Thursday, May 1, 2014


I should have threatened to make Chicken Soup sooner since Mother Nature did a turnaround with the weather unexpectedly today when I was preparing for the scheduled wash out of a rain day again today, she decided to warm up and be a gloriously warm and sunny day!

That did not stop me from simmering my soup stock, cuz living in the Berkshires it is only a matter of hours before the weather changes going from sun to rain or dreaded snow in the blink of an eye at times.  I decided since it was so warm, that I was going to go shopping today.

My friend Lisa called me and asked me if I could help her move and install a painting in the hallway of her studio in the afternoon, so I told her my plans and asked her to give me a call when she was ready, since I wasn't planning on being home and wasn't sure where I would be when she was ready to move the piece.

I went to my favourite Consignment store on North Street, within walking distance, and found within five minutes of leaving my house just how warm and overdressed I was already for the day, I took off my blazer and was still too warm!

I was in the market for some black pants for my volunteering stints since the dress code is always black and white and I was tired of my grey slacks which fall slightly out of the "uniform".  Upon entering my favourite little store, after admiring the formal dresses in the window which I didn't even dare to try on, but which I LOVE!!!, I headed to the pant area and pulled four pairs off the rack.

I loved one, liked two (dry clean however) and hated one, so I settled on the pair that I loved and went back to see if I had overlooked any other possibilities the first time, knowing I hadn't.  I glanced over at the shoe rack and stripped myself of my sneakers and socks and tried on some of the coolest black velvet open toed high heels which, for the money (they were on sale in addition to the already low price) I put them down as a "maybe" and continued shopping.

Since the summer season is coming up and all navy and orange tickets were additionally discounted, I decided to check out what else I could find.  I looked at the tops and found three which after trying them on decided to get and then thought to check the spring dresses just in case.

I found one dress that I liked so I tried to try it on, but I couldn't figure it out ~ the straps cross and I would hate to have to get into that dress in a hurry!  After some help by the owner who got the dress back to how it should go (I am not a girlie girl!) I finally got into the dress and it fit so nice that I could not resist, especially with the additional savings.

So now I had a pair of pants which I came in for and three shirts, a pair of shoes I will probably never wear, and a dress and asked for a grand total.  Then I saw the Fairy pin in the cabinet...It was also on sale!!!  My grand total was under $50.00 ~ or should I say, just over $40.00 for the sake of thriftiness here, and I may or may not be set with my granddaughters birthday present (I really want the pin for myself, but she would love it!)

I left feeling slightly guilty, but in reality it is only the second time I have bought anything new in the previous 7 years for myself as far as clothing goes.  I know, I have a ton of clothes but not a ton of clothes that I can/will wear.  I am guilty of needing to go through my clothes and let go of some things which I will probably never wear.

When I was finished I called Tom's Dad whom I was trying to meet to pick up some groceries from which he got for me, but he was not home, and Lisa didn't answer when I phoned her.  I began taking a leisurely stroll down North Street, enjoying the day towards Lisa's house when she phoned, which she did withing 10 minutes.

I told her I would meet her at her house and we both arrived at about the same time and we took down the painting she did of a Wolf and put it in her truck and made our way to the studio.  She had a spot already for it so getting it in and up on the wall was pretty routine.

We were chatting away when Rick called from his place across the street, so I told him I would be over when I was finished helping Lisa.  On the way across the street I ran into one of the tenants in his building who decorates furniture and stuff with pictures.  Today he had a end table with some pretty amazing pieces, I couldn't tell if they were Royo or Vallejo and neither did he but he did cut them out of a book and used them (shame on him), but they were so cool that I forgave him (sort of!)

He asked me if I had a second to check out his room which I had heard about from Tom's Dad ~ wall to wall every inch of his room from floor to ceiling and the ceiling covered with pictures which he cut out and did ~ I asked him if I could take some pictures ~ honoured to have been invited in and he said I could so I did before Rick came charging down to drag me out yelling at me for twenty feet of hallway like I was some child doing something wrong!

An artist and his work

 Some people just do not understand ART!!!  Not this guy!  I have no idea what his name is but I had to share this amazingly crazy and interesting room.

He said he had the entire room done once and he used less quality pictures and wasn't happy so he tore the whole thing down                                                                      and this is what he                                                                    got!

He has an idea to do the entire floor and cover it with a protective plastic if he can get permission~ that will be something else~ this girl will be curious to see if he gets permission or noT!



Kitchen Cabinet
These were all I could manage in the two minutes I was in the room.  I do not think I could live in a room like this personally, but I think it took great vision and he has a bunch of really cool pieces which he is always showing on North Street.

I am encouraging this man ( name unknown) to get involved in the art world and show some of these unique and creative pieces with people outside of pedestrians walking on North Street.  Call me crazy but I think they are cool, interesting and unique to say the least.  I only wish I had more time to take some more pictures and really absorb what I was seeing through my eyeballs!

Needless to say it was well worth the 10 minute scolding which I received.  I should be flattered that someone had my back (although I think I was good with the situation!)  So after that excitement I enjoyed a really nice walk home and thankfully my soup stock did not all cook away, although I forgot all about the roasting pan in the oven which I was warming up the pan drippings from said Chicken which were pretty well loosened and a bit charred!

All and all it was a pretty wonderful day out and about in my world!  Hope yours was the same!

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