Thursday, November 12, 2015


The heat of the fire was perfect on the cool November evening.  I sat with my back on a rock and stared into its flames, feeling the warmth on my face, hearing the embers crackle and pop.  An owl hooted somewhere in the distance and the sound of the river nearby seemed to put me into a trance. The colors of the fire, red, green, blue...danced before my eyes.  The glow made the night behind all the darker.

I felt very relaxed as I gazed into the flames.  My mind emptied and I felt warm, relaxed and comfortable.  I took a sip of my cocoa, now cool enough to sip, tasting the creamy, smooth chocolate treat, as though for the first time.  The clouds shifted and suddenly the moon beamed down full, bright and clear as if to remind me I was not alone on this fine eve.

I listened to the fire crack and the water tinkle and stared at nothing but the flames.  Before my eyes I saw a dragon take shape in the flame and there was a blast of hot air.  Out of the glow a wizard appeared to be waving a wand, and I thought I heard an old incantation as what appeared to be fireworks flew like streamers from the flames into the darkness.

I stared closer into the flames, curious to see what would happen next.  I heard the gallop of horses hooves and men shouting, steel on steel added to the chorus.  A hot blast of air shot 15 feet into air before my eyes.  I rubbed them and pinched myself to make sure I was awake.  More shouts filled the air, sparks and embers popping then silence.

Once more the river could be heard clearly, its faint tinkling the only sound I could hear.  The wind blew and the bare branches rattled against one another.  A wolf howled in the distance.  I sat and took another sip of my cocoa. and moved closer to the fire and rubbed my hand atop and felt the heat of the flames.  I added another log and sat back down in my spot and lit a cigarette.

Voices seemed to come through the flames.  I relaxed and kept my gaze focused, as if staring at a stage.  I saw a fine black stallion with what appeared to be a Knight in Armour holding a long sword.  It charged through the flames and I heard a sound - almost like a thud and a pop, and then a scream  of pain unlike anything I have ever heard for what seemed like eternity.

The air around me was still and I was still alone.  Suddenly I heard the cheer of 100 men.  Men who had fought a long and hard battle, at the edge of defeat, tasting the sweet taste of victory.  I heard strange happy music and more cheers.  I saw a celebration through the flames, a bonfire and a large green dragon lying at rest.

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