Thursday, August 14, 2014


I would like to thank my friends and family who were concerned about my health enough to comment and phone.  I must say the test I got on Monday has been kicking my behind more than I anticipated.  I am very happy I stocked up on anything I may have needed for a couple of days and then some.

I do not know if it is the lack of resting on the second day and the impromptu trip to the Neurologist on Thursday in my weakened condition or what but my bounce is not yet back.  All I want to do is sleep.  It is impossible to just sleep for days and not feel negligent of my responsibilities.

My poor little garden is taking the brunt of it!  I haven't watered it since Sunday and thank heavens for the rain and lack of intense heat and sunshine!  I went out to pick some green beans to add to the already picked ones from the other day and something took one of my sunflowers completely out!

With some good luck and a bit more rest I hope to be more able to tend to my garden and outside obligations tomorrow ~ kind of a test run.  Since I have to be at the Theatre 45 minutes before the show and on my feet on Saturday I think it will be necessary to build up my endurance a little.

The past two weeks seem like a blur and I am so glad I got pictures from ArtWalk and my Class Reunion to refresh my memory when I finally have the energy to write more than a few words.  I have utilized some of my time to do some sketches ~ pencil while I have been confined to my bed/house.

Sadly, my library book is at least a week overdue and I finally finished that as well!  It is on my list to return it if it is the last and only thing that I do on Friday.  It seems funny to me that my energy level had plummeted so drastically in such a short time.

I did do a phone consult with the Doc that performed the test on Monday and got the second part of the news.  One problem at a time is how I am going to process this and first thing is first ~ neck and then we shall see.

I am glad I am not depressed and looking at all of this "news" as a good thing.  I would feel worse if there was nothing wrong and I was feeling like this.  I cannot wait for life to get back to normal though!  So thanks again for all your well wishes and I will catch you next time ~ with more energy (hopefully!)

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