Wednesday, December 31, 2014


The final day of the year is upon us.  I chose to stay in my p.j.'s and have been cooking the afternoon away.  My biggest decision today has been whether to have the Turkey Soup or the Marinara Sauce.  The Soup won out an hour ago I decided to throw the potatoes in and finish it off, ready for the table and the tummies whenever hunger strikes.

I don't have anything against the sauce, two of the tummies in the house said they could just eat bowls of it and be satisfied.  I made the executive decision to wait until tomorrow, not only because it is better the second day, but an hour ago I realized I should have made homemade pasta and tried out the pasta machine for the first time.

I have been a bit under the weather since just after Christmas with my stomach doing flip flops.  I had the dedicated help of my nighttime soup stirrers so I got my stocks from the turkey and the ham made and finally felt well enough to deal with them today.

I also have a ham, bean and onion concoction brewing on the back burner, but that is more like a lunch thing, especially since Thomas won't touch it.  Yes, interestingly, my life has incorporated lunch into the mix.  Basically unheard of since my school days (where I ate at at least one of the three lunches I took daily) , or I was working in a restaurant and a break fell upon the afternoon hour ~ which was always rare, not to mention finishing the kids plates when they didn't finish their lunches pre school days.

Christmas went well.  Patrick and Bruce made their usual late appearance and I danced around trying to keep food warm until they arrived.  Oven preheated for the dinner rolls that I know better than to bake before they step foot in the house!  Next year I swear I am going to wait until they arrive to put anything on the table and save myself the stress of reheating more than once!

It was great to have the everyone home.  Everyone but Jeff and his family, who we also got to visit after dinner.  Ainsley got her wish and has a kitchen at my house and a kitchen at her house.  Jeff and her Mom got her a very modern kitchen with a cool upright refrigerator.  I really like it and so does Ainsley!!

My friend Cynthia surprised me with a random visit the evening after Christmas just after dinner.  She has been working two jobs and is one busy lady, so our paths have crossed nowhere.  It was nice to sit and catch up with her.

The holidays have been fun and I am surprised at how quickly the year passed this year.  I have undergone an abundance of changes in my life most of them unexpected, all of them very positive.  The only negative has been the absence of my own personal computer to use at will, but I have worked that out and should be up and running very soon into the New Year.  It has been a blast sharing tidbits of my self with you all and rather miss my time doing so ~

It is my next goal. All I have to do is decide on which tower is available in my price range.  I am checking out NewEgg and their refurbished towers.  Fingers crossed they will have something close to what we looked at before Christmas so I can reestablish my writing routine.

The guys are calling for me to go watch an episode of "Rome" before dinner.  It is a low key night with my family once again and I could not be happier to do what I like best and that is spending time with those I love!
That about sums it up ~ except to say Happy New Year 2015!!!! 

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