Tuesday, November 10, 2015

FOOD + FAMILY = FUN!!!!!!!

I was grateful for the distraction today, of a family dinner this evening.  I woke up feeling worse than I normally do with horrible pain from my neck to my knee.  It was torturous!  It did not matter if I was sitting or standing, walking or lying down nothing, not even the stretches and the hot water in the shower would release the pain coursing through my body.

To make matters worse I was running low on essential supplies and had no choice but to walk upstreet and pray that it did some good.  Of course it was a crappy, grey day here, the only thing it had going for it was that it wasn't as cold as it looked outside.

I made my way adequately dressed for the day and prayed that the rain would hold off until I made it home.  I planned out my route and my needs and decided to go north on North and make my way South and then go back home in a circle.

I thought it was a good sign when a car slowed to let me cross the street on Maplewood before it turned into 510 North Parking lot, I thanked the man and proceeded through the parking lot on my way to the Family Dollar.

As I was approaching A- Mart, the same guy pulls in and begins to park - until he realizes that I was not going in A-Mart and next thing you know he is in parked in front of me asking me if I wanted a ride - mind you, I was almost at my destination, but really???

I had been noticing, as I do, his behavior and thinking to myself, stalker, serial killer, danger after the A-Mart incident, what on Earth made this guy even think, if I wasn't near my destination that I would get into his car after he had been creeping me out?  I don't even get into cars with people I know most of the time!

That did not help my disposition as far as my pain levels went, no, I do not find it appealing when you drive by, slow down, turn around and creep on me - any guy that thinks a girl would find that endearing is messed up to be sure!

I had bigger fish to fry and I headed to my destination without any more weirdness and backtracked to A-Mart to get what I did need in there, or so I thought.  The creepy guy made me forget an item and I didn't realize it until I was heading home later so I got to do the whole stretch of road all over again!   The joys of having limited shopping choices and a head full of air!

My next stop was a pleasure stop to the Cafe.  I knew my friend would be there and I wanted to share a Dostoevsky book since we had an in depth conversation about Tolstoy and Dostoevsky recently on more than one occasion.  He is the one who pointed me in the direction of the Tolstoy book I am currently reading.

My Ham was cooking and I had no worries there.  I had cleared off half of the dining room table before I left, only cheating slightly by stacking the piles in a box in an orderly fashion and stacking the sorted boxes on top of that to keep the group together.  I also HAD to put a few things back on the landing since I really have no idea where to put these odds and ends, and had no patience for doing so considering how I felt.

I had a cup of tea, delivered the book which was well received, had some stimulating conversation and then had to go.  As I was walking by one of the stores the owner came out.  Her husband was just calling me on the phone.  I had left my angel pendant there last week.  The crystal body had broken and they were able to repair it for me!  I was so happy, I had forgotten all about adding it to my list. Just one of the excellent ways our local business go out of the way for their customers!

It was when I left there that I realized what else I had forgotten way down the other end of the street. To be honest, I could have stopped at a store half of the distance for the same product and saved 7 whole cents, but I am boycotting the store that is half the distance.  I do not like some of the practices that the store owner has been doing, so I choose to not do business with him.  It is too bad, because he didn't used to be a shady business owner, such is life!

Finally had everything I needed and was more than ready to be home with four blocks between me and home and the Park.  I made it through the Park with a couple of raindrops falling.  I had to change my route midway since there was danger in the form of verbal abuse waiting for me, so I cursed and walked to the further cross road.  That ended my stop to pick up the fish for my aquarium, but I really didn't have time anyway.

I was so happy to be home when I finally arrived, safe and sound.  The smell of ham that attacked my nostrils when I opened the door was intense.  My stomach growled.  I opened the oven and took a peek inside.  I had seared the fat and it had swelled and crisped perfectly - just the way Tom's Dad likes it.

I reached in my pocket and headed upstairs, pendant in hand, in search of a chain to put it on.  I need a ring and found a claw hook and a chain that one my friends recently gave me and headed down stairs in search of the needle nose pliers and better light and a larger work area just in case I dropped anything.

For a change, the operation went smoothly and soon my pendant was dangling from the chain.  The trick was getting the thing on since my small motor skills are really poor, especially so when I am having a high pain day.

After a few tries I was successful.  I wish I could say a miracle happened and my pain went away once the necklace was back where it belonged, but no such luck.  I quickly got to work finishing preparing the table for company and worked on peeling potatoes and getting the other veggies on.

I had decided to go with two veg with the potatoes since I only had 7 smallish ones left and my guys do love their mashed potatoes.  Tom's Dad arrived early, as is normal and Tom was up and at the door to let him in.

It had really begun to rain by that time and he rode his bike down, cranberry sauce in hand, just like he said he would.  I made him a cup of tea as I finished cutting the potatoes and joined him and Tom in the living room with my tea.

Pat and Bruce were on an errand for me which was just too far for me to walk, and they too showed up less late than normal.  We normally do not eat until 7 ish, but for some reason we had a normal 5:00 p.m. dinner scheduled.

We had a nice feast and everyone helped clear the table and we settled in the living room for some conversation.  Tom's Dad lasted longer than usual before getting some ham for sandwiches and the rest of that sizzled fat and headed home, hopefully in less rain than is falling now!

Tom decided to invite himself to his brothers house and began packing up his computer while I wrapped up the food and put it away. (One serving of mashed left, made me chuckle!)  I rinsed the plates and soaked the pans and decided I had enough of that for one day.

They all left and the house got so quiet all I can hear is the rain falling outside and when it stops the sound of the water tinkling in the aquarium.  I grabbed my handy dandy microwavable heating pad, got into some jammies and decided to get back into the writing swing of things - two days in a row, will wonders never cease!

Just kidding.  Now my tea is gone, my day is documented and I am ready to take this solo party upstairs with a freshly heated heating pad and see if I can't obtain at least one good night sleep in a row!  Fat chance I know, was I really complaining last month about too much sleep?  What I wouldn't give for a few hours of that!

Microwave is beeping - time to go!

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