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This week was extra busy with the Assemblage Art Talk on Wednesday at the Whit, and the dismantling of the show.  It was sad to see the show go.  The Art came down and went home, or in the Colt Gallery to await pick up/delivery back to their perspective homes.

Assemblage Art Talk Kim Engel, Harry Lazare, Autumn Doyle, Philip Pryjma, Linda Morris Kelly

Harry Lazare had to come back with a caravan (three cars full) on Friday to pick up his wonderful assortment of found objects which will be happy, I am sure to be adorning the walls of his studio garage.  Walking into the Gallery with the bare walls and the echos of the Assemblage Show was somewhat haunting.

I was hoping to make it to Hudson, NY today to return the boxes to Dennis Hebert and Reggie Madison's work to him at the same time get together with Dan Rupe who is one of the artists in July's show, but Art got in the way with the installation of the July Show.

Thanks to Carrie Haddad Gallery for introducing me to and sharing some of her fabulous artists with me!  Carrie, Linden and Lena were all instrumental in helping me to contact, meet, and help me pack and get the Art ready and to encourage me and support me throughout the entire process!

I had a fun day the other day unpacking all of the paintings and sculptures which Ghazi picked up for our coming show on July 3, from 6 p.m. to 8 p,m. as part of First Friday Art Walk in Pittsfield, MA.
If you have never unpacked a bunch of Art work let me describe it to you, from my perspective any way it was like the best Christmas and Birthday rolled into one.

Since I picked the Art,  I knew what I was getting, although there were a couple of surprise landscape paintings from Leigh Palmer, just in case we couldn't pick up the 5 foot painting.  It turns out we couldn't get it here and back with ease so the surprise paintings came in very handy indeed.

Leigh Palmer

It was so exciting to see each piece close up.  Eileen Murphy's pieces are all amazing in colour and detail in real life.  Having only seen pictures I was very impressed.  They took my breath away!   They are small pieces but their impact is large.  The new painting she had finished the night before I phoned to ask her to be in the show put me near a pond in the woods, the sky so vivid, the trees so real, I swear I could almost hear a bird sing somewhere in the distance.

Eileen Murphy

It makes little difference when you open a magnificent painting which you chose and picked for a show, that you have seen it before.  Peeling tape and undoing plastic and wrapping and getting the first glimpse never gets old.  To be able to gaze at a painting, undisturbed, at ones leisure from all angles in different light, picking out colour and texture is a real pleasure for me.

Holding a sculpture in your hand that you have only looked at in a Gallery, such as Paul Katz's amazing works from his Prelude series which are in the Colt Gallery with Rick Costello's Galaxy paintings are really a sight to see.  Moving them around.  Examining them, different words popping out, catching ones eye on these marvelous mixed media pieces was a lot of fun.

Paul Katz (Shelf)  Rick Costello Painting

I had them grouped for convenience on one of the beautiful wooden pieces of furniture in the Colt room the other day so today I placed them so the room would be ready for Friday.  Moving them here and there, finding their new homes for the month.

I feel very privileged right now during this time of my life.  If I ever had time to dream and think about what I would love to do in life, for me this would be it.  Walking into a studio, looking at paintings, drawings, someone's craft which they put their heart and soul into, talking with them, listening to them talk about their work, mediums, experiences is very fulfilling to me.

There is a nervous excitement every time I pick up the phone and engage in conversation with a request of their time, a request into one of a person's most personal and sacred self - the place where they create - bring life to a canvas, a board or a re-purposed object. giving each of us the opportunity to share a part of themselves with the world,  Pittsfield and surrounding areas at least.

Offering an Artist the opportunity to Show their work over the past few months has been well received.  I am on my third show of picking Artists and work and have been placing the Art (but not hanging it) since February or so.

This is the first show that I did it all.  Contacted the Artists, set up studio visits, learned and successfully did the paperwork, picked out work, laid out the show, changed my mind, played with it some more finally getting it right, happy with the layout and let it go up.

Eyeing each piece, positioning and laying it out checking it once and then again after it goes up, checking it with each piece around it, so far so good.  The Art may not tell you where it wants to go, but it sure does let you know when it doesn't like it's spot or wall mate!

We do a theme based show, since we have a closing reception and Art Talk at the Whitney Center for the Arts on the final Wednesday of the Month with a moderator which makes it important to have a bit of diversity between artists within the theme.

We have done five Art Talks and they have all been interesting and I learn something each time about art, artists, what inspires them so many different and interesting things.  Each time a good amount of people for a Wednesday night with different faces entering the Whit and experiencing the Art and Culture Ghazi and Lisa hope to bring to the Community.

Assemblage Art and Audience Ghazi Kazmi manning the camera

I really enjoy putting my knowledge from participating in Art Walks and the local and not so local art shows and Gallery's, meeting and chatting with artists along the way over the past three years as a lover of art to good use.

It has always been a part of the experience for me to talk to Artists at shows when something they created caught my eye.  Artists love to talk as much as I do so it is a win/win situation.  It is nice have this opportunity to share what I see and like with others, as well.

When I left after hanging the show today, the walls no longer echoed the loss from the previous show, it was reborn into a whole new world of amazing and beautiful Hudson River Landscape Art. I felt somewhat like a magician, although it took a little more than the wave of a magic wand,

So if you get the chance and are in town - stop by, check out the Art, have a glass of wine or a water, nibble on some chips, have some conversation and enjoy the Show!  It opens July 3 at 42 Wendell Avenue, Pittsfield, Ma. 6-8 with an After Party from 8 to 10.

Due to the holiday we will be having a second opening on July 11 from 3 - 6 p.m.  Eileen Murphy, Leigh Palmer and Dan Rupe are all planning to be there, so be sure to mark your calendars!

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