Thursday, June 19, 2014


 It seems I was worried for nothing regarding the "Top Coat" treatment from the dermatologist.  The thought of having to cover myself with Vaseline and worrying about the absorption rate was all for not.  Day one it was a little weird to be sure ~ stepping out of the shower and turning into a shiny, smooth and yes, slippery human being.

When I stepped in the shower, I had no plans outside of timing how long it would take to be able to A. put clothes on, and, B. not feel weird.  The phone rang while I was in the shower and my friend was heading over from shopping.

I told him I needed at least 10 minutes before I could possibly consider leaving my house, knowing that that was a little on the low side, all I could hope as that he would get stuck in traffic and not mind waiting for me if I wasn't ready.

I wasn't ready and of course he did not mind waiting.  Five minutes later I was apologizing for making him wait as I climbed in the car.  It was fun going out and about in a car instead of walking.  Yes, another reminder to myself that we really need a car.

I had gotten up early since the garbage men changed their schedule and I do not like to put garbage out the night before, I had set an alarm and stayed up.  I was actually doing the experiment so that I could time it out as opposed to going back to bed since I was exhausted and bored to death, having done my chores and taken care of the garden and flowers and played my games and did not really have an interest to play.

I hung out and chilled while my friend did his gardening.  Just being out of my house made a difference in my attitude.  I had a volunteer gig later that night at Barrington Stage Company for the showing of Kiss Me Kate which I had been looking forward to as well.

Truth be told, we had some unexpected company from down South (why are my friends all down South and I am up North?) and I had only gotten a few hours of sleep.  My butt was beginning to drag and all I had done was watch someone else garden!  Go figure!

I went home and laid down for a little while before I had to prepare myself for the show.  This is my normal volunteer gig in the "Greylock Room" which is where all the large money donors may come in during intermission for coffee, tea, soda or wine.

I had to hand out two cups for coffee and tea and pour out the remainder of coffee.  Done and done.  Not a bad gig and the play was amazing.  I do not know how these actors put out such high energy, especially considering that they had performed the show earlier that day with a break for dinner and then another show. That is dedication!  Three hours long as well!  Could you imagine?  I certainly could not!  They are total professionals and did a marvelous job.  No doubt everyone slept in on Thursday!

Thursday was a banner day for me personally.  I got two floors mopped and a load of laundry done when I decided to grab the A/C from the basement and install it in the living room. We like to have one cool place at least in the house for those extra hot days.

Since they have been few and far between, but the weather report and the humidity reflected it would be a good time to put it in and get it going before the real heat kicks in.  I closed off between the kitchen and the computer room to include the computer room in the "ChillZone"  So far it seems to be working nicely.

I was trying to keep it low key so I could make it to ThirdThursday this evening.  They close off North Street and have bands, vendors and activities.  I hadn't gone last month due to my health so I really wanted to be able to attend this one.  T-Bone Daddy played in front of Spice Dragon and it has been a while since I heard the kick ass blues band from the Berkshires.

I ran into my friend Lisa and she introduced me to a couple of people.  The theme was health and there were many activities geared towards that  with basketball, ping pong and wrestling, and there was a road race as well.

I arrived during the road race and was trapped on one side of the street as they were looping down one side and around the median and back down again.  One of my guilty pleasures is walking in the street during any event such as this.  It is the only time I can be sure I am not going to get run over since drivers here have a thing against pedestrians, especially on North Street!  I did have to look out for the cool train they had giving kiddie rides, I wish I had my granddaughter with me I love trains!

So my friends called and were headed up so I kept an eye open for them.  It was fun to see my friends son's reaction to all of the people in attendance.  He didn't think there were that many people in Massachusetts, let alone little old Pittsfield, MAss.

Before I knew it it was 8:00 and the police were closing the show and making everyone get out of the street.  Thomas had phoned me about five times and I said my goodbyes and headed home to join him for the pizza I promised when I returned.

I was a block from my street when he phoned again.  I begged him to make me a tea and promised I would be there before the microwave shut off.  I wasn't really planning on staying for the whole thing, but it was nice, for a change to have a group of friends to hang out with and share the experience with.

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