Friday, March 27, 2015


It feels like a year since I have written instead of only two months.  Funny how a little hiccup like not having my own computer for eight months shut me down completely.  Even with the use of my son's computer while he was sleeping and even Richard's computer while he was working it wasn't the same as sitting down at my place in the computer room in front of my own keyboard and mouse were not enough to keep me going.  Over time my little voice in my head just went on vacation.

 I am happy to report that I am once again in my favourite seat in front of my own computer and it appears that the voice in my head has kicked in.  I had a feeling when I woke up before it was even light out that it would be so.

I went back to sleep with a totally different mindset than I have had over the course of the winter.  My brain was busy arranging solutions for the things that needed to be thought of, like making the computer room usable for three instead of two (for instance) and when I finally got up and out of bed I had a workable solution for the situation!

If you recall when my computer passed into the great beyond (beyond me repairing it that is), I was contemplating a refurbished computer and have been squirreling away funds for that.  Then I spoke to my dear sweet (but busy) brother who decided he could build me a computer out of pieces and parts. At Christmastime I had discovered that my eldest son had a spare tower in a closet so the plan then was to use that temporarily.

Of course nothing is as easy as one imagines and a new power supply was needed.  My brother sent one and my son put it in and got it right the second try only to realize that it needed Windows.  Of course my copy of  Windows XP that I own was out of date and wouldn't load and my brother is in Hawaii so that meant another delay.

I was beginning to get used to life without writing and resigned to never have a computer of my own again.  I went back to square one and looked again at refurbished computers when Richard did a search and discovered that Staples had a pretty good deal on a new P.C. for not much more than a refurbished one.

Yesterday we went and took a gander at Staples and after a brief discussion he convinced me that I should just do it and out we walked with a new tower, keyboard and mouse for just over $250 with Windows 8.

So here I am today, happy to say that I am back online and in line with my goal of daily writing.  I am sure that it will take some time to get back into the swing of things, but I can feel those gears in my brain turning around and around.

The whole winter wasn't a waste as I have been spending much of it delving into some wonderful works by some excellent writers deciding that I like Dostoevsky, but LOVE Tolstoi!!!  I will gladly put it down as time well spent.

Between my reading and helping Curate shows for the Whitney Center for the Arts, going on Studio visits and meeting Artists along with enhancing my cooking skills and adapting to life as a "couple" instead of a single woman my life has been very full, busy and satisfying.

I look forward to not only picking up where I left off, but growing and expanding as well.  I have missed sharing my experiences with my readers and hope that you have all missed me a little bit as well!

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  1. Oh, Thank God you are back. Can't speak for every one but I am so glad to returned. Welcome Home, Jen.