Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I have been exhausted the past couple of days after the hustle and bustle of the end of one Art Show and the beginning of another, Easter planning and shopping, cleaning house of the dirt and clutter that has been accumulated since the last time I really cleaned up the piles,

I am guessing it was a while back since I found last years Easter decorations sitting in a bag at the bottom of the stairs the day before Easter and decided I wasn't even going to bother! (I surprised myself with that one!)

My eldest son and his family (including my grand-daughter) went to the other gramma's house and my other guests were not particular regarding holiday decorations for Easter so it wasn't a big deal, except that I usually do it so it was a medium deal to me and me alone.  I focused on the meal instead.

Getting organized and sticking to it was half the battle this past week.  Fortunately there was an afternoon which was warm and it happened to fall at a time when I needed to do some errands up street.  I haven't been out and about all winter really so I was looking forward to a nice walk.

Since it was a nice day I did run into some folks I haven't seen in a while here and there so it made the walk interesting.   I always love the nice days, it does bring people out.  I can't wait for more of them in a row!

I grabbed some chocolate bunnies and some of my favourite Cadbury Eggs which only come out at Easter.  When I got to Richard's studio I found they had charged me for an extra bag of my favourites.

That necessitated another walk down to the Rite Aide to fix the error.  I could not resist the urge to take the candy over the refund, a decision I may regret, but with each delicious, creamy morsel melting in my mouth - I doubt it!

We hung the show with everything printed except the labels by Thursday.  My shopping was done so we only had the ArtWalk,  our show at the Whit included.  There were only 5 or 6 places with Art due to the two Religious holidays.  Despite that there were quite a few people at the Lichtenstein and we had a good turnout, including David Eddy one of the Artists whose work we had in the show.

I had a great time, as I usually do during ArtWalk and afterward at the After Art Party at the Whitney.  It was great to see some of the other artists, along with new faces from the community and tourists as well stopping in.

When we got back home Friday night I made a decree that Saturday I was going to do nothing but clean the house.    After my usual morning caffeine, nicotine and video gaming I got to work clearing those cobwebs and sweeping up all that dirt from the corners and under the furniture.

At one point I looked at my living room and groaned looking at the bigger mess I had made!  Then I went into the computer room next room over.  They say you should begin with the worst room possible and now I really understand why!

The computer room gets a regular going over, vacuuming and cleaning of the table but I was not prepared for behind the table.  After moving the table, the computers, the wires and anything that needed not to be sucked up into the vacuum I had a year or mores worth of dust, ashes and overall nastiness!  It made the living room and the rest of the house look spotless!

Needless to say, I cleaned all day until dinnertime and then I cooked.  By that time I had the downstairs clean and put back together.  My plan was to get up Sunday and mop the floors, but I decided on Sunday that was ridiculous and opted out of it.

I decided to make a batch of home made crescent rolls instead.  I have limited experience with yeast dough but decided to give it a go.  I mixed up one batch and the dough just did not seem right to me, but I let it go and set it to rise.  A couple of hours later I was still waiting so I made a second batch and was very relieved when it was acting properly even before I set it to rise.

The second dough was perfect and easy to handle.  Since it is the final thing I worry about with my meal, and since I have one son who is always at least 20 minutes later than everyone else I waited til he and his Dad arrived before putting them in the oven and let the second pan rise while the first were baking.

I had a combo of small and large crescent rolls.  Not bad for the first time ever.  No one complained and as a matter of fact my middle son was looking for more of them, of course after the oven was off just before he was ready to go.  I still had the last pan to cook so I did what any good Mom would do ~ I cooked them.

Cooking bread at 9:00 at night, for me is not a good thing.  The temptation!  I was already overfull from dinner and chocolate and still had to eat a couple of them hot out of the oven!  Of course by that time my son was gone ~ but they do steam up nicely in the double boiler the next day!

So all and all everything went/has been going well.  Art Show's, dinner, life, it is all good (knock on wood).  The spring is coming slowly as I predicted.  It looks more like a November sky outside rather than an April one ~ more like snow than rain ~ but who am I to complain?  Soon we will have green grass, flowers blue sky and sunshine aplenty.

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