Friday, June 13, 2014


Despite the cloudy, rainy skies I continue to remain optimistic that the sun will come back out and I will eventually be able to plant my tomatoes and jalapenos outside before the snow falls!  I tell you, if I were a paranoid kind of girl I would say the weather is acting weird just because I need to plant my veggies!

Fortunately, I am not a superstitious girl, or I would not have left my house today, Friday the 13th and a full Moon rolled into one lovely crazy experience.  My day so far has not had a hiccup in it yet, other than the rain and I can't blame anyone for that.  The rain actually helped today because I was able to procure a ride to my son's doctor's appointment this afternoon, and despite it being an afternoon appointment we did not have long to wait at all for a change!

There was a bump in the road at our lunch after the appointment with some major malfunction at a local fast food place long after the noon rush.  It seems that two burgers and some chicken strips and fries take longer there than at home for goodness sake.

After 12 minutes and the fries sitting on a tray getting cold with no signs of burgers or chicken strips I mentioned that I would be returning the fries if they were cold and how very long it was taking on top of that, trying to keep my anxiety level down.

My son hates when I get freaked out about slow fast food and then cold to boot.  One of the reasons he hates going anywhere with me.  I speak up if things are not right.  Why?  Because I was a waitress first and trained under some very high guidlines.

I made a point after the girl took the cold fries and put them back under the heat lamp and then scooped them back up to give us the same fries, which were cold when they arrived to the counter ~ still no chicken mind you and the burgers were sitting while five people stood around, to speak to the Store Manager who quickly came back with hot fries and two coupon for free sandwiches of our choice on our next visit, thank you very much.

The rain held off as we walked home and laughed about our lunchtime experience.  We were eager to return home before the rain began to fall again and were thankful to do so.

I had a phone call from a long time friend who was distressed about life in general so I had to work on helping her realize that she has so many positive and wonderful things to be thankful for.  Life is such a struggle though, no matter how hard one works and she and her husband work very hard.

Reminding friends of their strong points when they need a boost is something that I have some skill and finesse with.  The timing could not have been better, since I have been wallowing in self pity for a couple of days now over the unexpected harsh verbal lashing the other day from a different friend in pain.

Full Moons ~ bring out the crap for some people, the crazy in others.  Since focusing on other people and what I can do to help in the world, it makes it easier not to let my worries run away with my (calm) level head.

If you know me personally, you probably have an eyebrow raised at that last remark.  since I am a work in progress, keeping a calm and level head during my own crisis is somewhat humorous from the outside, and I have been laughed at before during rants.

My son used to turn on his Microphone on Vent when I was ranting and I would not realize it until I heard the laughter coming through his headphones by about 10 or 12 of his game playing pals worldwide.  You could say I am know internationally for my ranting.

Since I have been working on keeping the worrying and the DRAMA to a minimum in my life I have been much happier indeed.  I still have worries but the focus is not on them.  I hope the advice I gave my friend to think happy thoughts, live in the moment, enjoy the good times when they are there, keep those worry thoughts away and do not let them interfere, make quality time with the husband and children a priority and have faith that this too shall change.

I have faith everyday that the state of the world will get better.  Living in the United States will be more balance once again and the world will right itself.  I have to believe that the strain on each and every person living under adverse conditions despite working at two jobs just to put food on the table and have heat and basic necessities will lessen.

Before I began writing I took some pictures of my  two projects "In Progress" ~ my makeshift entertainment center and my new Art Wall.  It wasn't until I was downloading the pictures that I actually saw just how busy life has been.

Between Tori's visit, my grand daughter's birthday, WII Bowling Marathons, ArtWalk and life in general!  I had so many pictures which I simply forgot about since I was so busy!

Tori and her "Build A Bear"

WII Bowling

Captive Audience

Blake Ferrara June Artwalk
Susan Aldam ~ June Artwalk

June ArtWalk

June Artwalk

ArtWalk ~ Steven Valenti's Clothing for Men

My new wall with a spot for Ainsley's next piece!

Consolidating the Entertainment

I am so scatterbrained about the Art and the Artwalk that I can only share the photo's and the Artist's names in some cases, not even that ~ sorry.  I wish I had gotten some shots of Michael Vincent Bushey's Etchings. They were so cool and tiny!  They can be seen at Madeleine's Bakery on North Street throughout the month ~ along with all of the Art shown in June during normal business hours ~ support local art and take a gander.

Father's Day is approaching Sunday and I have been enlisted to cook dinner (at my suggestion) for the Dad's in our lives.  Ham is on the menu which will make this quite a week ~ two feasts in one week always works for me!

I am getting ready to do a sun dance ~ with peppers to plant, a tentative canoe trip on Saturday and Father's Day on Sunday I need some sun!!!!  Maybe if we all concentrate long and hard at the same time it will happen ~ ready? Set?  GO!  Think Sun and have a wonderful and safe weekend!

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