Thursday, November 12, 2015


It was midnight, the streets were empty and quiet as I walked through town on my way home.  Not a person or a car to be seen or heard.  The air was still and the clouds covered the night sky.  A chill ran down my back - not from the cold, but from the silence.  I hastened my pace, the only sound now was the quicker click clack of my shoes on the sidewalk as I hurried along ,my way.

It had been a long evening and I was eager to be home.  Two hours at the Theater greeting people in the Lounge during Intermission and I was ready. The hair stood up on my arms and I shivered.  A crime drama - maybe that was why I was on edge as I made my way towards the Park two blocks from my home.

Strange, I thought again, how quiet the streets are for a Friday evening.  There wasn't a person in the Park. The place was supposed to be patrolled, and allegedly had cameras everywhere.  I had my doubts and didn't want to test that theory. Almost through.  The scream barely escaped my throat as the cold blade reached it's mark.

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