Tuesday, May 20, 2014


A new week is upon us.  I have been having a great deal of fun with my new printer and getting ready for a visit from my friends daughter from South Carolina.  I have been taking it kind of easy since the problem with my back is not going away on its own ~ low key activity basically which has been fine until I leave the house and try to walk more than 20 feet and then I have problems.

Such was the case Friday evening when I excitedly set out to check out the Opera at the Whitney Center for the Arts.  I was invited by an acquaintance who was singing with her husband,  I have seen some opera, but, I think I would have been in for a treat.

The trouble began before I was even a block from my house.  Pain shooting up my back, down my leg with each step.  It seems to be the norm lately which in my estimation really sucks!  I pushed myself to go on, each step agony.

I made it another block and would be in the park and closer to my destination, that is what I kept telling myself with each and every step.  I felt like the little Train who Could...until I couldn't, which happened about halfway through the Park.

I wasn't sure if I could make it to the bridge on the other side ~ I was almost there...counting steps, praying for an end to the pain.  When I made it to the bridge I would have done a dance if I could have, but it was not in the cards.

I walked down the little hill to the store to pick up some gum and a water.  There was a line so I got to stand still for five minutes and my pain subsided for a blessed minute.  I left the store feeling more confident I could make it to my destination.

Back on the bridge, I could see the Library, which was close to my destination.  So close, yet so very, very far.  The sky was quickly darkening, the sprinkles were getting heavier as I assessed my situation.  I now had five minutes until I was late for the beginning of the show.

Ordinarily that would have been enough time to be just a minute or two late, this was no ordinary day however.  I looked toward the library and looked to my left ~ the Park and home, couch, heating pad, relief. Either way it was going to be painful, so I opted for home.

I didn't really want to sit and suffer as had a new experience so I surprised my son when I walked back through the door.  He knew I was in pain to opt out of a new experience.  I had been excited and looking forward to it all day!

It seems to be getting time to call the doctor I think.  I, as you might know, hate doctors,  to be in a pain situation, and believe me, I can block out a good deal of pain, and to be considering calling my doctor means that we have Trouble with a capital T and I am like an Ostrich with it's head in a hole trying to ignore a problem even exists.

My light duty means that I get to do small tasks and take baby steps.  I always have plenty to do to keep busy and lately I have been pleased with the status of my chore maintenance for the most part.  I had until Monday to clean Tom's room and get it ready for company.

I woke Saturday feeling better after a bad nights rest.  The pain seemed less.  The true test would be walking so I decided to take a shower and get out and do my errands before the rain arrived.  While I was out, and feeling okay I decided to see if I could get my haircut.

After the last fiasco and the subsequent problems which arose after I took hold of some scissors to cut the front which the last hairdresser did not do, breaking a major long standing rule #1 which states that I must never touch scissors and cut my own hair with good reason!

I can't draw a straight line, cut a straight line or cut my own hair.  Proven fact and one which I was getting ready to break again unless I let someone else do it.  I had one option left and headed to Abbey Cutters to see if Teddy was free.

He was and we had a wonderful hour chatting and laughing.  I met Ted when I was about 13 or so, hanging in the Coffeehouse next to his shop which I used to regularly frequent in the search for my Father.  One of my Father's friends hung out there too and he was "helping" me find him.

I have a feeling he was helping my Father avoid me instead and that "relationship" held it's own adventures and challenges which are for another time.  Anyhow, Teddy is a Downtown fixture, implant from NYC and an aspiring writer who cuts hair to make a living.  I trusted him and let him work his magic ~ which he did!

I went home feeling amazing and ready to tackle anything ~ including the housework.  Instead I found myself surrounded by amazing friends and family having a heck of a fun time laughing a continuing to enjoy the day!

Since Tom doesn't use his room anymore since he adopted my living room as his own, it wasn't that difficult .  I woke up Sunday morning and grabbed the blankets and sheets off the bed and went down to make tea.  I blew a fuse right off the bat, which enabled me to gravitate down cellar to flip the switch and start the laundry.  All before tea ~ not a bad way to begin the day.

