Monday, December 1, 2014


Time is just flying since I last wrote before Thanksgiving and it is now just a scant 19 days until my birthday and 24 days until Christmas.  If these past weeks and months are any indicator then it will be here in two blinks!

I did not get my Thanksgiving miracle that I was praying for.  I was sad, but not bothered when my son declined my invitation to dinner marking it as the first time we have not spent a holiday meal together.

It was bound to happen.  I know his father wishes that he had come, but Tom's Dad came and Richard and I had our first Thanksgiving together.  The food was plentiful and the company good.  We all feasted on Turkey and all of the fixings and the only mishap was the turkey was ready an hour and a half earlier than it should have been!

The Whimsey Show at the Whitney Center for the Arts is on for Friday and I have been observing and helping along the way.  It has been a learning experience.

Today I went along to pick out and pick up Art Work at Lauren Clark Fine Arts in Great Barrington, completely forgetting it was Monday and I had an appointment at 2:00.  When the phone rang and I was on my way back to town to eat some lunch and go at a later time.

Lauren has a fine show of small works going on right now and has some amazing art on the walls, along with pottery, glass, sculpture and jewelry.  I was at the Opening for the Small Works show last week and it was a great crowd.  I can recommend it if you have any art lovers in your family to make sure you stop in and take a look.

Between getting ready for the Art Opening on Friday and all that entails along with the rest of ArtWalk to participate in one would think that that would be enough for one week, not so with me.  A few of my favourite artists will be showing this week with Sally Tiska Rice at Unusual Wedding Rings and Morris Bennett and Anne Roland at Stephen Valenti's Clothing for Men just to name a few. 

Saturday I will be checking out the second Talking Books with Stephanie Abrams, who sent me a note back when I sent her my review of the first program which I will share with you here.

It!s my special pleasure,Jennifer, to spearhead the creation of Talking Books and to encourage my author friends to participate bringing their unique talents from near and far together with local residents and Berkshire Co. Visitors. I envision cresting such buzz-worthy programs that people will cone to Pittsfield and The Whit just to attend another Stephanie Abrams Presents Talking Books at The Whit event. The next "happening" is scheduled for Dec. 6th starting at 2pm. Wonderful authors will share their books and inspirations and mingle with participants including doing book signings! We'll be doing something groundbreaking as well as we talk with, live by SKYPE, globally known Greek master chef, Maria Loi, Food Network star & author of over 30 cookbooks including the Greek Government's Official Cookbook for the 2004 Olympics on Greece & her newest cookbook , "The Greek Diet." Maria's newest restaurant, Loi Seasonal," will open tomorrow on 58th St. between 6th and 7th Aves. In NYC. In addition to her ability to interact with participants at The Whit by SKYPE in Dec 6th, Maria will appear in person on January 17th at the third "Stephanie Abrams Presents Talking Books at The Whit" starting at 2pm. More info to follow about other authors appearing at Dec. & Jan. Programs! Hope to see you there ( mor we'll start RUMORS about you! (shameful plug go my novel!)

 So, I hope to see you all there at the Whitney Center for the Arts for another fine experience!

I am off to relax, have a great day everyone!!!

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