Friday, July 4, 2014


Today, and by that I mean Thursday was all and all an awesome day!  Not only did I FINALLY get to try on the clothes I had set aside almost two weeks ago, I was also blessed with an early ArtWalk due to the holiday on Friday, and while I was out at ArtWalk my son phoned and one of his friends was in town for a visit at our house.

There is some tropical storm reaping havoc on the coast and horrible weather before the holiday to foul things up for many travelers, Boston moved their fireworks up a night ~ not that I am anywhere near Boston, but one of the best firework shows I saw was during the millenium in Boston on a boat very near the barge that they were being fired off from, and it was winter, drinking hot chocolate and watching fireworks above my head and looking at the city reflecting off the buildings downtown, where more fireworks were being fired at the same time.

The weather fouled my evening a little bit, canceling out a couple of stops along the ArtWalk trail and missing the Creative Social following ArtWalk at the Whitney Gallery.  I did however make it to the Whitney and when I stepped out the door to go see the two places I missed before the Social ~ it began to rain.

A friend of mine and I ducked into the Litch to see if we could spot my friend Lisa, who left her studio to check out the Art, she wasn't in there so instead of walking two blocks to get a ride I took off my shoes and began to run the block over to cut through the Park and the two additional blocks to my house.

The rain was not my main concern as I raced home ~ running here and there, forgetting my age until my body reminded me that I was not a young girl any more ~ the lightning was more of a concern.  Joking later with a friend of mine about hereditary things ~ my Dad had been struck twice already and that is one thing I hope is not genetic!

I made it home and my son's friend was still visiting.  I was happy to see him.  Once a regular fixture in our home, he is like a long lost son.  Distance really does suck be it 20 minutes or 20 hours.

I really enjoyed the visit, watching them try to beat a run on some Motorcycle game ~ finally succeeding on the 200th, listening to the boys, listening to some good music, grilling hot dogs. and before you knew it he was asking what time it was and was surprised it was almost midnight, having been gone all day.

I am too tired to share the artists and Art which I have seen this evening and tomorrow is a big day with the Parade.  So I must beg your pardon and promise to catch up with it next time with pictures and everything. I may also be heading up to Williamstown tomorrow to see some Art ~ wait and see on that one ~ it would be nice, but you know what happened the last time I was looking forward to something ~ regardless, tomorrow is going to be one fun (if the sun) comes out to play!

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