Sunday, June 15, 2014


I have been listening to the sound of water running constantly for the past 4 or 5 days now.  I am beginning to realize why they use water as torture!  Just the sound of it is enough to drive one mad with no contact whatsoever!

It hasn't affected my life in any other way besides the noise before today and I am one pissed off woman.  The attempt to get two minutes without the water in the shower changing pressure and temperature was so fucking annoying!  Not a good way to start the day!  I rinsed my hair and gave up ~ pissed off and got on with my own laundry and dishes with a little bit of door slamming in between!  (No, I am not proud of slipping back into negative behaviour one little bit!)

Considering I am working very hard on keeping positive let me tell you, this torture is torture enough. I don't know how much of the new neighbor's laundry service I can take!!!  Sure, she is quiet and seemed nice when she asked about the partial pulley on the side of the house ~ wondering if I minded if she hung laundry out there ~ which makes more sense now than it did three weeks ago when she inquired!  Fortunately I am not in charge and no line has gone up yet.

Other than asking about the driveway use (twice now)  for her ex husband who is moving in I have not had any real encounters besides telling her my friend saw someone crawling through her ex husbands car window.

She obviously thought I was the ex's ex knocking on the door ~ afraid to answer the door?  Very strange indeed ~ just what I need ~ more drama!  Good thing this drama doesn't belong to me and from now on my contact will be limited to the Property Manager whom I think I will be calling in short order to let him know what is up.

I seriously am considering living in the middle of the woods in a tent far away from people!  I am so sick of dealing with people!  I miss my private little house in the country more than ever (just when I thought I was over THAT!)

I am glad it is a holiday today and I am cooking a meal for the guys.  At least I have that to look forward to! Shit!  I hate feeling like this!  It is a really difficult weekend indeed!  I am so glad I have my doctor to talk to tomorrow.  I need some serious advice and input.

Our cigarette rolling machine broke this morning so I had to run out and grab a new one ~ I think I learned that when your machine starts acting funny it is time for a new one!  It has been not rolling good cigarettes for a couple of weeks and this morning the metal bar finally broke mid roll.  It was almost easier filling the tubes by hand!

I think it is also my Mother's Birthday today ~ Happy Birthday Patricia!  Not that she will see this or read this or would she acknowledged it anyway!  Happy Father's Day Dad ~ ha ha, you probably are going around saying you have no children by this stage in your life, but happy Father's Day anyway!

I picked out a card and a gift for the boys to give the "Dad" in their life.  Can't disclose what it is, but the card is funny and he will like it while I was out ~ forgot the cranberry sauce again (they told me last night they would bring it anyway.)

The sun finally came out and it is warm in the city despite the strong winds blowing around and I only lost one of my jalapeno plants in the transition.  Not too bad ~ out of  40 plants to lose one of each is not too shabby so far!

Way to many plants as far as I am concerned but I was certain I would lose more than I have.  I have a feeling I am going to be buried in Bell and Hot Peppers before too long.  I am way to distracted to even think about planting the tomatoes right now.  Maybe that is the therapy I need.  That will take all of 5 minutes to do anyway and then what???

Nope, I am staying out of the garden today, not sure if there would be water to clean the dirt from under my nails in any case!  Staying positive seems to be a challenge even though it should be just about out of my system any second...

I have 5 hours before I have no choice but to be in a better mood.  The kids hate when I am a Biatch and so do I!  I hate feeling like I want to run away and today is just one of those days!

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