Tuesday, May 31, 2016


My grand daughter, aka Monkey Girl turned 9 on Sunday.  Her Mom planned an Art Birthday Party with a cookout, water balloons, family and fun!  The weather report was predicting thunderstorms, of course, during her outdoor party, but that did not prevent everyone from attending and celebrating!

I love this yearly celebration!  The party was held at my Daughter in Law's parents house, which is wonderful since they live high on a hill with a nice big yard, plenty of yard and space and her family.  I happen to LOVE my Son's in-laws - they are awesome and a perfect fit!  We are fortunate, my parents families did not inter-mingle and I think it is much better when everyone gets along - much more like family should be!

My young grandson handled the excitement of the day and all of the faces of people he knows, but you could tell he was confused since we were not in our usual surroundings.  I had to keep taking my glasses off so he could recognize me, and I don't think he recognized Thomas without his hood over his head - since that is how we are at home where he is used to seeing us!

My eldest son manned the charcoal grill to feed all of us.  He did a pretty good job too, the burgers and hot dogs were just right and the salads were delicious.  Kids ran and played, adults sat under the shade of the big tree and caught up with the happenings.

After lunch, the water balloons came out.  My daughter in law, Lisa, had 200 water balloons!!!  The question one has to ask is, are there ever enough water balloons?  I don't know who had more fun - the kids or the adult kids!!!

I was minding my own business, watching Lisa's brother fill up the balloons - she had purchased those balloons where there are a bunch of them on fillers banded and you attach them to the hose and boom - you have multiple balloons ready to go!  As I was curiously watching the filling - a balloon came from no where and I got soaked!!!!

No one was safe - except for my Mom and Herb - I don't think anyone would have dared bomb them! Someone gave my grandson a filled balloon which he played with for a few minutes curiously, until it popped all over him!  It was so hot out that he didn't even seem to mind.

Presents came after the balloon fight and it is always fun to see Monkey Girl with presents!  She is so funny.  She got a wide array of toys, clothes and art supplies.  That girl has more Shopkins than anyone on the planet - and how she yelled when she got a pack of the newest season!!

As promised - the rumble of thunder began around 1:00 and the party was on until 2:00.  We got organized opening Canvas, brushes and paints and then decided to be on the safe side to go inside with the painting part of the party.  The girls got busy and the boys decided that wasn't there thing.

I had procured a ride with my middle son, who was not feeling well that day.  He still came and tried to be a good sport about it - by 2:00 he was very green around the gills, so we had to depart before getting a piece of the Cheeseburger Cake - which was just cake shaped like a cheeseburger (in case you are thinking a cake made out of Burger).

I was beat when we got home.  A great time was had by all, or most any way.  After a quick visit with my son and his Dad, Thomas and I decided to go watch some "Lost" since it is our latest binge watch - and before you knew it we were both snoring.  A couple of hours (three episodes by the Netflix count) I woke up feeling better - I love naps!

I didn't get a piece of cake - I was hoping they would drop some off (not that I needed it!)  All in all it was a great time and it reminds me of just how quickly time flies, watching my Grand daughter grow from a little peanut in a car seat to a beautiful, fun, sassy and delightful young girl.

Declan will be celebrating his first birthday in one month and with any luck - we will be celebrating it in their first home (if the bank ever mails the contract!!)  Fingers crossed that goes through soon -

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  1. Glad it all went so well! I know you were really looking forward to this. Sounds like a great time!