Sunday, May 11, 2014


I find myself with some unexpected free time today.  Not that I have no plans, they just got shifted as I was stuffing the roast beef with garlic and pre-heating the oven my middle son called, "Happy Mother's Day, Mom ~ what are you doing?"  I said I was starting dinner ~ "Wait, don't start dinner yet, we need to eat later than normal ~ 5 or 6."

Fine by me.  I was worried that I was starting dinner too late, since I decided to take a walk on this gloriously beautiful and warm day.  As I was walking I got lost in thought, thinking it would be a perfect Ocean/Beach day ~ just the right amount of sun with a nice breeze to cool you off when the sun got too warm ~ the only thing I am missing is the Ocean!

No worries at all today ~ I stopped by the store and picked up some ice cream and some cheese since the Australian Sharp Cheddar I bought the other day when I made it to the market picking the right part of the day with a 50% chance of rain and 100% cloudy sky, making it almost impossible to predict when to go!  I made it back dry and loaded down with all of my necessities for the Feast today.

I shut off the oven, continued my task of stuffing the roast, chopped some onions and chopped the ends off the green beans I picked up at the Big Y.  No fresh only these pre-cut ends which as I said needed work.  I tried not to remember my experience at the Big Y (there is always something!)

My eldest son just phoned so I have heard from two out of three so far...I might get an unexpected visit after their dinner by he and Ainsley!!  I always look forward to that!  Just speaking to all three of my son's on any given day is a bonus ~ to lay eyes on them all on the same day is like a double rainbow!

Ains and I had a great time during our "Girl" Sleepover on Friday night.  She was anxious to arrive so she came before dinner (I love that she loves to visit me!).  I was not worried as I had burger thawed out.  Since she hadn't eaten it ensured that I would actually eat that evening (I hate eating alone!)

She brought two of her little Fairy's over with dresses and accessories for us to play with so we played with Tink and Periwinkle (I got Tink).  We flew into the kitchen and stocked up on Pixie dust and went shopping in the Boutique before we prepared Burgers.

I had been softening butter so we could bake some cookies, a very fun activity, so after she helped make burgers and I was cooking them she was anxious to begin creaming the butter and sugar (are all six year olds this eager?), I gave her some sugar and took over when it got too hard to stir and she helped measure the brown sugar and then I got her chopping walnuts since the stirring was up to me.

We learned that you could substitute Sea Salt for table salt (who runs out of table salt????) I also learned afterward that you should crush said Sea Salt however, some cookies were salty!  She got interested in the chopper after chopping the nuts.

She began chopping combinations of things, stale mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and sea salt, making an interesting creation indeed!  She really liked the sea Salt, so much so I had to put it up high so she would not get carried away with it, or it by her.

We had a great night together, although she really missed Thomas and we had to call him.  I think she wanted him to come and visit with Patrick and play with her, but Tom and Pat were involved in whatever they were involved in so it was the two of us.

After eating some awesome burgers and baking cookies we played outside ~ it was once again cloudy and looked like rain ~ still, but still no rain.  She wanted to go to the playground, but I was firm, since there has been a lot of trouble up there and it was Friday night that we were not doing that.

We opted for Slushies at King Kone instead, taking the "long way" not going through the Common - all I could here was my son's voice about right and wrong and felt that he would have disproved.  Safety first I always say.

After we got our slushies we headed back home.  We could tell the Park was deserted so we took a chance and walked through the newly paved and well lit area encountering a few children running the track and riding bikes.

We made it home without incident and took off our shoes and coats.  We decided to put television on upstairs and get into our jammies.  I was totally exhausted by that time anyway from overdoing it all week even though I tried hard not to.

She finally crashed just before 11 ~ just like Thomas used to be ~ one minute awake and full of energy and then in the blink of an eye ~ out like a light.  I went downstairs and had a smoke and put on the television.  I was really missing Thomas now ~ after Ains falls asleep he usually has me watching something way too late.

I gave him a call ~ knowing he would still be up ~ it was noon for him just about even though it was 11:30 at night.  He knew that I missed him.  He chatted with me for a few minutes and then I let him get back to his quality time with Pat and Bruce.

Now I have one more hour left and only potatoes to peel to be ready to start cooking.  It has been an awesome day without anything at all happening.  I have been blessed with well wishes since before I even woke via text and phone calls.

I do love my life!  I can't wait to see what Patrick and Thomas got me since Pat peaked my curiosity during the middle of the week!  Jeffrey expected me to have planted the beautiful flower that he and Lisa got me already but I am going to utilize it in my dining room for fragrance during dinner ~ it is so delicious!

I hope I can hold out for dinner without beginning with dessert first!  It is Mother's Day after all and I am so proud to be the best Mom I can be which for me has been and will always be my highest priority!  Thank you to my three sons, without whom none of the best parts of my life would be possible!

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