d.'s were under the table behind the couch and not really easy to go through. This is going to work out much better indeed for music and video games and d.v.d's although we don't have too many of those.

Not a one person job unless I take the t.v. down and Thomas is at his brothers for a couple of days.  They are coming for turkey (fingers crossed) if Pat feels better.  He woke up vomiting this morning so who knows how that will play out.

I am going to continue to count my blessings, but I am thankful for the turkey, ironically from my friend in pain who is causing me pain, ironic in a way, they will cause me sorrow and comfort all at once.  That makes me giggle because it is the story of my life.

I accept it, however, all in good faith that it will all be good once again on all planes instead of just on most.  I have some good ideas coming too me, just not writing too much as you (ahem) may have noticed.  I have nothing but what would sound like excuses once again, so I am just going to be thankful I was able to write down a few words today and ease my brain and think happier thoughts along the way!

It is barely sprinkling, my tea is gone and I am going to dash to the market really quick before it rains for real again!  Wish me luck ~ maybe a good cleansing rain is what I need anyway ~ it has been too long since my last one!

Enjoy your day and here is to Turkey!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I have been away for a while, as you can see by the date of my last post.  Not for lack of trying, however, I have been one busy woman!  We left off with Miss Tori arriving for 10 days from South Carolina which began with Shepherd's Pie what seems like months ago instead of just under a week ago since she has been gone.

I wasn't sure how the visit would go but Tori had a relaxing, fun and amazing visit balancing out her time with her cousins who fought over her and made her feel loved, and Thomas and I.  The visit would not have been complete, or the same without the wonderful fun and laughter that Mike Jones brought to the table, enhancing family game nights with his presence and his bright personality.

Thomas stepped up as well, joining in on the Wii bowling tournaments, strobe light fun and himself creating wonderful memories that none of us will soon forget.  From jumping on Tori while she was sitting on the couch, sparking eruptions of laughter with his "I forgot to say catch" when we finally recovered, to Mike's suggestion of Popsicle Truth or Dare, where he looked at Thomas and said "Thomas - Truth" which also sparked another wave of laughter throughout explaining that there was an option of either Truth or Dare; needless to say ~ that is as far as the game went!

I sent Tori on her way with a batch of homemade Crab Rangoons since we both love them and I did not want her to be hungry on her way home.  Sadley, the leftovers could not be brought on the plane so her Mom could enjoy them as well ~ bad Albany Airport for not letting us transport yummy morsels made with love to my friend!

Fortunately, Tori did not go home empty handed as Mike had made C.D.'s for her and her Mom as well.  He did a bang up job and I am proud to call him one of my most awesomest of friends for sure!  I am not sure if the 10 days would have been as entertaining as they were without him in the house!

The departure of Tori brought the arrival of Ainsley's birthday.  I had been shopping during the week and presents were almost locked down completely.  With a sleepover and dinner impromptly planned the evening before, Friday meant a busy day of tying up loose ends to prepare.

I stopped by Persnickety Toys on North Street to pick up the final gift and decided at the last moment that I needed something sweet just in case and went to Madeleines which is a new bakery which opened on North Street.

I hadn't had the opportunity to visit the bakery, and I normally bake, but with so little time I decided to splurge.  The splurge was so worth it!  They were yummy cupcakes ~ I just wish I had purchased more of them!

Ainsley and I dressed up and attended our Birthday dinner, just the two of us girls, at The Rainbow Restaurant, also in Pittsfield, MA, and a short walk from home. However, we got chauffeured due to pending rain and lightening storms.

Reservations are highly recommended, especially on the weekends for sure.  I of course did not make any and we waited a short while for our table.  The staff was wonderful and very friendly as we waited.  They made Ainsley's Birthday Celebration Dinner extra special with all of the attention.

After our food was served ~ well worth the wait indeed ~ my Homemade Lobster Cake and Filet Mignon were amazing!  Ainsley's Homemade Mac and Cheese was so cheesy she really enjoyed spinning the cheese up like spaghetti to get it to her mouth!

My brothers Second Grade Teacher was seated behind us and she came over to speak to Ainsley, who was acting very proper for a newly turned 7 year old.  I am very proud of my Monkey girl!  She looked and behaved exactly right and I am so proud to be her Gramma!  

