Wednesday, August 6, 2014


So I slept horribly again last night.  Not surprising since I am overtired.  I did wake up before 6 a.m. again which I hate, since it was Wednesday I made sure the garbage was out very early.  Having discovered the root of my sudden fly infestation on my front porch (which of course delights me~ not), with everything else I have on my plate that really was the silver lining I was looking for.

Since the flies (or lack thereof) are really the only thing going on that I can take control over, and somewhat immediately (depending solely on my motivation level) how quickly I take control of the situation.  I discovered rather quickly upon closer inspection that the box on my porch which I place my can was full of unhatched flies!

I picked up the box and brought it outside and looked closer and discovered that there was some kind of leak ~ but where did it come from?  I put the two supermarket bags of non food garbage in the box and looked into the can ~ no wigglers in there (phew!)

Flies and I do not have an understanding ~ they are filthy and disgusting and I just can't stand a fly in the house and for two days I have been overwhelmed (on the enclosed porch) with more than I can count (or kill), or shoo out the open door.

For some reason they are not eager to escape and want to hang around.  I have a major issue with that and they have to understand that the open door is there best option.  This morning there were a few still hanging about when I went through to put the garbage on the sidewalk.

I took the empty and aired out can over to the side porch and went back inside for some disinfectant and hot water and discovered that the bottom of my garbage can which leaves the house for a short visit to the sidewalk had a crack in the bottom, kind of on the side.

I discovered that when the water and cleaner started leaking out into the driveway!  I quickly turned the can around so the water was leaning on the other side and got to work.  I was happy with all of my discoveries so far today ~ and the solution was an easy fix!

I mopped up the rug on the porch.  I had sprayed it heavily with bug spray and I wanted to make sure that there were going to be no more surprises when I least expect them.  Wishful thinking I know.  Life would indeed be dull without unexpected events - in my life anyway!

I did wake up with a plan to phone my doctor's office and find out about this transportation possibility through my insurance.  The phone was busy, busy, busy early when I phoned so I set it aside and tried again later.

Timing is everything, and considering that I do not know how much time this takes to arrange I decided to get on it as soon as possible.  I spoke to someone, but not the right someone.  She was out or busy or something so we play the waiting game.

Patience used to be my virtue, sometimes now, not so much.  Tom had an appointment so I left a time I could be reached to supply the further information and now I sit and wait and time passes.  At least today I am focused and not a mess like I was yesterday.

I am less nervous about the procedure and the outcome as I am as to how I am going to make it to my destination the multiple times and back.  I am still trying not to beat myself up for getting rid of my cars.  I went from three to zero in the blink of an eye.

Lessening my carbon footprint, planning on living in Williamstown/Pittsfield and able to walk everywhere, thought I.  HaHaHa ~ I must have forgotten myself for a second there!  I have not been without transportation since I was 16 ~ okay ~ maybe for a short period of time here and there but I have Wanderlust and do not know what I was thinking!!!

One of these days I will have it all together again.  I do usually meet my goals.  That is on the top of my list for sure!  Progress!  It is nice having goals~ I wish I had set more of them when I was younger!  Ah well, live and learn is one of my motto's, and better to learn it the first time instead of repeating the same mistakes over and over, and if you do, well then just accept it and move on and do not beat yourself up over it!

It seems that little writing voice is beginning to come back.  I do hope it sticks around this time for a while!  I would rather listen to that than the worry voice!

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