Monday, March 30, 2015


I have not fallen into old habits of not writing.  I have been straight out since Saturday with the Art Discussion at the Whit (blog done and waiting for video) which was so much fun I can't wait to attend the next one as well!

Sunday I found myself in Lenox, Great Barrington and then off to Hudson, New York to pick up Reggie Madison's work for the show this Friday for Art Walk.  Who can resist walking around and checking out some of the local galleries?  Not Richard and I for sure, followed with some liquid refreshment and a beautiful drive home on such a warm and sunny day!

Today was busy, busy, busy, taking down art and meeting David Eddy to get his work, which looks awesome next to Reggie's more artist, Paul Graubard is on for tomorrow before we can look at all the work side by side and layout the setup.  I never realized how much work it is to put together shows.

We got final confirmation today for May's show ( I picked these artists) which made me do a little dance and we brainstormed a title for the show.  I am not giving it away today, but you will not be disappointed at all!

I made an amazing dinner and am now off for some quality time with my man - Ray Donovan that is, as we get Richard caught up so he will be up to speed when the new season begins.

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