Friday, August 22, 2014


Looking back over the month of August I am amazed.  It has been a roller coaster of unexpectedness for me!  It has been quite a journey (and I don't mean miles - although I have covered enough of those!)

I got to travel out of town four times (five really), get a glimpse at two hospitals and the wonderful professionalism of their staff and the services that are provided away from my home like greeters at the door and people to walk you to your destination, helpful Nurses who help with correct information and basic kindness all the way around.

The stress that I have had has all cycled around travel issues - arriving at my destination at the appropriate time and learning how to access travel services through my insurance.  I did get to set up a ride but have not yet tried that out since the appointment was cancelled due to a sooner appointment with the surgeon.  I will definitely be finding out how great the transportation service is in October when I return to Springfield for my surgery.  I am very thankful for Cathy at the BRTA for helping me get that going and educating me on the in's and outs to fuel me with the information to educate and manipulate my Primary doctors staff to get on task.

I am not very concerned about the surgery, but I have more than a month to feed that monster.  I have much to do to get ready both practically and mentally from setting up a proxy in case something does go wrong, prepare my children for after surgery and recovery and hopefully they will have my back and help me out.

My energy is beginning to pick up a bit.  Last Friday I was able to make it to the Library and return those overdue books.  It was colder than I realized when I stepped outside ~ more like I had been inside for a season rather than a week!

I spotted an acquaintance in the library ~ somehow I had a feeling I would.  It was a friend who gave me a drawing project to do.  I happened to have it done (somewhat) and had it with me so we broke the rules and discussed Art and drawing right there.

I did my errands, saw a couple of friends along the way and got a much needed haircut since my layers had a mind of their own.  By the time I got home I was Beat with a capital "B"!  It seems that the dye injection test has in itself changed the way I feel.

Intensifying my pain in specific areas and leaving me too tired mentally to block it.  What a bitch!  And that is what I am becoming despite all of the rest and downtime I am having.  It is a good thing that my youngest loves me or I am sure he would bail given the opportunity!

My middle son was hallucinating about a Roast Beef Dinner and bacon which he asked me to make ~ I was happy to do so.  We had a yummy dinner and the bacon complimented the Roast beef so well with a dab of gravy ~ I almost died and went to heaven!

My middle son has been surprising me more and more with almost regular visits.  No complaints there.  I love to see all of my children and need to plan a girls night sleepover before too long with my sweet granddaughter who will be going back to school soon enough!

This summer is flying by and I am thankful that my calendar has been less taxing than in the beginning.  The weather has turned to shit as well with much rain, less warmth and not at all what I prefer.  I am hoping that we will get an Indian Summer or at the very least the return of some really warm days before Fall takes over.

My garden is doing okay with the tomatoes taking off like mad!  The peppers are another story and the green beans have been so so.  My avocado plant has taken to the soil and growing new leaves and the pineapple plant is in the soil and doing well also!

The animals completely deseeded one of my sunflowers so I cut the other one and have it drying in the house away from their hungry tummies so that we may also enjoy some of the fruits of my labour.  It has been fun gardening this year despite some minor neglect as of late and my inability to stake a tomato plant which has a mind of it's own!  Next year will be even better (god willing).

My mind has been so full and empty both at the same time.  I am trying to reel it back into focus and write again ~ I am so behind on what I want to share with you ~ by the time I share I am afraid it will be irrelevant! Know that I am trying my best and that is even a bit under par for my liking!

I did attend the performance of "Dancing Lessons" at Barrington Stage Company on Saturday and it was a very good play!  Since I was at one of the readings last year before it turned into a production I was curious to see how it would "Act" out and I thought it went very well~ the rest of the audience really seemed to enjoy it as well.

One more First Friday ArtWalk and one more Barrington Stage Volunteer gig both fall right before my Surgery.  After that my calendar is blank and I am grateful for that ~ (I am not going to worry, I am not going to worry) my new Mantra for the next month!

I am not sure how many reviews I will miss for the Whitney Center for the Arts ~ that was great fun and I hope not to miss too many ~ I am thankful for Ghazi Khami for providing the opportunity for me and hope to make a mark there as well.

I am off to work on some home and fun things (in the hacienda) the skies are grey and the sun is not out yet to entice me into the world so chances are I am not leaving my yard today.  At least I don't have to do any watering!

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