Saturday, June 14, 2014


Another day, another day. I decided to stay up today when I woke early.  Despite the clouds I was hopeful that we would finally achieve sunshine status today.  I headed out early when it cracked through the clouds, uncertain as to whether the weather would go my way today.

Much of my activities today needed sun and so did I!  After I did my errands I stopped by the DownTown Farmers Market and took a gander at the goodies they had available.  It was a cross between a Farmer's Market and a Tag Sale so I had a really good time checking out the wares.

I found a great shelve which needs a little TLC for a fairly reasonable price.  There were a couple more to choose from and had I known before I arrived I would have hit an ATM machine.  I had to pass over some nice Rock Maple shelves (I collect Rock Maple) as they were pricier than the fundages in my pocket!

It was good to see some people and catch up a little bit before I made my way back home to change into some shorts and plant my jalapeno plants.  After checking out the plants at the market I am even more concerned about my little babies.

I got them in the ground and check on the Bell Peppers I planted last week.  It seems I only have one casualty so far, which is fine as I did not expect to have all of them survive and I have two more to go in the ground which had no place when I planted.

After planting I had a big mess of dirt off of my sneakers to clean up as I didn't think about the dirt aspect as I marched through my home after prepping outside.  I was smart and removed my sneakers before going in the house after I had finished planting.

I can now take a couple of things off the list, although I have to plant the five tomato plants and decide about the beans, carrots and cukes.  The Peppers took up so much room with over 50 plants combined.  I am glad I put a layer of plastic between the ground and my plants to help with weed control!

I think I have planted veggies once in my life and that was tomatoes and for the life of me I cannot even remember how that turned out.  I am not the biggest fan of tomatoes, but I always like a fresh one if I can get one!  Since the Tomato Plants were a gift I will give it a go!

I wish I had remembered that mechanic trick of putting soap under my fingernails to keep the dirt from caking in there.  I was one mess and ready for a shower once I was done with the gardening.  I cannot wait to see this science project in action through the fruits of my labour (or veggies in this case.)

My life has taken a dramatic quiet turn.  With the return of A in my friend M's life he is  not over my house five times a day enticing me into WII bowling tournaments.  I do miss the company, but realize now that I was not in control of my own life once again as I was just filler for someone else's free time.  Bummer indeed to face the reality of being used.  Such is life and an unexpected turn of events, but one that doesn't surprise me one bit.

When his life takes yet another turn and he rings once again I will try my best to remember the hurt and betrayal and not let it happen again.  Boundaries, boundaries, how come I don't realize until afterwards when my boundaries have been violated???

It is funny.  Considering all of the progress that I feel I make having my shortcomings glaring at me really sucks.  See what I mean about putting stuff out in the air?  If you are not ready for the changes that come from acknowledging good, bad or indifferent make sure you don't put them out there!  I would cry if it were not so funny and predictable!

I got this cool test done at the Farmer's Market today.  One of our local Chiropractors had this really cool muscle contraction test.  Non invasive, it took only a few minutes to perform.  All I can say is that I am glad that I got the MRI and made that phone call to my Neurosurgeon.

The test showed quite a few "problem" area's and they are not where I would have expected them in regards to my spinal damage I am already living with.  Can you say FUK!!!  Cuz I can.  I am only thankful that I am going soon to get some answers from someone I TRUST!!!

So, once again I am in a transitional phase of my life.  LOL, I can clearly see why I do not get involved with me other than as friends.  I can only imagine how much worse I would feel if the parting of the ways was with a man I had romantic feelings for although the love I have for my friends is greater I feel than the love for any man (any man I have met in my lifetime so far that is!)

I have been waiting beyond the 30 minutes for the return of my WII controller parts with no phone call.  Typical, no respect or consideration considering which is making me question once again WTF!!  I am no man's bitch so I am heading out to continue my day with a lack of consideration for someone who has no consideration for me ~ tit for tat (I hate that!)

I think it is time to learn how to put myself at least above last in my own life for crying out loud ~ I think that will be the next priority ~ learning how to put myself ahead of just about everyone else (besides my children and grandchild!)

I am out ~ have a great one!

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