Monday, November 9, 2015


Once again I find myself far behind my writing goal, which if memory serves me was once a day, each and every day.  Now I find myself writing in a cool little book with a pen in the Cafe as I drink my tea and people watch.

Next I may actually share some of the little poems I write, but you never can tell.  Somehow it doesn't seem right, or maybe that is just my laziness talking.  (As Goomba curses me for not putting up the latest episode of Unexpected which has been sitting in a notebook since May - the beginning days of not feeling right about putting up what I hand write).  I am one strange person at times.

Ah, well.  Such is life!  The second half of October dragged on as I learned how to wait patiently for other people to make decisions, which turns out were in my favour, and I wait still for the paperwork to be processed so I can really feel like something has changed.

I waited all month for my grand daughter to have time to come and visit me when each of us didn't have other plans that is.  Finally my wish was granted and we got to spend almost 24 wonderful hours together - it was 21 but who is counting :)  !!!

We had so much fun!  Summer went by too quickly with me curating and taking care of my Dad. Although Ains and I spent a couple of random days hanging out at the Cottage, it is not the same as a girl sleepover which is what I needed.

My little monkey girl puts me back to rights!  She has such a wonderful presence.  Even though I know that we are going to be non-stop active unless we are asleep, it was just what I needed to ground myself once again!

Her Mom dropped her off and brought in the new mini man - sweet little Declan!  He is now four months old and without my Son around I was much more comfortable with him.  My daughter in law is the best!  I love her so much!  If I had a daughter I would want her to be just like Lisa.

She caught me up on the news of the family and the babies sleeping habits.  He is not a good boy in the sleeping department as his Daddy was, but he loves his Daddy!  All you have to do is say the word Daddy and he smiles the biggest smile!

They left and our fun began immediately.  We ordered pizza and began our evening.  My new set up got her nod of approval of the new living room set up and her toy areas.  I brought out the canvas's so she could get a visual in order to get an idea ahead of time, but we did not get that far.  Maybe next time for sure!

The board games, the baking, and as a treat we went shopping in two stores on North Street and both of them had toys - one consignment and one our only downtown Toy Store these days - where we played with the toys and finally decided it was the day for her first charm bracelet.

She picked out two charms - one a cell phone which she wants in real life, but is too young, and the other a goldfish, which I am sure she wants as well, but with two cats and a new baby in the house that is probably not going to happen!

We had a great afternoon and ended up in the Cafe where she had a delicious Hot Chocolate which Shaun made a flower design on top of, and showed her as he did it.  She drank her Cocoa so carefully and it wasn't until we put a to go lid and made our way home that the flower got distorted.  We had to meet Dad aka, Jeff.  He was coming after work and we needed to pack up and get ready for him.  It was a really great day!

Since Tom had bailed on me the night before I ended up in a quiet house with much to do.  I was still waiting to hear if I was going to have to find a new apartment or not so I got some more of the dreaded sorting done since it would have been stupid to put up pictures just to take them down again. I was not too stressed, just a woman on a mission with an empty house and no distractions.  I made the most of my time for sure.

I didn't begin to get stressed out until Monday night after not having heard back from the Property Managers yet.  I looked up apartments on line and got super discouraged and went to bed praying that I would not have to find another place to live.

After a restless night sleep I woke up and began another day, just like every other day - tea, computer and a new twist (which is an old twist) dishes as the tea is brewing.  Part of my new (old) strategy.  As it turns out, all the hard work I have been doing has paid off - I wake up in the morning and only have to tidy up a bit.

Any one can come into my house any time and I would be fine with that, which in reality is how it should be.  I had gotten so far behind that that was not the case.  Considering the next stage in my waiting game is a Home Inspection I had no other choice!

I wish I could say that I finished my bedroom, then I would really be done.  Mom is always last. While it is functional the Feng Sui isn't flowing.  I did winterize which means all of the plants are in my room and at home on the now clear table I had up there.

I hijacked the base of the Hex Aquarium to set up the aquarium which I have been wanting to do for three years.  I am happy to say that it is cleaned, filled and water is flowing through the filter and the temperature is perfect now for two days.  I just need a nice warm day, like two days ago, to transport some fish from my friend Cindy and her hubby.

My dining room table is once again buried as I  stacked a bunch of stuff there while I figure out where to put all the breakables.  I went on a cleaning binge and cleaned the other day, I probably went in the kitchen to make a tea and got sidetrack knowing me - happens all the time these days!

I had invited the guys over for dinner the other night and forgot the table was buried.  Instead of stacking the piles back where they were, I decided we would eat in the living room, which turned out to be just as comfortable and cozier as well.

Of course, I am having everyone over for a nice ham dinner tomorrow and have no choice but to finish what I started.  I don't think even I could serve a ham dinner in the living room - maybe buffet style but I am not going there!

So, I guess I am writing to get back into the swing of things.  Still trying to get that new routine down which works for me.  Even though I have been doing less out and about in the world (or so it seems) I really have been busy and focused, You know me, never a dull moment!

Hope every little thing is going well in your worlds!  

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