Saturday, December 20, 2014


It has been a long while since I put my fingers to the keyboard and shared anything at all.  I think I was last on around Thanksgiving praying for the miracle of my middle son at my table, places set and to my disappointment no arrival. 

While it bothered me to have a couple of empty seats at the table, I was hopeful that my prayers would be answered and lo and behold a couple of weeks ago, my wish came true, thanks in part to my Turkey soup, which he sent his Dad over for and then led him to call and see if there was more available.  I guess the way to a man's heart is his stomach indeed!

 His absence in my life produced an unusual reaction, besides sorrow, it also produced the loss of the little creative voice in my head which allows my fingers to hit the keys and write the words.  I completely shut down along with lacking my own computer to punch away at.

I have had oodles to say, but realize that I have to be in the mood to write and just because I had an hour or so of computer time a day working between my son's schedule and the demands of my days I found that just because I had things to say and wrote things in my head when it came computer time they did not always come back or out at all.

I got to the point where I didn't even waste my time plugging in my mouse and keyboard since there was no point in staring at a blank page which remained blank.  I had access to my sons computer last weekend for a couple of days and did bother to change it up to suit me and found the same thing happening.

So I have been fighting with myself, angry that I have not been able to prioritize my life and my time to suit my optimum conditions to produce anything.  We all know what happens when we start getting angry with ones self, for me, it means a total wall goes up.

So, I think it is safe to say that the Whimsey Show went over pretty well, thanks to the After ArtWalk Party at the Whitney, despite the public tree lighting during First Friday of December which did not produce more foot traffic as anticipated.

Everyone who came like the show and the layout.  A few artists were in attendance and at least one piece was sold!  The following day the Talking Books Event with Stephanie Abrams went off with slightly less attendance than anyone anticipated, but it was a very interesting event for all who were there.

Last Saturday was a travel/adventure day with Richard and I driving to Wassaic to take the train into New York City, Grand Central Station, subways and Chelsea.  You would think at my age and with the short distance from the Berkshires I would have been before, but other than a 9th grade field trip to the Financial District it was all new to me.

It was a eye opening experience and one which I am sure to repeat again.  I loved Grand Central Station and found myself looking up at the beautiful ceiling and around at the architecture and trying to piece it back together to days gone by as I remember from watching old movies.

Throngs of people filled the vast space heading here and there and while I was in line to get a Metro card for the subway I met a woman from England visiting with her son and we had a lovely conversation as the line moved forward.

I spent much of the day walking around looking up and around as we were there to get some architectural photographs for Richards latest series of paintings.  I am sure I looked like a total tourist, but I do not care.

There was a Farmers Market and a bunch of vendors selling goods and people everywhere.  It was much cleaner than I thought it would be and everywhere I looked there were young people dressed as Santa's, girls and boys alike.

We took a bus across town to Chelsea to the district with the Art Galleries and went into a bunch of them.  It was funny to me to see how different art is here in my city during ArtWalk than it is in the Galleries in New York City.  It was rare to see oil paintings, either portraits or landscapes anywhere.  I think two Galleries had paintings and all the rest were a bunch of photos, collages or anime.

It was a very interesting and exciting day for me indeed.  I was exhausted by the end of the day and was ready to board the train.  I could barely keep my eyes open all the way home and was a horrible co pilot during the drive since I had to take medicine after all that.

I am amazingly more set for Christmas than I normally am.  At first I was worried since my middle son wanted "The" gift of the year and the first store had 0 and the second store had 5 but they couldn't find them.  Determined as I was to make my boy happy I scoured every inch of Game Stop until I found the Link Character for his silly little game.

Since I do not do any kind of Christmas decorating until after my birthday (which today is) I am super organized on paper with what I will be doing.  I got the living room re arranged yesterday in preparation for the tree, cleared of shelves for the Nativity and the ceramic trees and today I found the lights I will need.

My Grand-daughter was due to come last night and I planned a Turkey Dinner for her and invited Pat and his Dad since they haven't seen her in a while, but she called in the morning to cancel due to illness so we had a small family dinner without her.

I am calling it a late Thanksgiving since it took two weeks to get my son in his chair around my table.  Believe me I am thankful.  Even though the turkey popper popped and the turkey wasn't done, which I found out when I went to cut into it after letting it rest and finding it needed more oven time ~ so goes my luck and timing! No one was in a hurry and we all finally sat down to enjoy a nice Friday night feast with some of the trimmings. 

With Christmas just five days away I didn't want to go overboard.  This year I finally obtained the stuffing recipe that was part of my entire life minus the past 15 years, stuffing so memorable that I can still taste it.  I only hope I can do it justice!

So Monkey girl is coming over at 4:00 to spend the night and to decorate the ceramic Trees.  Her present is assembled and hidden from her, the boys gifts are locked up and the key is hidden (they are as bad as she is!), baking, decorating and everything else Christmas (except the shopping) is waiting for my birthday to end so that the Christmas spirit can be present in my house.

Words are flowing and with any kind of luck I will be up and ready to go next month if I can shake some money out of the tree for a new computer tower and get back to normal (whatever that might mean!)

Physical Therapy has also started with two visits out of the way and the therapist promising to get me back in shape by the Spring.  It is killing me the next day but slow and steady wins the race in most cases and I hope in this one as well.  I would love not to have arms like lead weights each morning when I wake up.

I am still counting my blessings, more so now than ever.  Keeping the faith and picking myself up when I stumble.  I am off for now ~ miles to go before I sleep (or so they say).  Have a wonderful day!

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