Thursday, June 12, 2014


I made it to the store to get the potatoes, not getting wet in the process which is always a plus!  My son phoned me while I was finishing up in the market.  Considering I only went in for potatoes and still felt the compulsion to search out some deals (lightweight ones) I opted for some fresh grated Parmesan and found a double pack loaf of store bread just in case I was eating Turkey alone, in which case the potatoes would become useless and the bread a priority.

My middle son was not feeling well, but that did not prevent him from wanting to eat Turkey.  I passed on the offer of the ride, knowing that I would be home before his Dad came to give me a lift home.  The sky was clearing but cloudy and the Turkey was resting waiting for us to consume it.

My son phoned again to say that Tom was sick too.  Damn them, I thought I was doomed for sure to eat alone.  Still the answer was, we are still coming, we are slow but we will be there.  I got to work on the potatoes and began my gravy.

I am blessed to make awesome gravy 99.9% of the time.  Yesterday was no different.  Nothing beats a good homemade gravy (except Turkey to put it on, unless it is roast beef that is!)  I had another negative encounter on my way home with one of my nearest and dearest (Tom's Dad) who once again thinks it is my place to drop everything and come running if he calls.

My answer to that is "NO" which is a word I am realizing my "friends" don't like to hear from me.  They are so used to getting a "yes" no matter what, and truth be told, with some people it is easier to give in with a "Yes" instead of dealing with the bullshit that accompanies a "NO".

He yelled to me from a block away and stood there expecting me to turn around and go see what he wanted.  With my load of groceries and being a half a block from  my home, it was not happening.  I did stop and wait for him to walk down to me only to regret it within moments!

Needless to say, I walked away cursing him and negative people in general and was thankful to have a nice evening of food and family to remove the memory from my brain.  Funny thing is, as I was nearing home, one of my neighbors came out and was cursing her son for being ignorant.

I empathized with her, not with the son part, cuz my son's were proving to be a godsend, but sharing my two negative experiences that day, we both decided that the men in our lives must have P.M.S. and parted both of us laughing about it and with an outlook different that what we each had prior to the conversation.

The turkey hit the spot and Thomas was planning on staying home, but got invited up to Williamstown to hang out with his friends and spend the night.  He got his computer packed up and after dinner was waiting for his friends Mom to pick him up and make the journey.

Bruce and Pat hung out with us and helped me rescue the cords which I had forgotten to grab before I put the t.v. up so high.  I was iffy about doing it myself so it was nice to have spotters.  I would hate to dump the t.v. Pat and the boys got me for Mother's Day last year ~ I would never hear the end of it!

It is so much nicer, and quicker to have an extra pair of hands or two.  Of course after it was set, I realized I forgot to take down the pictures which you can't see due to the new "Media Center".  Bruce, who has been in my life for many years, laughed and said "So, you have plans to move things around I suppose", knowing that I am a freak about moving rooms here and there ~ kind of like therapy in a way.  I laughed as well and said "You know it!"

Of course I am bummed out and nothing takes my mind off of it more than having distractions, as we all know.  Today I was thankful for the distraction of two sinks full of dishes and I did manage to retrieve the artwork off the wall without dumping anything electronic or otherwise.

I do have some ideas, but not the "BIG" idea yet.  I know where certain pictures are going to go and I am contemplating moving the books out of the living room and hanging the Unicorn Rug on the wall to go with the Unicorn art and knickknacks, but I am still in the thinking phase of the operation, needing a clear plan before I implement the job.

I don't know if the sun is ever going to come out so I can plant my peppers.  I do so hope it does soon!  Although a quiet down day is looking better and better as the day progresses with more than a half a turkey, the return of my son and I am sure some mindless t.v. series to check out ~ "Orange is the New Black" comes to mind, just to see what all the fuss is about.

I cannot think of a better way to spend a day when none of my friends are out to play!  It has been ages since I have had a pajama day so I may just take advantage of the day and stay the way I am, grab a blanket and pick a couch!

I did take a "Happiness Quiz" today and found I was in the 80%+ bracket as far as happiness goes!  Yeah!  Overall I am thankful to be happy!  I am sharing the link (although I don't think it linked but you can copy and cut and paste and see just how happy you are ~ the results may surprise you!

Have  a great day and thanks once again for reading! Share a smile and spread some love!  

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