Saturday, November 8, 2014


I attended Opera Notte at the Whitney Center for the Arts on Sunday afternoon.  The room was filled with fellow Opera fans for an afternoon of Italian Arias.  Kara Delmer put together a wonderful show
along with Ron Ramsey on piano,  Courtney Clark on Violin, and Jessica Passetto, John Delmer, Joe Sicotte and Kara Delmer singing.
As the guests were seated and ordering from the Bistro Menu in preparation for the show I noticed John with an apron on, pouring wine and serving guests. knowing he usually sings I asked him if he was  singing today?  He replied "Not today".  I was amazed when he began singing "Bella Notte" as a waiter.
Ghazi Kazmi came out and introduced John Delmer after his performance, welcomed the audience and thanked them for being there and announced upcoming shows.  He then introduced Kara Delmer who spoke about the book "24 Italian Songs" leading into a performance of "Nel Cor piu Non Mi Sento" where she involved an audience member as she sang as she often does.
Tenor Joseph Sicotte then performed "Sebben Crudele" accompanied by Ron Ramsey on Piano and Courtney Clark on Violin after which he introduced guest singer Jessica Passetto who sang "Se Tu M'ami". It was really an enjoyable day for Italian speakers and non speakers alike.
The newest addition to the Whitney Center family ~ Courtney Clark from New Hampshire, played Verdi's  "Va Pensiero" on Violin accompanied by Ron Ramsey on Piano.  This piece of course wasn't vocal but Courtney made her instrument sing!
Jess Passetto followed by introducing four Mozart Arias.  She began with "Voi che Sapete" followed by Joe singing "Un Aura Amorosa".  John Delmer then came out and spoke about Don Giovanni, giving us background before entertaining us.

Singing to Elvira as Leporello, he exposes his masters numerous conquests.  As he sings he coyly  shows images from his tablet  of various women to the audience from Marilyn Monroe, to Paula Dean and Betty White to name a few, which got roars of laughter.

Jess and Kara followed with "Duet of Sull Aria" from Figaro. Accompanied by Courtney and Ron on violin and piano after which Kara introduced the next phase of the show which was a series of popular Neopolitan Songs.
Ron Ramsey delighted the audience with various renditions of songs from "The GodFather" from his seat at the Piano singing "Promise Me You'll Remember" and sharing little tidbits of information about the songs.

Kara and Joe followed Ron with a Duet from the movie "The Quest for Camelot" which was just spectacular!  John Delmer was very theatrical with his rendition of "That's Amore" once again engaging the audience before all of the members gathered to sing "Finiculi, Finicula".

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon for Opera Fans old and new!

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