Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I have always loved the sun.  I don't care that it is bad for me.  I could sit in the sunshine all day long!  People complain it is too hot, when it only has just begun and they were complaining ~ waiting for the warmth of the sunshine!

I was out on my deck today for a few hours finishing off the end of another good book.  In my pajamas  with my extra large tea cup, the windows open inside ~ mixed cassette on the stereo worshiping the three things I love the most, Lipton Tea, the sunshine and a very good ending to a story.

The book was not as quick reading as the previous books which I have read.  A very in depth account of two families in the banking industry over a span of time, children, money, inheritances, English titles, scandal, but in the end, a very great tale.

I really enjoyed the way the author developed her characters as she went back and forth in time, solving the mysteries of their parents, their secrets, the effects and the way the children thought as they grew and learned  ~ quite interesting was "Wicked Pleasures" by Penny Vincenzi.  I do not want to give too much away in case you choose to read it, I do highly recommend it.

I have been having to reserve books lately, and today I picked up "Hemlock Grove" after watching the Netflix 15 episode series, which was quite interesting.  The book is smallish, but I believe I will get a most excellent tan on  my deck reading tomorrow.  I see a better suntan in my future.

It is a good thing my deck does not get sun all day or that is where I would be all the time and nothing would get done!  After walking to the library and picking up my reserve book and another by Penny Vincenzi (sadly it is a second in a series so I have to have them send the one I need in before I read it).

It has been interesting the various styles of writing I am finding by just picking random books off the shelf.  I have my favourite authors, whom I am sure that I am behind on Anne Rice, Terry Pratchett, Stephen King, Anne McCaffrey and the Dragons of Pern - my first collection thanks to my Uncle Mike, and my Uncle Matt who used to buy me a Stephen King or an Anne Rice book for Christmas every year (which I still do have to the disdain of my children every time I move and all the books.)

I had explored a little a few years back, while trying to catch up with my childhood fav's and checked out Stephen King and Anne Rice's sons respectfully, and they were both very interesting authors and seemed to inherit their parents skill for writing, but their own styles and voices completely.

My son brought home an audio book of Stephen Kings "Lisey" and we have been enraptured in the tale.  I read it when it was new so it has been years, it is also different hearing someone tell a story instead of hearing the characters as you are reading.  We had to stop on chapter 6 so that I could do some chores and finish preparing dinner.  

So I have been busy, even though I have been neglectful of my actual writing ~ I have been working on it in other ways.  I must go reserve that other book now before dinner is ready ~ just a little pork roast stuffed with garlic and seasoned with lemon pepper with some baked potatoes and some amazing green beans my son made with onions, garlic and not one but two habanero peppers left over from last night ~ hot is not the word for them, but delicious certainly is in my mind!

Have a great day ~ enjoy the sun, read a book and don't forget to smile!

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