Thursday, June 11, 2015


It is late Wednesday evening.  I am listening to some Blues  which I have never heard, digesting a very late meal that Thomas cooked.  I am typing fairly well on my new keyboard which got christened the other day with just enough tea with cream and sugar to make the space bar go out of control randomly.

These blues are good.  Women, and old time vintage blues.  Just the way I like them.  Sweet music and vocals, simple but so full of heartfelt emotion with wonderful horn embellishments.  It reminds me of days gone by and bye bye.

I have been busy, oh so busy.  No time to sing the blues, and no necessity which is good.  I would rather enjoy listening to the Blues than live them.  Lord knows I have had my share of the blues.

Woah ~ Etta James just kicked in with Purple Rain.  Now that is a treat.  Talk about memories...past and present!  Lord have mercy on my soul!  Talk about deep and soulful.  That guitar says it all!  I must admit that I have always been partial to guitars.  Lets not forget Etta ~ sing it, Etta!

So, I got a little side track which is usual.  It is late, as I said.  I am easily distracted.  I have had some slow days (if you can call them that), which is to say, very busy.   My Dad fell and fractured his pelvis and is in a Rehab for 8 weeks.

In addition to my own life, I have the pleasure of having a new dependent.  Each day I call and get a list of things which are needed on top of the mail.  Today Thomas joined me as we did errands before we went and kidnapped Dad for our Sunny Day Field Trips.

They began on Memorial Day.  The first day he was allowed to go out of the Nursing Home.  We signed out, rolled out the front door to the waiting car in the car port.  Dad hopped in the front seat and I spent a few minutes trying to figure out how to collapse a wheel chair.

No directions anywhere and leg rests falling off, I finally managed to fold it and Tom got it into the back of the vehicle.  I haven't had a car since 2008 when I gave up all three of mine since I was moving to a town and I will admit not thinking clearly due to the ripple effect of the depression.

I got hit hard, so it is no surprise to me that I did something as stupid as not keep a car, me the girl who has been driving since I was  16 legally and before that illegally on occasion (with adult supervision).  The girl who has had wanderlust since before knowing there was a word for it!

So, we set off on an adventure.  No destination in mind.  No shortage of places I miss driving around and knowing what would suit my Dad, I headed off to the country, to our family hometown of Lanesborough.

Over the hills and through the woods, as they say.  Bailey Road and reminiscing about the Farm and the family.  Giving Thomas a history lesson.  Thomas knowing some from drives with me, learning more as was I.

Missing days gone by, we continued down the road to the Cemetery.  Dad stayed in the car in front of his parents graves and I got out and paid my respects to all my Great Aunts, Uncles, Great Grandparents...some I knew and others I didn't.

We drove down one of my favorite roads off North Main Street which has the most beautiful flower beds and the owners still ride a horse and buggy.  Where I once found a Queen Anne's Lace as big as a Dinner plate one afternoon, I had to go back and pick and bring home since my kids thought I imagined it, on a stalk as tall as me (5.5) with bigger ones all around.

We took all of the roads- past Gram and Pop's where my Dad and his family grew up.  The house gone now.  I drove by a few years ago, not knowing it was D -day and watched as  the demolished house full of so many of my memories was scooped up and tossed in a dumpster.  Tears rolled down my face when the familiar kitchen linoleum fell out of the bucket and into the dumpster, as I sat by the apple tree next to the road.

Over Silver Street, no longer wooded forest, but littered with big houses, the road nicely grated. Showing the passage of time.  Down the hill and around the corner where the town dump, once visited weekly, replaced by garbage pick up, covered over with vent tubes sticking out like periscopes, to release toxic gasses I guess.

Still, the country.  Better to be driving through and around memory lane than stuck in a hot and sticky city full of pavement and steam.  Where the fresh cut grass doesn't smell as sweet as it does in the country.

For hours we drove, never tiring of the scenery or lacking little historical facts.  Grand father pointing out places ~ a good place to fish (around EVERY Corner) ~ becoming the joke of the day on another field trip driving around.

I swear I told my Dad that when he dies I am going to get rocks engraved with that quote and dump a little bit of his ashes around each "Good Place to Fish" spot with his name on it.  He laughed and said he would like that.  That means I had better start engraving since I will need 20 years just to engrave enough stones to cover North County!

Today, we began heading out to Lanesborough and decided to go into Hancock and intersect with New York State.  It was late afternoon and we like to look for deer.  We headed into Stephentown and then I went towards Lebanon.

I used to have Pro Status when it came to rides in that area, but I experienced an epic fail on this ride.  As it happens time will make you forget you wanted to go straight AFTER taking the left onto Rt 20 and heading back towards the Pitts.

Fortunately Rt 41 saved the day and we did a nice ride through Richmond, into West Stockbridge, Stockbridge and into Lee to go to Laurel Lake where we saw a Fisherman catch a beautiful trout.  There was also an amazing cloud with the sun trapped in it.  The light and dark effect were spectacular and I was without my camera since it was on the charger!!!!

Ah well, the sights that one must commit memory.  Times like those I wish I could paint, it would have been a masterpiece, and it was, made by whatever created everything and I thanked them for it right then and there, grateful to have been in that time and place to see it!

We decided after that to head back to Hugs and Mugs and play some more of our on going Rummy game until they threw us out to close at 8:30 (the Nurse gave us until 8:45 since we were playing). My Dad will be entering his 4th week in his new temporary residence.

He has three weeks to go before he can begin weight bearing therapy.  This Sunday he gets to cook a meal for his therapist, completing the whole thing standing on one foot.  He is busy planning his menu and is looking forward to it.

Alright, I noticed the music is over and I have been writing for a really long time.  My eyes, which were blurry before hand are even more so now.  My keyboard, however is doing okay in the not sticking arena so that is a plus!

I hope you enjoyed the music and the journey.  Click the link if you haven't and enjoy!  Peace


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