Monday came and I was ready as I was going to be.  I had an appointment at 2:00 so I got ready early so I could do my "new" hair.  I hadn't even had a chance to get dressed the day before since it was a non stop day of activity and people again.

It was cloudy and I was worried about rain so I stopped by to show Teddy how awesome my new haircut was and how much I loved it before it got rained on!  He was as excited as I as I thanked him profusely for working magic!  I was early for my appointment, which was necessary it seemed to have time to chat with people I encountered along the way.

I stopped and had a hot dog with Ernie the Hot Dog Vendor and it did begin to rain a little.  I stood under his umbrella as I ate and he flirted with me.  I love older gentlemen, they know how to make a girl feel good in a harmless way and Ernie was on a roll yesterday!

I had a great visit with my Doc.  I think I even kept him awake during his low energy part of his day.  We had a great talk and I got some good pointers on a couple of issues I was having ~ now if I can just implement them!

Miss Tori has been planning the trip North since October and the trip almost did not go as planned.  After she smoothed out some bumps everything was back on and was flying into Albany at 2:00 on Monday.  I left the doctors appointment I had called home to see if she had arrived yet.

Tom answered the phone like a girl and I thought it was Tori.  He was playing with me however because when I got home she hadn't arrived yet.  That was a good thing as I really needed to lay down before she did arrive.

Moments before finding this out, as I approached my gate, a long lost friend stopped outside my house, back in the area once again we caught up for a moment before I went in to check on my company.  The day was better and better ~ except Tori wasn't here yet!  I had been tricked by my own son!

I checked the computer and saw that she had landed eight minutes before ~ I had an hour to myself before beginning the hostessing gig.  I really wasn't sure what to expect.  Not knowing if Tori was like her Mom and planned every minute of her visits or if she was low key.

I also wasn't sure if she was planning on having dinner here either.  I had planned on Shepherd's Pie, one definite meal we had discussed and always a favourite here.  I decided to play it by ear and Tom and I watched some t.v. in my room to wait for her to arrive.

Right on schedule Tom asked me if I heard a knock ~ I hadn't but went down to check and found Tori on our porch wondering if we were home.  Tori settled in, got into some shorts (it was freezing out!) and we caught up a bit before I began to chop and saute and peel and get the meal in order.  She had been thinking about Shepherd's Pie for days I guess and was glad I was making it.

We needed to get some coffee since Tori is a coffee drinker and we are not.  One thing I never have in the house ~ so we planned on taking a walk to get Ice Cream and wander down to Family Dollar for some coffee.

Of course my body gave out on the way to King Kone.  Lovely, I pushed through the pain and treated with a hot fudge sundae just to make it more worthwhile.  Knowing that our journey was not over, ice creams in hand we made our way through various parking lots and short cuts to the far end of North Street.

To say I was grateful to arrive back home would be an understatement.  I got through some work on the computer and decided I needed to lay down two hours ago.  I convinced Tom to heat up my heating pad while I got into my P.J's which he kindly did.

They came up and hung out with me for a little while.  I wasn't tired, I was just in pain.  After a reheat on my heating pad the two of them left me to my pain and I could hear them downstairs making popcorn and was amazed that I had such an awesome son.

I normally would not go to bed that early with guests in the house and Tom stepped up and was being a gracious host indeed.  He brought me up a cigarette and made me a bowl of popcorn as well, always thoughtful!

I thought I heard Tori go to bed a few hours later.  I woke early, realizing I should get up and surprised that Tori wasn't up.  Tom was in the kitchen when I came down, getting a drink before going back to his couch.  I walked into the living room to find Tom on the couch and Tori on the love seat all curled up.

I wonder why I cleaned the room?  Now I have two 20 somethings sleeping like babes as I type away IN my LIVING ROOM!!!  It should be an interesting week.  I am only half upset about the takeover of my living room.  I am now wondering if Tom is going to switch Tori to his schedule or if Tori is going to normalize Tom's schedule!!

The sun is amazing today and I am hoping it is going to be an awesome day.  I will probably put off calling the doctor as I have to be true to my procrastinating self  ~ I may just do some porch/sun time and get a jump on my tan ~ now that would be ideal!

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