Saturday, August 2, 2014


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I have always been on the outside looking in Fearing the rejection ~ which, upon inspection seems silly.
When people look at me I imagine they see all the things that haunt me  It is sometimes unclear why I have this fear.
Othertimes I see me.
 In the distance I can see a person staring back at me
Who doesn't worry, care or fear
Someone who is confident, sure and clear
Who sees herself dear and lives without fear
Smiling throughout the day without a worry in the way
Walking through life knowing that all is well
Instead of a living hell.
I would rather have you see the person I strive to be
Instead of the pieces formed to make up all of my insecurities
As I peel off the layers and discover what is under
I try to see clearly what is before me
Trying not to blur reality with the layers of debris that surrounds me 
To see clearly what others see and to believe.

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