Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I finally got more than a minute today to stop in and visit Google +, look at some cool pictures and talk to some old and new friends alike.  They (Google) have been busy since I last had a minute to spend there, and I must say, I think I like the changes.  Everything is  not flying at you a million miles a second!

I restructured my day today and read a 260 page book before I got on the computer.  I could not put it down "The Silent Land" by Graham Joyce was such an engrossing story that I could not put the book down. It is the third book of his which I have read, and I can say that "How to make friends with Demons" which I read yesterday flowed just as easily!

Yesterday, we also had a visit from one of my sons school chums whom we have not seen in about 4 years at least.  He had gone to Cali and attended college and has now found his way back to us through my adopted daughter.  It is kind of weird in a way, ( a good weird!).

So many flashes from the past ~ near and far flitting back into my little world.  Fond memories, new stories, different and exciting adventures, dreams and possibilities!  I love the many positive aspects floating back into the balance of my life reminding me that good and bad times are all just temporary and ever changing.

I like that.  After some of the experiences which I have lived through and around ~ weaving their way into my psyche changing the way I think and feel about things ~ bringing me to places and memories I do not want to be or see since I have been back in my hometown, it is nice to have more than old happy memories ~ something tangible like interactions with people from times much more welcome to remember reinforces hope.

One of my sons is very surprised that I am reading three books a week.  When he woke up and I told him I had finished the last book he thought I was telling tales myself.  I really surprised him when I said I used to read 8 or 9 books a week before children.

I am not sure why this information surprises him, considering my personal library which is just a fraction of what I have read over the years.  Since my accident as well, it was difficult to focus and retain information which really did suck.  I forgot how delightful it is to devour a good story!

Reading is important whether you hold a book, tablet, newspaper.  Go old school though, there is nothing like the pleasure of getting comfy and holding a book, turning the next page anticipating the next word to fall in place!

That is my lecture for the day!  Have a great one and thanks for reading!

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