Sunday, May 4, 2014


I have had such a fun and wonderful weekend through and through that I just can't wait to give you a full report with some pictures as  well ~ but it is Sunday Night and I just watched Game of Thrones, did some research on those jeans that I bought the other day because it turns out they were the best find of the day with out a doubt ~ $8.00 for the most amazing fitting black jeans with a label of "Christopher Blue" whom I have never heard of before ~ and didn't notice until after I wore them.

Turns out that they are high end jeans and I will be looking out for this label.  I must say ladies ~ if you want to feel really good about yourself invest in a pair for yourself!!!!  Save your pennies though ~ like I said they are pricey and I would never in my life spend full price on jeans for myself so unless you are lucky like I turned out to be don't drop dead of sticker shock!

I am planning on writing about ArtWalk on Friday ~Comedy on Saturday and Berkshire Idol today ~ however, it is Sunday and I am minutes away from watching Nurse Jackie after grabbing a quick Kielbasa and Onion Sandwich between shows, games and writing this ~ guess which one got the least amount of time?  This cuz I was blown away and had to share about the jeans!

Have a great night everyone and I will catch up tomorrow somewhere during my normal Monday activities ~


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