Thursday, November 12, 2015


The rain just started coming down in buckets as I sit and type this.  This is just what I was worried about getting caught in as I did my errands this afternoon.  Instead I walked the second half of my journey in a mist as I made my way home.

Fish in hand finally I hurried the last block to my house and put them in the aquarium.  They looked lost in all that space, my four new friends.  Soon they will have company since one of them is pregnant!  They left a huge tank with what looked like 100 fish of various sizes and colors.

They are guppies and one of them has a cute fan tail and some interesting markings.  I hope we hatch a few of those!!!  My friends husband just hopes they don't all die on me and knock on wood, so do I!!  It has been many years since I had an aquarium and I am pleased with it's location in the dining room.  I keep finding myself out there looking at them, they are very relaxing.

When I last wrote I was looking forward to a good nights sleep after our family dinner.  I went upstairs with that in mind and made a good attempt, but the hours ticked by and soon it was 3 a.m. and I was finally able to sleep, at least for a little while before the alarm went off.  It being Wednesday I needed to put out the trash.

Of course the alarm rang way too early.  I put out the trash and didn't even bother trying to stay up.  I was either physically down or sick to my stomach every other day this week, so much so that I lost track.

Fortunately I was able to sleep for a couple of more hours with half an ear on the television which was playing Myrna Loy and William Powell all morning.  I will stay in bed for them - they (like most of the actors and actresses of that era are my all time favorites, but these two in particular!)

I don't think I ventured out of the house that day at all, having all of the necessities of life on hand, and if I didn't have it, I sure didn't need it!  I kept busy that is for sure.  I don't know why, but on those days that I feel the worst I accomplish the most.

I think by Wednesday I was thoroughly bored with each and every computer game I play and just not well enough to focus on writing at all.  Besides, I still have an inspection to live through and part of my mission today was to find out more information on that, most importantly, a date or at least a clue.  I have learned it will be somewhere in the next 5 days, which means the early part of next week, since no one will be ready in a day.

Wednesday evening I decided to trick that foolish sleep and stayed up until after 3 a.m. just so I would get a bit of rest.  During American Horror Story, which is full of commercials, I moved my room around some more.  I had moved a dresser the night before and was good with it.

By 3:30 a.m. the only thing I knew was that the bed and dresser could not stay where they were, but they could for the night, and I fell into bed and slept for three lousy hours, a little bit better than the night before, but today I woke up with the pain over the tummy.  Yeah for me!

My room looked like a bomb went off in it.  I went downstairs and made a tea.  All morning between computer and tea I jiggled this and jiggled that, still not happy.  The day was getting late and the clouds were building up and I had miles to go, literally in two different directions (three really) once again.

I over dressed on the first errand, went home to grab what I needed for the second leg of the journey with three places to stop and one recreational one if I had time and the weather held out, and after running into Cynthia's hubby and fourth on the way home.

I had foolishly changed coats when I got home, since I felt over dressed for the temperature, which turned out to be a mistake, especially after it began to mist and cool down.  It didn't help that each store I went into was hot and the more time I spent inside the worse the outdoors was!  No wonder I am sick every other day!  I wish winter would arrive or the rain would stop, I am ready to hibernate and the weather just isn't cooperating with me in the least!

Since I now had a deadline on inspection it really became imperative to finish my room.  At every move I found more work.  How could I have really thought I had sorted out all the papers?  I found another 6 inch stack of art cards and notes to be gone through tomorrow, because tomorrow is another day probably of rain and crap weather once again!

Actually, I am hoping not in the afternoon, since I have an environmental project to be a part of at the lake learning how to identify and remove Invasive Hardy Kiwi.  So I need both the weather and my body to cooperate on Friday for sure!  I hate not to be able to do things that I commit myself to.

I did get my room mostly finished, except for the mopping and placing of stuff.  I need to sleep in there and make sure it works before I go to all that bother.  I am certain I may swap two pieces of furniture, but I will see how I feel about it in the morning.

I am processing an idea in the dining room - one corner I do not like at all, which may result in moving three more smallish furniture items around, but I am sleeping on that one also.  Then there is Tom's room where I have been stashing all of the things that I have sorted.

Figuring out where to stash that will also result in more work, I am sure and you know what comes from organization don't you - big huge messes.  They are worth it though.  I had so  much garbage this week and last week it is amazing the crap we keep that is unnecessary.

I went through my canned goods the other day when I was cleaning my spice rack and the stove area which are between 12: and 10:00 going counter clockwise ( I haven't revisited the rest of that room yet!!!)  I had so many outdated, so many we don't eat and very few that we do eat.

I threw out the outdated ones, bagged up the ones we don't eat for food donations and thoroughly cleaned where the cans usually go.  I should be sleeping like a baby these nights with all that I have been doing, it will all catch up to me I hope very soon.

I think the other day I mentioned that when my room was done then we would be settled but in reality it is when all the Art is on the walls in the right places that I will be finished.  That will be a sure sign.  I wish I could say I was getting close.  I have been making strides in small ways with that and have a couple of nice groupings going on here and there.

I am getting tired just thinking about all that I have to do tomorrow.  I am thinking it is time to call it a night and try, try, try again.  Gotta go check the cloths in the dryer and clear my bed so I can crawl in it!

The rain has stopped, it is quiet once more.  good night!

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