Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I hope everyone is doing well.  I know I am managing with my new outlook quite well.  I cannot believe how quickly the month is moving along, halfway through now.  I have been quite busy in my day to day activities, indoors if the weather is not up to par.

I caught a little spring cold the other day by thinking it was warmer than it was on top of getting stuck in a torrential downpour the other day.  I have been enjoying my downtime reading and enjoying catching up with season two of Downton Abbey.

Also, the wonderful extra time my middle son has been spending with the family has been most welcome and refreshing.  As the boys grow up, I cannot begrudge them their lives, but I do appreciate the time which we spend together.

I saw all three of my boys on Sunday over the course of the day.  My eldest son came for a visit and gave me a Hemp book to write in.  It is so nice, I wonder if I will ever use it!  "For your writing" he said to me.  I am delighted to be encouraged in such a way.  He is a man of few words for sure, but the sentiment and encouragement was there.

My middle son and his father surprised me with a visit right around dinner time.  My son carrying in a box under his arm, to my shock and disbelief ( and through teary eyes) he gave me the most modern television set that I have ever owned, a flat screened 32 inch television set with HD.  I was so shocked ~ more so by the fact that through my tears, he let me hug him without hesitation, which he quite doing many moons ago!

I had to leave the room and regroup for a minute, I was so overwhelmed with emotion!  I am not used to it, and am a little embarrassed by my tears, feeling like a silly, emotional girl.  I can handle just about anything difficult, it is the feel good happy moments which I have the most difficulty with!

I cleared off the top of my old huge cabinet t.v. which takes at least two of us to move, even on wheels, and they went to work putting the base on and connecting wires and setting up the screen size.  It is a marvel of a t.v.  Very clear and sharp.  Now I will have to rethink my entertainment area, as the top of the old t.v. held the stereo system.  More rearranging for me ~ which as we all know is something I just love to do!

Out of all of the gifts, the present that I loved most was the time spent with my sons.  They could have just arrived empty handed and I would have been okay with that, although I would have loved to see my daughter in law and granddaughter who were at home doing crafts.

With the cool down of temperatures the only thing I have been missing this week is my morning sun time sitting on the deck working on my tan.  I know that once we kick into warm temperatures it will be a welcome time and I will be very content to be in my yard on my deck.

I have not seen the  crazy squirrel which my neighbors semi-domesticated yet this year.  He did not come out and make his presence know yet...I am sure he will if he made it through the winter.  If he did not, I am sure that crazy neighbor of mine will domesticate another one!

This week marks the return of Third Thursday ~ where our main street is shut down and they have bands and vendors, shows and activities.  I cannot wait!  Looking so forward to resuming yet another new tradition.  I have been looking forward to this all winter!  I get to hear so much local music throughout the season of all types.  On top of the Artwalks, this is my second favorite thing to do.

Hope you all are enjoying May!  It seems to me it will be over in the blink of an eye at the rate my days are passing!  Be sure to have a great day and count your blessings and be thankful!  I know I am!

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