Thursday, December 25, 2014


The Turkey and Ham are in the oven, Gram's stuffing is made, desserts ready to be plated and pie is chilling.  Almost everything on my list is checked off.  I am in pretty good shape this year.  Ainsley came over and decorated the tree (Santa can't leave your present a day early under a tree that isn't decorated worked very well!)

She went to sleep the night before Christmas Eve without any tears and very excited to wake up in the morning ~ waiting until 8:01 to wake me up since I told her we don't do anything related to Christmas until after 8 a.m..  She began to protest at that one, but I told her I made the boys wait til 9 a.m. over previous years.

Thomas woke me up at the ungodly hour of 1:30 to bring up her present from the safety of her eager and prying eyes and kept me up until 3:20. During which time we had to figure out how to "wrap" such a big present.  A gaudy gold tablecloth with a big red bow did the trick and I went to sleep satisfied that it would be acceptable.

Richard had teased her the evening before over dinner saying it was little.  She turned to me and said "Gramma ~ I thought you said it was big as a house," to which I just laughed.  When she saw how big it was her eyes got huge!  I don't think she was disappointed with her new kitchen and grill with all the accessories.  She played all morning with it!

Thomas slept all day yesterday and awakened to his present to open.  He knew what it was and has been just as eager to receive his as Ainsley was hers.  Sadly, the RAM was not compatible with his computer speed so now he has to wait for a return and replacement!

Richard and I are spending our first Christmas together.  It has been fun and different.  We wrapped gifts together in the afternoon.  He was eager for me to guess what he got me and wrote me out clues. It turns out he is like a little kid with a secret who can't wait to tell.

Needless to say, I could not guess from the clues and this morning I was very surprised to find a Pasta Machine under the tree from him!  I should have been able to guess that one but I was glad I didn't. Now I can roll out my pasta dough and finally make those Ravioli's!

It has been a busy week of preparation.  I was happy to have my granddaughter spend wonderful quality time with me.  We baked together, she taught me how to draw a cardinal very creatively which is some of our new "Refrigerator Art".  She made some sand art inside some glass ornaments as well and she seriously beat me in our ongoing Monopoly game.  I do not know who tired who out more!

Today is going to be a breeze compared to all of the baking and cooking I have been doing.  The most difficult thing I have left to do is peel potatoes.  My Gram's stuffing was easy and I think Ainsley had fun grinding the pork in the meat grinder which belonged to my Gram.  She will remember it for a lifetime and  I can imagine her all grown up showing her children and grandchildren some of the "old-fashioned" things which I brought to her life experiences.

I will be having a full table today with two out of three of my son's and their Dad's, Richard and myself for dinner.  I am so happy and excited that it is Christmas and am looking forward to spending my afternoon surrounded with my family.  I will see my eldest and his family later in the day since the wrapping was not finished yesterday so gifts were not exchanged.

I am off to spend some quality time with Thomas before my next task is at hand and before the guests arrive.  Life is good and Family is great!  I hope you all have a day filled with Love, Fun, Family and excellent food!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Loves ya!

Jennifer "GClawdia" Gallant

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