Saturday, May 4, 2013



Spring has finally hit the Berkshires.  No more up and back down to the 30's (which, in  my mind does not Spring make!)  I picked my first wildflowers yesterday and have a nice little vase full of violets.  Around here they grow almost as quick as the dandelions!

I have been pretty involved in the outside world the past few days, at the ranch, my deck chairs are out and my windows have been opened airing winter out and bringing the yummy freshness of spring air inside ~ a very welcome change!

I am grateful to have my vision back via new glasses.  It is so nice to be able to see again!  I was able to see my oldest and best friend ever while I was out doing errands the other day.  He kidnapped me and took me up to the State Forest.

We always used to spend a great deal of time at the State Forest many moons ago.  Not much has changed but it was very nice to get away from the blacktop, sit on a hill in the sun and walk barefoot in the grass away from the cars, noise and very hot city.

It was also nice to see my old friend again.  He has been my friend since I was a mere girl of 17 or 18, minus the previous 6 years or so.  I am happy to report that our friendship was not altered one bit and it is like no time had passed.  We are both the same as we ever were, a bit grey in the hair, perhaps, but still the same people.  That is one of the great things about being yourself all of the time.  You don't have put on airs, or alter yourself, or remember who you used to be if you are the same.

It was refreshing and absolutely one of the better things that have been happening in my life.  Some positive reinforcement if you will.  We took a ride to the top of the mountain and it was so peaceful and relaxing, talking and listening to the tree branches knocking together in the breeze, looking at the sea of mountain ranges above the tree covered hills.

The buds are popping on the trees and we both were surprised at what pussy willows look like before they are soft and fluffy white buds.  I had to take a picture of the stunning bush, and upon closer examination, realized it was a pussy willow bush!  I cannot wait to go back up and get some fresh ones later in the week after they turn!

Last night was the first anniversary of First Friday Artwalk.  I was accompanied by my friend Sunday, as we explored the art studios and galleries, and visited with a couple of local artists.  After she left me, I ran into my old high school art teacher, Mr. Bennet, who was showing his amazing abstract paintings.  If you recall from last month, I got to see his less familiar landscapes, and as beautiful as they are, for me, his abstracts are what I most closely associate with him!

I had an excellent inspirational chat with him, between the throng of people coming to check out his work.  I forgot, you see, that I used to be an artist of sorts, and we both agreed that I should definitely get back into art in some way, shape, or form.  I for one am excited to go into my art and craft supplies (I only have 10 different bins of supplies) and see if I can't pull some creative energy out from deep inside myself.  I am looking forward to it for sure!

I am so glad this winter finally ended and that I have made it through that last shift of whatever the universe was throwing my way!  It almost had me in its clutches!  I hope you all are doing fine!  If not ~ be strong and remember ~ this too shall pass!

Spring buds

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  1. ~ awfully stunted growth here in western massachusetts for a day in May ~