Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Dad

This is my Dad, Dave.  He likes the Red Sox and fishing, driving, eating and WII Fitness.  He is a funny guy!  My parents got divorced when I was younger and my parents "hate" each other.  My mother was mean and wouldn't let me and my brother see our Dad when we were children.  I did anyway.  I don't like rules that don't make sense.  I think perhaps that is why I am anti- injustice.  If that is even an anti!  If it isn't I just created it.

My brother did not break the rules so I used to trick him so my Dad could see him and he could see our Dad.  I love my brother!  He has a son, so I have one nephew Sammy Doodle!  I love Sam, yet, like my brother I never see him, they live in  Connecticut.  He is almost a grown man now, a teenager!  Time flies!

I have three sons, the funny thing, my boys are all 4 years apart, and Sam is 4 years younger than my youngest son, now there is a math word problem, if Jeff is 27, and Sam is 15, how old are Thomas ( my youngest son) and Patrick (my middle son)?  Ha!  I suppose in order to get the answer accurately, I should say that Jeff will be 28 in February, which is just around the corner!  Time really flies!

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