Saturday, October 18, 2014


Time has been flying by quickly since I got out of the hospital.  I have been feeling better than I thought I would at this time.  Everything is mostly okay.  Last week I had to go to BMC due to a cough I brought back from Bay State and had a pleasant experience at the E.R..  For a change, I cannot complain about the service there.They gave me some antibiotics since I had just gone through surgery.

My incision is healing good at the top and not so good at the bottom. It began seeping the night before last and increased seepage over the course of the day so I phoned my Surgeon after hours and spoke to the Physicians Assistant and sent a picture, which is a pretty cool way to see what a patient is talking about.

He called back after looking at the picture and recommended I keep taking the antibiotics and keep an eye out for the wound opening and pus.  Now I have to keep it bandaged which is a good way to keep track of seepage since it is not gushing out and is clear which makes it impossible to be aware of otherwise.

I probably should not be doing all of the things I have been doing but health be damned ~ I am stubborn.  So, until I go back to see the surgeon on Wednesday I am going to try my best to be a good patient and not make things worse.

I am thankful for the soft collar as it helps to have help supporting my head upon my neck.  It is very strange when your muscles are cut in the back.  It affects everything from getting up while lying down to sitting up and even standing and sitting without a collar is a pain in the ass ~ I never realized how heavy ones head can be ~ sometimes my head feels like it weighs 100lbs.

Despite recovering I took advantage of the nice afternoon on Thursday and went to Third Thursday. Since it is October the kiddies were costumed up and the first people I saw were my eldest son and his family including my little monkey girl who was cute as a button in her costume!

She saw me and ran up to me and I had to refrain from scooping her up into a big hug ~ the very sight of her always brings a huge smile to my face!  I love her sooooo much!  My son and daughter in law got to meet my significant other who has been by my side and taking such good care of me.

My eldest son is so difficult to read so it was difficult to tell what was going through his head when they met.  He can come off as semi disinterested and some of his facial expressions are so cool it was hard to read him.  I think it went pretty well.  Two sons down and one to go.  My middle son is so elusive and funny about meeting people.  He hasn't even come by to see me although he calls and checks in with me regularly.  I miss him a bit.

Life is good despite the fear of the unknown.  I am taking it one day at a time and not worrying about the "what if's"  One thing at a time,  Tonight is another performance at the Whitney.  It should be an interesting show this evening with Entre Mundos and Minta White performing.  I love all things new so I think I will enjoy learning what Contemporary and Classical South American Folk Music sounds like.

Minta White is a flutist and I love flute music as well ~  yet I have never had the experience of hearing a flute soloist.  I did try to learn the flute while I was in elementary school, giving up after learning one song.  Making music is just not my thing despite my love of music in all genres.

I will be there at the Whitney this evening for the 7:30 performance.  I do hope to see you there. These musical performances have been well attended and I enjoy each and everyone of them. Reservations are not necessary but if you want to be sure to have a seat then it is recommended.  Be sure to consider this event as a possibility of a great way to spend a Saturday evening.

Early dinner tonight so we won't be late for the show and I am cooking the amazing Hamburg and Green bean casserole my brother's wife cooked for me last week when I slept over the evening before surgery.  I am getting hungry just thinking about it and it is only just past breakfast time.  I hope I can do the dish justice.

Time to catch up with my computer games now that I have taken the time to write and share an update.  My computer is still down and my son is back on his computer again due to a huge update to his World of War Craft obsession not to be mistaken for his Playstation obsession of the week before which allowed me more computer time.

The weather has been rainy recently and then warms up which is the only thing that is saving my poor neglected garden.  My peppers, both hot and sweet are trying to grow and with few more days of sun and rain they should be ready.  My one and only daisy finally opened it's petals for me and the timing could not be better!  Next year I plan on timing my garden out better, but I am hopeful that the next few days will prove to be fruitful unless we get a frost.

Since I can't think of anything more to update you on I am off for now.  Thanks for reading and I hope to see you out and about tonight if you are in the area!

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