Thursday, May 16, 2013


Wow ~ it is only Thursday!  I was just thinking that I had a great time for a Friday night and realized I was mistaken!  My feet are killing me after walking up and down North Street five or six times, listening to amazing music, drumming, singing and the people filling both sides of the street, not to mention the sidewalks!

The weather was amazing.  You could not ask for a better time!  I saw and spoke to more people between 5:00 to 7:45 than I have in a long while.  People whom I do not normally see and speak to since school days, people who I share many special and amazing memories with.

One young girl came up to me near the end of the evening walking a dog and with her young man.  She asked me if my name was Jennifer, which it is, and she told me her name.  I knew who she was immediately, although she was very young when I last saw her ~ 19 years or more have passed.

When my second son was born, I was put into my room with a girl I was friends with, and had gone to school with.  We hadn't seen each other in some time.  It was fun seeing her, rooming with her, and her sweet pink bundle.  This little baby used to make a musical sound when she was sleeping, I can't describe it, but it was so beautiful!

We remained friends for some time, a couple of years or more, so it is really amazing this young woman remembered me at all!  She and everyone who took the time to stop and share hugs and memories were exactly what life is all about!

I guess that is a benefit of living in the place you grew up in, it sure was fun and exciting for me.  It truly makes me feel blessed and that is why I love Third Thursdays the best ~ and being able to walk in the middle of the street that is!

I returned home, and my sons friend had come down from Williamstown  ~ one of my sons, so to speak.  We have been visiting and laughing, and now we are eating pizza and playing video games on the new television ~ which is amazing by the way!

So much fun in one day!  I got a few loose ends tied up and now have my summer schedule for volunteering pretty much wrapped up as well!  The things that work out just by being out in the world ~ you have got to love it!

Congratulations seem to be in order for T.N. on his upcoming wedding!  May you and your future wife share all the love, warmth and happiness that life has to offer!  Thank you Wendy for sharing that with me today.  I do love when people are in love!

I had a question asked of me by a reader regarding whether or not I write fiction. First of all, thank you for the question.

I would just like to say that I don't or rather have not written anything in a very long time of any nature.  This blog is the most that I have written in a long time.  I do have a story in me somewhere, but having a story and putting it on paper are two different things.

I am currently working on two different writing projects along with this blog.  I am making progress to some degree.  I am working it out in my head, reading other writers, getting my voice and trying to figure it out, which is to some degree why I have been so negligent in my daily writing.

I would also like to welcome my two newest followers who snuck in there on me!  Welcome and thank you!  I have been amazed and touched deeply by the readers, the followers and all of the different countries everyone comes from!  You give me the energy and the confidence to find my way through my writing.  I feel blessed everyday by the connection!

I have to get back to the boys now, but thank you all again!  Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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