Sunday, May 26, 2013


Prior to writing my blog on Friday, I had walked back from my doctor's appointment after having a major session which was productive, yet very traumatic, and walking to the library in the greyness of the day was appropriate a backdrop for the way I was feeling.

I went in the library to pick up a reserve, spoke with a friend of mine whom I volunteer with to give him an update on my availability, picked up my book and headed out the doors when I spotted a friend of mine whom I had known forever but not like a see everyday kind of friend, and actually a person who always makes me smile and whose hugs just warm my heart ~ after greetings and a much needed hug I headed home smiling despite the gloom of the day!

On Friday, when I last left you, I had an hour to wait for my son's prescription, an hour to kill when I was nicely surprised with an invitation to go meet a woman whom I met in December, a friend of a friend who came to where I was helping another friend with her boutique, who felt like someone I had met before and had known for a long time, although we never in this life had been acquainted.

I eagerly went to the meeting, instead of making banana bread to kill the hour, heading to Flavours ~ Chin Lee's wonderful restaurant to meet her.  The hour to kill sped by quickly as we picked up without missing a beat with our friendship.  Two hours later we made it to the pharmacy ~

It was amazing to spend time and we made plans to take a road trip and go to Glens Falls to see one of her favorite bands later that evening ~ as she had prematurely arrived for her return from Florida back to the Berkshires, she had her dog and a few things to take care of and I having been away from my house for hours had a couple of things to do before the evenings festivities.

I spent some quality time with my son, hanging out, watching t.v. together and chatting together, laughing and waiting for dinner to cook and he was happy at my adventure of the day and was very encouraging about me heading out of time, joking with me when my girl friend called to ask if she could get ready at my house before we went out ~ teasing me a bit about it.

Our 86 mile trip took us two hours, and we traveled far through time and space laughing, sharing and really connecting ~ hijacking each others sentences and both amazed at how similar and amazingly comfortable we were with each other ~ like we had known each other for years instead of only spending a total of five hours with each other over the course of two meetings.

We had an amazing time laughing, dancing, drinking talking and having fun in New York with the band Static!  I am not familiar with much newer music ~ being acquainted with mostly music from the 60's through mid 90's, and I tried to keep up with my new friend despite the fact that you are not allowed to dance in yours socks in the lovely state ~ we girls in Massachusetts like to dance barefoot or in socks ~ I was surprised when the bouncer came over and made my friend put her sandals back on!  

The band ended at 2:30 and it was only fitting that she got to rest after driving 30 + hours with her dog from Florida ~ thankful to be able to get a little rest and I was delighted to drive a car ~ especially one with a push button ignition and her GPS just in case for co - pilot.

We arrived back to find that we were too late at McDonalds for cheeseburgers, so she got a breakfast sandwich and we headed to my house exhausted.  After smoking a cigarette and settling her into my great room with a pillow and cozy comforter I retired to my room and woke up after two hours forcing myself to go back to sleep for a couple more hours.

When we got up, we had tea and were laughing and talking some more and another five hours passed in what seemed like two minutes.  It was awesome!  It made us laugh some more how time is so very funny when we get together!

Since her new diggs were not ready, I again offered my house.  She went off to do her errands and try to get loose ends tied up and I did the same.  She came back and my son and she and I had a great time sitting and chatting, laughing and next thing you know it was 1:30 in the morning ~ she looked beat and I was barely functioning when we retired.

Sunday morning and she was up before me, but again the morning coffee lasted well into the early afternoon. She was a gift sent to me from heaven I swear to whatever Gods are out there!  The universe put us together for something of that I am certain!  I am still riding high on the energy which filled my house and heart!

Very rarely in my life do I encounter people who seem to be dropped out of the sky, sent from some wonderful place, full of love and light as much as Lisa.  I have been honoured and delighted to have this unexpected invitation to kill an hour turn into three of the most amazing and wonderful days of my life.

There is a void in my house right now, as I watch my son waiting for me finish this epic tale.  It is like a vacuum without her presence.  I am so thankful that she has moved back to the area!  I am thankful to the universe for sending this amazing woman into my life!


  1. Attempt #3 (the first two were LOST due to my stupidity ... this time I remembered to copy/paste my comment!!)

    Trying this again ... from my computer.
    It is my belief that people are 'put' into the lives of others for a reason. And I thank 'my God' for bringing you into mine!
    I am so grateful for the intense friendship we have built in such a very short chronological time. We share so many experiences and connect on numerous common grounds ... I can't wait to get together for: more timeless conversation, more DANCING!!, the conception of our little inspired writers group, cooking with garlic (and Charles .. heheh), baking with rotten bananas!! ... more acrobatics from 'the amazing T' - and more adventures of the heart, mind and soul!!
    In a nutshell: you rawk. :)