Thursday, May 8, 2014


It took me two days to recover from all of my activity over the weekend.  No matter how long I slept or how soundly I woke more tired than when I had gone to bed.  Finally on Wednesday I woke refreshed and energized.

The weather ~ being what it is in the Berkshires ~ which is a combination of you never know!  One minute the sun is out and it is warm with a slight breeze and the next the sun is gone the wind is fierce and you are suddenly freezing!

It has indeed been a peculiar Spring around here.  The buds on the trees have begun to appear, along with the flowers and the Robins.  The maintenance men were at the house the other day raking and cleaning the yard.

I even got my garden hoed ~ which really kind of bummed me out.  It was an unexpected kindness which I am pleased and grateful for but I was really looking forward to turning that soil myself.  Despite feeling like crap during the beginning of the week I managed to get errands done and transplant my pepper plants.

I am the proud cultivator of 25 Green Pepper Plants and 25 Jalapeno plants ~ we shall see how many of them survive to the next stage.  My son is a wonderful critic ~ he said they are not getting enough light.  I agree they could use more but it hasn't been warm enough at night to put them on the enclosed porch where they will benefit from a greenhouse environment and the best sunlight.

I also planted some basil and my pineapple is showing some strong roots as well as some fine roots.  My granddaughter is coming over Friday night so we will be able to plant the sunflower seeds along with the daisy seeds.

I love these little planting projects.  I do hope that I am successful with the pineapple!  The replacement avocado tree is looking like it is growing a fine root as well but I haven't gotten the stalk to pop yet.  I think it should be anytime now ~ last time it was overnight.

So, yesterday after the maintenance guys were here and they had to come in to check the radiators and change a valve I was so disgusted with myself yet again for my untidiness that I killed myself cleaning.  I have been so much better lately with the floors but they are going to be my downfall.

I can't help it if the repetitive motion screws with my neck and my pain levels.  What chore regarding floors doesn't require repetitive motion?  Be it mopping, sweeping or vacuuming they are all the same.  I woke up today feeling not so great and a bit grouchy.

It was a good day for Thomas to sleep late, and probably a better one for him to be going over to his brothers house ~ which he did ~ pain is a bitch to be sure.  I can make a nice person mean and a happy one not so happy.

I want to be at my best tomorrow when my granddaughter is here.  The planting of the seeds and maybe making some cookies and our usual painting/drawing should pretty much fill our time and be low key as well. Since Thomas will me absent I won't have his help but I should be o.k....

I am looking forward to Mother's Day on Sunday as well.  It is going to totally be a family weekend which are the best kinds as far as I am concerned.  My two youngest boys are so funny about it.  My middle son questioning my younger son in front of me if he told me what my present was.

Trying to bait me to be curious.  My middle son is devious for sure.  He knows his brother would never betray his confidence at all.  I am sure he will blow me away with his skill in gift choosing.  He inherited that from me.

I am looking forward to a delicious roast beef dinner with all of the fixings ~ mashed potatoes, homemade gravy and green beans.  We are meat and potatoes all of the way.  I have been instructed I can make regular mashed as opposed to garlic mashed on the condition that I stuff the beef properly with garlic.  Like there is any other way!  I am getting hungry for Sunday dinner already!

I hope the weather holds up tomorrow so I can get to the market.  I think I need to redeem myself from Easter and the over steaming of the green beans ( a rookie mistake).  Since dessert is not required I think it is the least I can do.

It has been a while since I have walked to the market.  My friend Lisa has been gracious enough to bring me grocery shopping for my primary groceries, which is cutting down on my necessity to walk to the market every few days and also cutting down on my walking as well so I am looking forward to it.

I just stepped away from the computer to find something random and went up to my room to look there and inadvertently organized by category the stuff in the four boxes I have been putting off doing.  Now I have a box of puzzles, a box of decorative items, a bag of toys and colored pencils, a pile of papers and a box of video and media.

That was much easier than I expected so now I have a base for the other boxes to organize into.  I will have to resist the temptation of doing more tonight however.  These things have a way of taking over and I do not need that mess around when Ainsley is here.  Better to stack it back up in the corner where it was for another day, I have too much to do to prepare for my visit without adding more to the "To Do" List to be done by tomorrow!

Thomas is out, like I said for the evening.  I heated up some leftover pizza in the oven for dinner and I am feeling like it may actually be an early night of television.  I missed "The Americans" last night.  I hope I can stay awake for the whole thing!

I watched the movie "Were The Millers" today after lunch.  I really thought it was funny and laughed out loud more than a few times.  Nothing like a good comedy.  It was during that when my son phoned and told me it was warm outside.

I had been freezing all day.  I was, when he phoned snuggled up under my comforter in my bed and I was still cold.  I thought he was fibbing so I paused the movie and went outside and he was right!!  Like I said ~ weather in the Berkshires ~ you just never know!

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