Friday, September 21, 2012

My youngest son Thomas and I moved back to Pittsfield in 2008.  We lived in our house in the country for 7 years, as I think I mentioned before.  It has been a huge adjustment after living in my own house in the country.

 I had two bedrooms I could choose from besides my kids room, they had the whole second floor. I have a habit of moving rooms completely around.  The kids would go to school in the morning and come home and rooms would be moved to another location.

 I remember one day they  while they were gone I decided to rearrange their room as their Dad was coming over and they had a mattress on the floor that he slept on.  He visited them regularly and they hung out in their room except for dinner and bathroom, needless to say, it wasn't really fair to Bruce and it looked bad as far as I was concerned.

So I set it up really nice and cool, everything accessible to everyone, Patrick had his beloved corner for his bed and Bruce's bed was off the floor - and it looked really awesome - then they came home - forget all the work I did - the comfort for their Dad, the feng shui - (they were pre-teen and  just barely a teenager at the time; and they are boys!)  they didn't even look AT the room they just noticed it was different and they protested!!  They hated it!

The next day while they were at school I moved the room back around (minus the mattress on the floor - that was now a bed on a real frame, which was at the other end of the room, but, being lazy children, they didn't deem it necessary to put it up for Dad).  So they come home from school, they go upstairs to their room and say to me - wow - you moved it back - we really liked the room the way you had it!!!!

 Good bad and in between those were without a doubt the most happiest times that I have ever had as a parent with Thomas and Patrick, and the rest of my "children".  I think that is why it is so difficult re-adjusting to a place that I previously had more bad memories than good ones.

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