Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Confusion and fear, you are near

Using your tricks to make conflicts

Trying to manipulate me to see something you think is bad for me

Instead of trusting that what I feel is real.

You try to make believe you love me yet you use me constantly

When my actions do not suit you it makes you blue

You then make me feel like I am wrong

It is a familiar song.

Once Upon A Time you were mine, smiling sweetly, making me believe

you had nothing up your sleeve.

Then you grew up and our roles reversed, now you make me feel small and alone

Since you have grown into my worst nightmare

You use tricks that worked in the past

Manipulation, guilt and fear ~ always near

Despite all the pains that I have made to keep those things away

You break my heart, tearing me apart.

I will always love you ~ that much is true

I could never be so cruel as to push you away, make you afraid, make you feel small

I wouldn't do that at all even though it is easy for you

You haven't got a clue, sweet child of mine

how many times I cried over you

It makes me blue to think that you would sink as low

not ever caring what I know as I watched you grow

Wishing I had some say into the way that you behave

Treating me like a child trying to make me wild

Turning me into a slave

To get me to behave

You cannot accept what I feel

It is unreal

I will love you to the grave and beyond

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