Saturday, October 24, 2015



I choose to be me
What you see is who I be
So much more I have stored inside
Not to hide - I run deep

I choose not to hide 
the parts you might not like
to please and honor you
that is not what I do

Not from a lack of caring
It is sometimes very daring
to be yourself even if others find it glaring

Misunderstood?  It is all good!
I live free from the pain of rejection
Sometimes I get blamed for not playing the game
but if it is all the same to you
To myself I will remain true

Choosing to be me
curious, free, laughing see,
running and playing, teaching and
reaching some place in most I meet

Smiling, as I greet each face the same
Even those who cause me shame
trying not to blame

Conflicted I sometimes am
between what is in my heart and what it is I see
Often choosing to believe what I want to believe
Knowing it is not true, causing me to be blue
When reality seeps through

Happy when I do make a connection true
touching the human side of me, of you,
since not all choose to be who they really are
Putting on a charade until once more they fade
back into the shadows of their lives. 

You see them there
they look vacant in their stare
startled when they see the human side
in anybody

I refuse to be one of those you see
repelled by all that is real
hoping not to deal with what it is they see
To live in misery is not how I choose to be,
Pain, I release thee from my heart

I know it won't be easy 
At times I will feel bad
especially when others are  mad
about the choices that I make

I refuse to be fake
For somebody else's  sake
just to make life easier for you
That is not who I am
If you know and love me you will 
accept and understand.

If it is not to be, it is not to be
I am sure I will accept your choices 
more than you will accept mine
It happens often over and over it seems.

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