Tuesday, May 13, 2014


My Mother's Day continued to get better with the arrival of the boys.  They had an few mishaps throughout the day and postponed the Mall visit for later that evening.  We sat down to eat and the green beans did have a nice crunch to them so I did redeem myself with that one!

The roast was good if you avoided the line of gristle and the gravy was one of my best to say the least.  All in all it was a delicious feast.  They even enjoyed the cheese platter I fixed up last minute ~ Patrick joked that I was being fancy when he saw the cheeses and the crackers ~ the boy does crack me up!

It got to be 9:00 so we headed to living room for Game of Thrones.  I think Bruce enjoyed it despite not wanting to watch it with Patrick, something which I had forgotten about when I turned it on.  We may have another GoT fan in the making.

I was thankful I had gone to bed early the night before.  There seemed to be no sign of the pain that had afflicted me the evening before making me retire around 9:00.  I was keeping my fingers crossed that that particular pain would keep away.

On Monday it was back again.  I had an appointment in the afternoon as the pain increased in my back I thought about not going.  I decided not to be a baby and go.  Each step I took increased and radiated pain. By the time I arrived at my destination I was in agony.

I was thankful for the good railing up to the second floor and I used it as leverage to pull myself up the stairs. Some activities I accept the pain no problem.  This, however was due largely to managing to mop all 7 floors in my house and vacuuming two rugs as well and it was not welcome at all!

I gingerly sat down in the chair ~ spotting a magazine article from February on The Brain.  I knew I would not have time to finish as I had arrived with minutes to spare.  My doc came out and the first thing I asked after saying hello was if I could borrow the magazine.

Since the offer had been extended in the past I already knew the answer would be yes.  I promised to return it next week and cannot wait to dig into it.  What I read sounded very interesting.  Just the kind of thing I love to absorb into my memory banks.

Since we had watched Game of Thrones instead of the Mall I had to wait an extra day for my gift, so I knew that I would be in for a treat later on that day.  I was wishing for a wooden cutting board and had no indication of what was on my son's brain regarding the gift.

I gave him a call as I walked home after my appointment.  We spoke briefly and he told me that he was coming over after the Mall.  That conversation killed a few minutes of the painful walk home.  On those days, when the pain is high and I have to do something important I look forward to seeing the familiar buildings of my neighborhood ~ especially the one that marks the top of my street ~ then I know I only have to walk by three more houses ~ yesterday it took forEver!!!!

I gratefully entered my house and wanted to collapse.  I couldn't however, since I ran into Tom's Dad out and about and he was bringing Tom's bike back finally.  I left him a block and a half from my house so he could pick up his glasses.

The wait for him was eternal as well.  When he finally did show up he parked Tom's bike on the porch and I gave him my first baby from my Spider Plant.  I hated to give up my first but there will be plenty more ~ it is flourishing like mad!

Since it was 81 degrees here I got my peppers out on the front porch so they could soak up some sun.  The vitamins have been working wonders on them ~ no casualties so far and my friend brought me over some liquid fertilizer for them.

My son, the critic (middle child) said they were not getting enough light so I am hoping the move to the porch does them good.  He is also a hater on the pineapple plant ~ doubting I will ever be able to grow it here in this climate.  I am up to prove him wrong!

I got my garden tentatively mapped out and discovered an animal hole under the fence.  I have a feeling it is a woodchuck.  I do not want to grow a garden for him so I have to do some investigating and brainstorming before I plant my garden.

I got to lay down for an hour before Pat arrived with my gift.  I was catching up on Once Upon A Time ~ two hour finale from Sunday night which I missed.  I went downstairs to let him in and he came in with a big box this year.

Inside was an awesome Canon Printer with fax, copier and scanner and it was wireless so I guess I can print off of all of this technology which I do not own ~ tablets, phones, etc.  It weighed a ton and a half and I had problems sliding it out of the box.

Thomas brought it out into the living room and I began to check out the set up book.  It was not a cutting board ~ but it was something I have been wanting for a while.  Now I have a mini office setup.  Well, not quite ~ now I have another room to reset up to make everything work.

After the guys left I began attaching wires and cables and got the ink in.  I was feeling like crap still so I left getting it on line for morning.  Which I might add went pretty well considering I couldn't use the set up disc.  I found what I needed on line and printed out a part of my latest story and it printed very well.

I am glad he got extra ink because I am sure I am going to need it!  It will be interesting seeing my work that I have done over the past couple of years in black and white and in my hands to read instead of locked in a box.

My son does know me pretty well and despite teasing me I really do know he loves me and I was happy as could be when he phoned me today to see if I got the printer set up and how it worked.  I thanked him again and again and told him that it worked great ~ so far so good!

I went out and did errands and my back is flaring again, but I wanted to share the second half of my day and a little bit more...

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  1. wow a printer that does everything..so now you can print some photos and have shows and become famous like us all....
    advice on wood chuck throw in a smoke bomb in the hole...from your garden expert friend.