Turns out that my brother's teacher is friends with Ains's teacher ~ it is a small world indeed.  Two day's after dinner Ainsley still remembered her name in order to pass on Greetings to her own teacher when she returned to school on Monday.

After dinner our fun wasn't over yet, Pat and Bruce were coming over after for presents.  Jeff picked us up from our dinner, despite the rain not falling yet (it is always nicer to travel by car when one can!)  Pat and Bruce were getting burgers for the guys and arrived with 5 shakes for everyone, an unexpected surprise to top the evening off.

Presents were opened and can I just say that some of these toys are so impossible to unpackage.  It took three adults and a small child about 30 minutes to liberate the mouse family and all the supplies to the general store, being very careful not to break anything which was very tricky!  

Jeff left after presents and Pat and Bruce followed shortly after.  I would say it was one successful Birthday event and we still had the "Official" Birthday Party on Sunday!  My girl was having a four day celebration and one I am sure she will soon not forget!

You would think Saturday would have been a day of rest, but it was not.  We had not had room for cupcakes the night before so I let Ains have hers for pre-breakfast, followed by pancakes at her request and she ate 4 of them!!! Yeah!  She finally ate more than a taste!  I do so worry about how little she does eat sometimes!

After spending the morning playing and doing art, we were barely ready when "the Parents" came.  Ains got dressed while I found a plastic container so she did not lose her small parts to her gift during travel and at home.

One more day of fun for me on Sunday representing the family at Ainsley's Mom's Mom's house.  I was looking forward to it.  I hadn't seen Lisa's parents since the last birthday party.  I really like my son's in laws. I was looking forward to hanging out and chilling with them and catching up.

It was a beautiful day full of warm and sunny weather.  Ains and two of her besties were at the swings and the adults were grouped around in the sun or shade depending.  The guys were playing horseshoes and I was enjoying the sun and doing absolutely nothing but socializing (which is what I like to do best!)

My daughter in law outdid herself with beautiful desserts (which I would have pictures of if I could have found my camera before I left!)  She made these cool desserts which were like flowerpots with gummy worms and cookie crumbs for dirt and these delicious and pretty ladybug candies (special ordered from the internet) and pretty flowers.   They were so unique, pretty and delicious!!!

There was also peanut butter cake (which I also love!) but the creative desserts won out with me!  I joined the girls by the swings and had dessert with them.  My granddaughter has two very nice and smart girl friends.  I had a really great time hanging out and getting to know them as well!

Lisa's Mom and I were watching the Horseshoe game when I noticed Ains was opening her presents.  We scooted over in time to see her open her final present before she hopped on her new motorized Scooter and zipped across the yard.

That thing really hauled butt, even on the grass.  Her crazy uncles and grandpas were encouraging her to get a fast start on the blacktop before she hit the grass ~ it was like a turbo charge kicked in ~ you should have seen her face when that happened ~ a combination of fear and excitement ~ priceless!

In between all of this I have been managing to take care of all of those plants, which are close to going in the ground very soon ~ once my back and neck stop flaring up so I can actually do something.  I have been experiencing a sudden and unexpected flare up of pain (is pain ever expected???)  

I woke up Monday very early in complete agony and unable to even stand up ~ having to slide my ass out of bed and down the stair to the bathroom and struggle back up to bed for another 5 hours of sleep.  I was more wiped out than I realized.

I thought I was a bit better when I hobbled off to my counselor on Monday, leaving a half hour early to be able to stop and rest along the way as needed, which I did five stinking times!  I really hate days like those!! After a lengthy talk about utilizing my primary despite the conflict with her nurse ~ I made my way home and was on the phone making an emergency appointment for the following day.

Happily, the Doctor's nurse was replaced in January!!!!  All hail the witch is gone...(sorry I couldn't resist)~ I was not the only person that had problems with the woman, confirmed by the new, friendly nurse and the doctor herself.

I am glad.  I was beginning to feel like I had to find a new doctor!  I am so glad that I don't have to go down that road!  The doctor could do nothing for me.  She did her osteopathic magic but I still left in agony.  Time to phone the neurosurgeon and find a ride to Springfield!

The joys of my life!  Some days I am the bear and sometimes I am the stick that pokes the bear, but mostly, I am the woman who loves and appreciates all the little things in life which make the more difficult things more bearable just because!